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It was one of those days that had become so often now. Claire and Sirius weren't fighting anymore; they had gone past that. They refused to even acknowledge that fact that the other existed at all now. It was aggravating because Lily and Tanya wouldn't speak to Claire and so Claire and Lily and Tanya were constantly fighting now. Sirius was broken…he was depressed. No one had ever seen him the way he was now, and no one wanted to see it. James couldn't bear to be around him because it made him depressed too. Remus seemed to be the only outlet of comfort for both James and Sirius. Lily was exhausted. With being a prefect, homework, fighting, and loss of all sleep, she was losing her friendship with James quickly as her temper became more and more out of hand. Remus had gone to the hospital wing for three days during the month, and no one appeared to know why, but he was always taking ill, so no one thought anything of it. The Slytherins were beginning to taunt the Marauders and were constantly trying to get Claire's attention, which resulted in fights in the halls. Either someone would say something smart about how Claire looked and Sirius would punch them, or they would make a move on Claire, thinking she was easy now, and she'd beat the snot out of them herself.

"I can't take this anymore!" said James loudly, getting up from the table in the great hall and storming away angrily.

"What's his problem?" asked Sirius as he moved his breakfast around his plate without looking at it. Those gray eyes had become deep holes, showing so much emotion that even Lily felt sorry for him.

"I don't know," said Lily impatiently, without looking up from her homework. She hadn't finished last night, but woke up in the common room at seven with her face on the book and the paper unfinished in front of her.

"Maybe it's you," snapped Claire.

"Shut up, you drunk," said Lily rudely, snapping her book shut and standing up and walking away.

"Can you believe her?" asked Claire with a look of resentment.

"Actually, I can," said Tanya spitefully, taking one last bite of food and walking out too.

"I'll…uh…just be on my way," said Remus, standing up calmly and waling away.

"Whatever," Sirius called after him. Sirius and Claire wouldn't look at each other, and so neither of them looked up. Claire inconspicuously picked up a roll form her plate and chucked it at Sirius, hitting him square in the face.

"You," he hissed at Claire.

"I didn't do anything, Black," she said spitefully, not looking up from her homework.

"Shut up, Martin," Sirius hissed. Just then, a Slytherin approached the table. Claire looked up for a second and smiled internally. He was cute, shaggy, dark brown hair, and light blue eyes. He was seeker for their team too…a seventh year.

"Hey, Claire," he said, his voice like velvet. It was too good to be true.

"Yes?" asked Claire as though she had better things to do.

"Would you go with me to Hogsmeade next weekend?" Claire thought about this for a long time. He was the last person Sirius would want her to date, and that was a good reason, but Slytherins never had very high morals. But, back to the point where it would make Sirius mad.

"Sure," she said with a smirk. She heard Sirius's fork clatter onto the plate as he stood up and walked out of the hall angrily. "I gotta go," she said after a few minutes of sitting with him and completely ignoring him. Normally, she would have been so happy to talk Quidditch nonstop, especially since it was her passion.

"Alright, see you in class tomorrow," he said as she stood up. She felt a hand smack her butt, but didn't want to waste the time to hit someone, and she just grabbed her bag and ran to the common room. She muttered the password to the fat lady and leapt inside the common room.

"She did what!" came Lily's shocked and disturbed voice.

"She told him yes!" Sirius yelled back.

"How could she?" asked Tanya, even angrier.

"I blame you, Sirius," said Lily angrily.

"Me? What did I do?" asked Sirius, sounding offended.

"You're the one who pissed her off in the first place," Lily retorted.

"She yelled at me first," Sirius said, sounding frustrated.

"Everyone just shut up!" yelled Claire as she walked into the room. "I need to talk to Black about his behavior."

"Save it!" yelled Sirius, storming out of the still-open portrait hole.

"Nice," said Lily spitefully to Claire.

"Oh shut up, Evans!" said Claire with a death glare.

"Oh, we're on a last-name basis now too, huh?" asked Lily angrily, grabbing her bag and storming up the stairs to the dormitories. They heard a loud slam accompanied by a very loud scream of anger. Tanya followed, shooting a hateful glare at Claire. Remus got up and went ot the boys' dormitory without a word or a glare at anyone.

"Listen, Martin. Your temper, your stupidity, it has to stop," said James calmly.

"Shut your trap, Potter," Claire snapped.

"No. I don't have to do anything you say, and unlike Lily, I won't walk away from a fight," said James, still very calm.

"Yeah, so, what do you want to irritate me about?" asked Claire rudely, throwing herself on one of the couches while James sat in a chair across the room.

"Dating a slimy Slytherin whose name you don't even know," said James truthfully.

"Oh…so what? I only did it to bug Sirius," she said spitefully, adding extra hatred to the last word.

"Well, mission accomplished. And, Sirius only wants to help, stop being so horrible to him and maybe you will see that he actually cares about what you do." Claire was starting to get mad again, and, as usual, took it out on the first person she saw, James.

"I don't give a damn whether he wants to help me or not!" she shrieked. "He shouldn't have made me out to be the bad guy in the hospital! He should've told me he cared, he should've…." No, it wasn't yelling, it was crying. She curled herself up into a ball on the couch and cried there for about twenty minutes. James was at a loss for what to do to help her. She had never cried in front of him…never. She never seemed like someone who would cry.

"Claire," he said softly after about thirty minutes. She looked up at him, her face red and blotchy, and her eyes red and puffy. She looked like she was about to burst. There were tears running down her face and her hair had become a mess. "It's okay. You all better now?"

"I…I think so. So, what do I do now? Just pretend that we don't like each other? That'll be hard considering what has happened," she said uneasily.

"I think the first person you should talk to…are your best friends," suggested James. "Just wait for them to cool off and come down."

"Okay," Claire said, barely whispering. Just then, the portrait hole opened and Sirius came in, sporting a black eye and a bloody lip. James leapt over the arm of the chair and ran up to him.

"Padfoot, what the hell happened to you?" asked James with concern.

"I beat up that stupid seventh-year Slytherin kid," said Sirius weakly. "Wiped his memory a bit, so he doesn't know who it was."

"Sirius," Claire barely spoke from the chair.

"Oh…you're still…hey, what happened?" he asked, seeing her face all bloodshot and teary.

"James made me realize how much of a pain in the ass I've been…I am so sorry, Sirius. I don't know why I had been being so stupid…especially with the drinking thing. I…I am sorry, more sorry than you could ever imagine." Sirius sat down next to her and wrapped his arms protectively around her shoulders. She leaned onto his shoulder and buried her face in his shirt, crying again.

"It's okay…it's okay," Sirius whispered, rocking her back and forth a bit. James was still unnerved by the fact that the most happy girl with the worst temper he ever met was crying openly to everyone. There were footsteps coming from the staircase, and James could see Lily and Tanya poke their heads around the wall. They took one look at Claire and ran forward and wrapped their arms around her, all three girls apologizing and all three girls crying together.

"Never again, will we get into a spat as bad as that," Lily laughed, tears streaming down her face. Remus came down next, and he just looked at Claire and the crying girls once.

"Padfoot, Prongs, what did you do to them?" he asked disapprovingly.

"Prongsie here made Claire see what was wrong and she made it better, all by herself," explained Sirius.

"Well, that's a relief," sighed Remus. The girls were still holding each other and crying like crazy. James had become more unnerved by the fact that Lily was crying and it wasn't his fault…Sirius was worried about Claire because hadn't stopped crying for about an hour now, but he was happy, though. He had just held Claire Martin, the most desirable girl in the school, the prettiest, best Quidditch-playing girl he ever knew, smart, funny, sweet, kind, caring, amazing, and impossibly beautiful, in his arms and she cried on his shoulder and he rocker her back and forth trying to comfort her. Sirius slapped himself internally again. He was not supposed to get a crush on a girl, so what was going on with him and Claire. Were they friends? Where they acquaintances? Did they only hang out because James and Lily were friends now? What was going on with the world? What if…by some stretch of the imagination…Claire liked him as more than a friend too? They might have to test that some day, but, with exams coming up, Sirius had to stop wasting his energy on girls, and start wasting it on actually paying attention in class, especially potions, a skill he and James, never had much a knack for. Good thing Lily was in their class. She was a great potions whiz.

But Claire, he had held her, his shirt was soaked with her tears, she had looked to him for comfort before anyone else, and he liked it…a lot. No, he didn't get crushes, impossible, improbable. It just didn't happen to him.


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