"Ha! That's right and then I'm gonna destroy your face down with Clay Wrap!"

"No! You can't you stupid Slifer – that's an equip spell card!"

"Nuh uh Chazz you need to think clearly about if duelling is really for you, but right now… Go Clay Wrap! Yeah! And that leaves you wide open – all I need to do is send Hero Tempest in next turn to finish you off!"

"No way Jaden! My turn, right I play Ojama yellow in defence mode!"

"That the best you can do Chazz? Cause I'm blocking that with my trap card!"

"No! Ojama yellow!"

"That the best you can do Chazz?"

"No! I have more moves I can win this!"

"Give it up you Slifer Red Slacker!"

"I'm not a Slifer – I'm in Obelisk…"

"Not for long. My turn. Go Tempest! Destroy him!"


Chazz rolled over in bed and promptly fell out the other side. Cursing he opened his steely grey eyes slowly, to find the light in his room was on, and there was soft laughter coming from across the room.

"What? Who's there?" Chazz demanded of the figure hiding in the only patch of shadows in the room. "If that's you Jaden I swear I'll-"

But the voice replied and it was quite different to that of the Slifer Red Chazz had mentioned, "Oh don't get your knickers in a twist Chazz…" from the language spoken if could've been Bastion, but it was someone very dissimilar to that Ra Yellow indeed.

"Zane?" Chazz frowned at the figure and Zane stepped into the light. If it had been anyone else who'd spoken to him like that Chazz would've snapped at them, but Zane was the big man on campus, someone even Chazz didn't mess with… much.

"Mmhmm," Zane answered in a tone suggesting there was nothing in the slightest bit odd about him turning up in the middle of the night in Chazz Princeton's room, and all it did was make Chazz irritated. Zane moved over to Chazz's beside table and picked up what was lying there, a book and turned it over.

"Hey, quite poking around," Chazz protested, clambering back onto his bed and snatching the book away from Zane. Annoyingly the older boy laughed again, "Go on, what's so funny?" he growled replacing the book on the table.

"You," came Zane's simple reply, he was now standing in front of Chazz, surveying the small pile of clothes on Chazz's arm chair with interest. Chazz clambered back under his covers, it was cold, but he kept a suspicious eye on Zane.

"Oh great a comedian," came Chazz's sarcastic reply, "In case you hadn't noticed I was trying to sleep-"

Again Zane cut him off mid-sentence, "Yeah, trying being the essential word."

Chazz narrowed his eyes, "Only cause you came in here and disturbed me," he knew this wasn't at all true and it wasn't Zane's fault he'd fallen out of bed, though it did feel better for blaming him.

"From what I heard it was Jaden's fault," Zane was grinning annoyingly.

"Well you heard wrong."

"Did I now?"

"Look Zane, it's the middle of the night. What do you want?" Chazz changed the subject, knowing he couldn't win that argument, although it didn't seem like an argument with Zane as his voice was keeping the same cool note to it, Chazz's just got angrier.

"To talk to you."

What? Zane had come all the way to his room to talk to him at this hour? What was wrong with the world? "So talk," is what Chazz simply said, ignoring his thoughts.

"I am aren't I?"

Chazz folded his arms and pouted slightly.

"Cute, Chazz."

Chazz glared, that was new. He'd never been called cute before, and he didn't particularly like it. He swung his legs out of bed and made his way over to the door, "Get to the point."

"I was, until you interrupted," Zane smirked, for some reason he seemed to be enjoying this.

Chazz, irritated, had been ready for that kind of… infuriating response he swung his door open, "Fine, look I'm too tired for this. Here is the door, you know how to use it right?"

Zane smirked and didn't move; "I don't think you want the door open for what I'm about to say."

Chazz rolled his eyes unimpressed but didn't shut the door, "Get to it."

"I like you Chazz."

Chazz let out an exasperated sigh; his sleep-deprived brain not gathering at once what Zane exactly meant him to, "So you came down here, in the middle of the night to tell me you like me. Well I like you too Zane, let's be friends. Maybe you can come around and play some time," he retorted, each word dripping with sarcasm.

Zane grinned, "I don't think you understand."

"What's not to understand," Chazz replied flatly.

"I like you, like you."

The little colour in Chazz's face drained from it. He shut the door. "What?"

Zane shrugged carelessly, "I like you," he replied unhelpfully, "I want you. I love you."

Chazz's eyes bulged, okay was this still part of the dream? It had to be some sick twisted nightmare right? He repeated the only word in his brain, "What!"

Zane took a couple of strides forward and then he was suddenly right in front of Chazz, "You heard me."

Chazz was suddenly very aware of the fact that he was only wearing his boxers and a loose white vest. He took a step backwards from Zane, right into the corner between the door and wall. Great move Chazz.

Of course Zane took another step forward right up to Chazz, so close Chazz could feel his breath on his face. Far too close for comfort.

"Zane maybe you should-mmfmh," Chazz's words were cut off for right then the older boy dipped his head lower and caught Chazz's lips. Startled Chazz pulled back and smashed his head on the wall. Dazed he tried to fix Zane with a death glare, which turned out to be more like a woozy gaze.

Zane laughed again. Regaining his focus Chazz tried to punch the giant git in the face, but Zane caught his arm before it was anywhere near his head.

"You dirty perv!" Chazz yelled his voice slightly shrill from the shock of finding Zane's lips pressed against his own just a few moments ago. "What are you trying to pull here?"

Zane grinned making Chazz scowl, "I thought that was obvious. I'm trying to pull you."

Completely disgusted Chazz tried to dodge step Zane and sidle around his side, but Zane quickly put that idea out of his head when he placed both of his hands either side of Chazz's head and when Chazz tried to struggle away he pressed him against the wall using his body. Chazz tried to push him away by placing both his hands against Zane's chest and pushing, hard. But it was like trying to push away a brick wall – Zane proved to be a large, immovable object.

"Well it's not gonna work," Chazz said, still trying to push against Zane although he already knew it was hopeless. Still, it was worth trying.

"Yeah? How come?" Zane looked slightly bewildered, only for a second, but it did give Chazz some savage pleasure to know it was Zane and not him who'd been confused, even if had only been for that short moment.

Chazz glared at Zane, about to use the only weapon he seemed to have against the guy. He opened his mouth, inhaled deeply and was about to let out an ear-piercing scream when Zane, just at the last moment, knew what was about to happen darted his head forward and smashed his own lips hard against Chazz's. The mere shock alone made Chazz's scream die in his throat, but sensibly he managed to slam his mouth shut keeping Zane out of there. If Zane was going to kiss him again, which he was doing, Chazz was at least not going to let him get his tongue involved. Chazz shuddered at the thought.

Trying desperately to free himself from Zane's lips Chazz started to punch, hit and kick any part of Zane that he could. But his resistance was proving futile. The only thing he could do to deny Zane anything was to keep his mouth firmly clamped shut. Which he did. However, although his punches and kicks did nothing, they still made Chazz feel slightly better. He was not going to give in.

Eventually Zane pulled back, still wearing an infuriating smirk, as if he knew something Chazz didn't.

"Quite struggling Chazz, you'll do yourself some injury."

Chazz hissed, staring right back into Zane's deep blue eyes with his own hard grey orbs, "Leave me alone!" he made to punch Zane's face again, well at least hit him, but Zane caught both his wrists in his hands easily, like Chazz was some kind of weak baby. Chazz snarled at him, and squirmed, which only made Zane tighten his grip on his wrists, "Get off! Damn you Zane this is child molesting!"

Zane quirked an eyebrow, "I'm only seventeen. Two years Chazz."

Chazz squirmed some more, "There…! Are…! Laws!" he hissed twisting on every word.

Zane laughed, "Okay – I'll leave you alone. On one condition."

"What?" Chazz stopped squirming for a second to listen.

"You come on a date with me tomorrow night."

Chazz shook his head violently and started to try and wriggle free again, "No way in hell! You dirty son of a-"

Again Zane cut him off, this time only with a short butterfly kiss. He grinned devilishly, "Okay Chazz. Then we can do it right here…" Chazz didn't know what he was suggesting right up until the older boy nodded towards his bed… - he couldn't possibly be – oh Jesus he was!

Chazz swallowed, "Fine! Fine tomorrow night," at least agreeing to this left him a day to try and get out of it.

Zane grinned satisfied, "Good," he finally released Chazz's wrists, "Till tomorrow night then boyfriend…"

Chazz stared at him in horror, "Boyfriend!"

"Well… yeah?" Zane looked genuinely confused, "What else am I supposed to call you? Lover? Chazzanova?"

"I am not your boyfriend!"

"Okay, sure," Zane grinned and turned to the door, opening it slightly he said to Chazz who had retreated to the bed, "Oh and Chazz? Stop closing your mouth… you'd find it more enjoyable if you didn't," and with that he left the dorm room, Chazz didn't sit on the bed until he heard the door catch. Then he let his head flop back on his pillows. Deciding mentally that tomorrow he was going to get a padlock for his room….