Chapter 5: loving help

The next day Raimundo went over to Master Fung who was sitting under the tree with a little cup of morning Chinese tea. Raimundo looked uncomfortable but went up to him anyway.

"Master Fung can I talk to you about something?" he asked he sat down on the cool grass.


"It's about Jack Spicer" he said sheepishly, "I know that when Omi tried to give him a chance and he stole some of our wu but…" he took a deep breath "I want to help him"

"Why do you want to help the evil boy genius?" Master Fung asked.

"He's not evil, he's…he's just lonely I mean when we were in the cave he told me that his parents never showed any love to him and that they never cared about him. I think that's why he went evil he wanted to prove to people he wasn't worthless"

"And what do you want to do to help him?" Master Fung inquired looking at him, he glanced away as if unsure what to say.

"I want to help him feel loved…" he the winced and grasped his face "man what am I thinking I'm a guy he's a guy and yet…"

"You want him to feel happy and loved"

"Yeah…Master Fung…don't tell the others, for one thing I don't think Omi would understand even you dictated from a dictionary!" he muttered, Master Fung smiled and put his hand on Raimundo's shoulder.

"Do as you think wise young one" he said.

'I swear that can't be good grammar' Raimundo thought but smiled and left using the golden Tiger claws.

Jack sat there working on his latest robot, he got up to get something but his legs wobbled and he grabbed the table for support. He growled at himself and then got up to carry on walking.

"Sir perhaps you should rest" his Jack-bot asked.

"And maybe you should mind your own business!" Jack snapped and then felt a pang of guilt as the robot looked saddened.

'Damn I shouldn't have given them 'the puppy dog eyes' programme' he thought and sat down again.

"Sorry I'm just upset" he muttered and looked away as he sighed. He tried to get up but the world swirled around him and his entire body almost screamed at him to stop, and stop he did…

However he was standing when his legs gave way and he slumped onto the floor with a clatter of the tools he had in his hands.

"Why am I such a weakling?" Jack hissed at himself.

"Let's see…you had been very badly wounded, you lost about two pints of blood and by my guessing you haven't taken a rest or eaten anything have you?" a voice declared and Jack spun around to see Raimundo standing at the door way.

"I only have the monkey staff" Jack muttered "If memory recalls Kimiko got the Magma mitts"

"I'm not here for wu I'm here for you" Raimundo declared as he leapt down the stairs to help Jack up, he looked away as if trying to deny what Raimundo was trying to say.

"You can keep saying it and I'm just gonna keep on ignoring it" jack said bluntly "I'm not being tricked again"


"During the Heylin eclipse you came and you said I could give Chase and the others a hard time in battle" Jack declared "didn't believe it for a second and the crap puppets kinda gave it away! Do you guys really think I'm that retarded?"

"Err…" Raimundo mumbled, they had thought Jack had fallen hook line and sinker for it but apparently that wasn't the case.

"The only reason why I actually went along with the whole 'me being tricked like a dumb puppy into going into battle for you' was because I figured you guys wanted to give me a chance to prove myself…" Jack said "So what's the angle this time?"

"No angle, no tricks" Raimundo said.

"Yeah right" Jack began but Raimundo pulled Jack up to him and kissed him gently on the lips, the moment seemed to last forever and Jack's knees went weak and his cheeks blushed as red as his hair. When they parted Jack stared at Raimundo…

"Well…that's a new tactic" Jack meeped.

"Dude I want to help you, to love you but if I can do that you have to trust me" Raimundo said as he held Jack in his arms, Jack felt himself sinking into Raimundo embrace.

"Look you've got to rest up a bit more okay" Raimundo whispered and settled Jack down in his big leather seat that reclined, Jack looked up and grabbed his hand.

"Don't go…I don't want to be alone anymore" he muttered.

"Jack I promise you, you'll never be alone anymore" Raimundo said and kissed him gently on the forehead he got leaving Jack to blissfully sleep away.

Author notes:

Okay should I continue with this? I've got a week left before I go back to college so speak now or forever hold your peace!