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"James Harold Potter!" Lily Evans was screaming at the top of her lungs. Her emerald green eyes were smoldering with rage and she was holding a frightened looking sixteen-year-old by the tie. Her vibrant and dark read hair made her look even more menacing. She had this glare that just stopped people in their wake and they'd melt. She was the person you never wanted to piss off, and Lily was definitely pissed right about now. She had some sort of green goop dripping from her hair and a note in her hand saying:

Merry Christmas, Darling, Evans!

The boy she was holding had messy and unruly black hair and hazel eyes. He was tall and had a gorgeous body that was toned and muscled from Quidditch. All in all, you could call him hot, but Lily didn't want to think of him that way, he'd been tormenting her since the day they'd met a little less than six years ago. It was Christmas holidays and Lily had decided to stay at school this time. Apparently James had too, along with his posse of other troublemakers. Lily was a Gryffindor house prefect, along with hers and James's equal good friend Remus. It was, by all means, a difficult job for Remus. He was shaking his sandy blonde hair, his blue eyes revealing nothing but total disapproval for one of his best friend's behavior. Sirius was looking like he was about to fall on the floor laughing at James for the situation he had landed himself into. As Sirius Black stood there, practically every girl in the Great Hall was watching him intently. He winked at them over his shoulder and they just about melted. He had long black hair tat hung handsomely and shaggily on his face coming down to just below his brow line. He had a perfectly formed body that was also muscled and toned from Quidditch. Every girl in the school was in love with him and every girl in the entire school had dated him, except for two, Claire and Lily. Even one of Lily's best friends, Tanya, had dated him once, and was dumped within five days. Tanya was tall, tan, with dark eyes and hair. Her father was form Spain and her mother was British. She was half-and-half. He mother was a witch, her father a muggle. She was, overall, very pretty and exotic looking.

Peter stood behind Sirius, a cupcake in hand, devouring it with a fearful look in his eye. He was a chubby, mousy-haired boy with fat legs and a round stomach. He ate his weight in sweets once a month at least and slept it off as quickly as it was devoured. He liked Lily, but he wasn't stupid enough to make her angry like James was. Lily had always been nice to him and tried to help him in classes his friends couldn't, like Charms and Care of Magical Creatures.

"Lily, just let it go," urged her best friend Claire from behind her. Lily turned around and glared sharply at Claire, who immediately backed down. Claire was the embodiment of Aphrodite if there was one. She had long, straight, thick golden-blonde hair that fell to her waistline. She had a perfectly toned and beautifully tanned body from Quidditch and she had these amazing eyes that lured people in. Her eyes sparkled like stars in the sky, they were a vibrant, pale blue, like those that sirens possessed, only more beautiful somehow. She was the embodiment of perfect beauty. Of course, she was smart too, as sharp as the quill Lily wrote with, but had as much common sense as it. Claire had a tendency to act blonde at times, having about as much common sense and logic as a pencil eraser, but that's what made her so endearing. There was one thing about Claire, though, that bugged Lily; she had a crush on Sirius.

"Come on, … Evans, just … drop it," said Sirius in between laughs.

"Shut up, Sirius Black, I do not want to hear your voice right now," said Lily spitefully. Sirius flinched back at the venom of her voice and backed a step away. Remus seemed to be the only one with enough sense to shut up, and Peter was too scared of Lily to move. When Lily was mad, no on tried to talk her out of or into anything, especially out of pummeling James Potter with muggle dueling techniques. James winced as Lily raised her right fist, clutching James's tie in her left and was about to punch him in the face when Professor McGonagall caught her arm and held her back.

"Both of you," she began. "Detention, tonight, my office," she finished with a disappointed look to Lily. This was the first time Lily retaliated, the first time she wanted to fight back, and the first time she'd ever had detention. "Mr. Potter, I presume you are the reason behind the missing giant slugs from Professor Kettleburn." James nodded, putting his hands in his pockets and relaxing after Lily had lowered her fist, jaw dropping to the ground and releasing James's tie. Professor McGonagall walked away, shaking her head angrily and muttering something about getting along.

"So, Evans, look like you just got your first ever detention, how doest it feel?" asked Sirius is a faux announcer's voice.

"Shut up, Black, I've already had enough of you," she said spitefully before walking off to the common room. Her last period was a free period and so was Remus's. This would give Lily a chance to rant and scream about James and Remus sit there and listen to every word of it, actually paying attention to Lily's rants. Remus shrugged to Claire and to his friends before following her out of the great hall. Claire rolled her eyes at James. He knew better than to levitate slugs above her head, and he knew she would fight him for that one. He wanted her to get detention with him. James had definitely become desperate.

When Lily got to the common room, she threw herself on the couch with a the coffee table in front of it and shoved her face into a red pillow, crying and screaming furiously. The tears of her rage soaking the pillow furiously. Remus came in and sat at her feet, rubbing her back comfortingly. Lily sat up, her gorgeous green eyes still burning with rage.

"I cannot believe that stupid Potter!" she nearly screamed. Remus, knowing Lily as well as he did, like a sister, wasn't surprised by this reaction at all. Lily had never gotten a detention in her life and she wanted to be Head Girl next year. It was too hard and too much for her all at once.

"He is the biggest, pompous bastard I've ever had the displeasure of meeting. That stupid prat always strutting around and now this, those were flesh-eating slugs, FLESH-EATING! He could have hurt me very badly with that, how would he feel if they had devoured me alive? Well, at least I'd be free of his tormenting!" she shouted, pacing around the common room and receiving plenty of stares from other students. "And NOW of all times, I get my first detention, and in only an hour and a half! I CAN'T have detention, I just can't, Remus."

"Lily, I understand how angry you are and believe me, I know, James is an idiot, but please, calm down or you'll get into more trouble," pleaded Remus. Lily crossed her arms, shot him a melting glare and flopped down on the couch next to him. "Lils, please, James is stupid, James is an idiot and a complete and total bastard. I completely understand your rage."

"You should, he is your best friend after all."

"Lils, what I'm saying is that you need to calm down and get back at him." Lily looked at him, intense curiosity in her eyes. Then it turned to suspicion.

"What're you getting out of this?" she asked suspiciously.

"Lils, I'm staying neutral, but believe me, James will get Sirius to help unless you scare him as badly as you scare Peter." Lily thought about it again, but knew she didn't want to sink to his level.

"I can't do it, Remus. I don't want to be like James," she said softly, leaning against him, he head falling to his shoulder. She sighed. Remus was like her brother, close enough that James would never think he would try something and Remus would never, ever try something and Lily was the same way. "I hate him so much. You know why I've never had a boyfriend?"

"No," Remus admitted, shaking his head.

"He hexes any guy who gets closer than three feet to me except for you because he knows you better. If any guy flirts with me, he'd probably punch his lights out and then hex him into next Tuesday." Remus thought about it for a moment, realizing she was right, she sighed and stood up.

"Lils, I know James can be…overbearing, but please, try not to kill him during detention. Promise me that I won't find my friend dead in the morning."

"I…promise," she said reluctantly.

"Thanks, Lils," said Remus. He sounded genuinely relieved. It was a good thing Lily promised too, because she truly might have actually killed James. She spent the rest of the period trying to get homework done, but in her agitated state, it was impossible. She decided to go upstairs and wash the slime out of her hair. By the time she came back down, it was dry and she was still angry.

"I gotta go to detention, Remus," she said spitefully by the time the period ended. She found her way to McGonagall's room and she told them they'd be cleaning the trophies. Lily, completely aggravated by now, refused to speak to James for the first ten minutes, and he was constantly trying to get her to say something.

"Come on, Evans," he said kindly. "Why won't you go out with me?" Lily just dusted the trophy she was at, polished it, and moved to the next one. "I can't stop annoying you if I don't know what I'm doing wrong." She rounded on him now.

"Don't know?" she asked, completely agitated. "You don't know why I won't say yes? Think about it, Potter."

"Oh come off it, Evans."

"Come off what? James you are the most…argh!" She couldn't even frame a civil conversation without screaming.

"You know you like me," he said with a grin. He leaned forward and was about to kiss her, Lily wasn't expecting this, and this was crossing the line now. Lily mustered all her force and walked up to him, smacking him across the face. Lily tapped the trophy case with the wand she had hidden and everything was clean. Then, she stormed from the room shaking her head. She had kept her promise, James wasn't dead, but he wasn't going to forget that.

As Lily stormed away, James stood there, awestruck, touching his cheek where Lily had smacked him. It had hurt, badly, and he had no idea where it came from. He had been making jokes like that to girls all the time and they'd swoon and admit it, but Evans was one different story and he knew that. He seriously thought something was wrong with her.

Lily stormed up to the common room, practically yelled at the Fat Lady when she kept asking what her problem was, and stormed into the common room. You could easily see how angry she was. All heads turned in her direction: Sirius's, Remus's, Claire's, and Peter's, and Tanya's (they were the only ones still awake by then…it was around midnight.)

"Don't ask," she muttered angrily, storming up the steps to the girls' common room.

"What do you think happened?" asked Remus, looking around the room. Claire looked up from her homework.

"Your idiot friend probably did something else to make her mad, duh," she said rudely.

"Claire, don't be mad at Remus, he didn't do anything," said Tanya, defending Remus. Tanya was almost as tight with Remus as Lily was, practically best friend material.

"I was talking to that oaf over there," said Claire, nodding towards Sirius.

"Hey!" said Sirius, shocked by her comment. Sirius would never admit that he liked Claire and Claire would never admit she liked him.

"Shut up," said Remus acidly, glaring at both of them.

"Sorry, Moony," said Sirius apologetically.

"Sorry, Rem," said Claire.

"Don't worry about it," replied Remus, looking down at his book again. Just then, James stumbled into the room, a bright red handprint still emblazoned on his cheek. The whole side of his face was red, even his eye was bloodshot. She really hit him hard. James wondered how much it would've hurt if she had hit him in the Great Hall earlier that day. Sirius stifled a laugh and tried to look comforting. Remus raised his eyebrows. Tanya snickered a bit and Claire rolled her eyes, looking back down at her homework.

"She hit me!" he said, seemingly surprised.

"We can tell," said Sirius, still fighting back a laugh. She looked pretty pissed when she came in here too. She already went upstairs. If I were you, I'd avoid her for a few days, maybe a month, depending on what you said to her. What did say to her?"

"Nothing," he lied.

"Prongs, what did you do?" asked Remus disapprovingly.

"Okay, I may have toed the line a bit," he said, then told them what he said and did to make her so angry.

"A little bit?" asked Claire exasperatedly. "Potter, you tried to kiss her!"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I know it was stupid and irrational-" Claire interrupted him loudly, snapping shut her textbook.

"More than that, you idiot! You know she hates you and it's stupid and irrational just like everything else you do. I cannot believe you could be such an idiot. James Potter, you are hopeless, Lily's never gonna like you if you keep acting like that." She grabbed her bookbag and stormed up the stairs. Tanya looked to Remus and shrugged, getting up and following her friends. This bold statement jolted James to his senses, having never realized that maybe what he does might not be a great way to get Lily's attention, because that's all he wanted. He didn't like seeing her mad, she was frightening when she was mad, but she was paying attention to him when she was.


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