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"Zane!?" Chazz practically shrieked.

"Alexis!!" came Jasmine's moan of 'what are you doing interrupting such a beautiful moment?!'.

"Jasmine," was the immediate, slightly apologetic, slightly triumphant reply – Alexis so knew that Chazz and Zane would never last...

"Chazz..." well that was one scary growl coming from the eldest Truesdale, in Chazz's opinion anyway.

A very tense moment passed in which Chazz looked from Zane to Alexis to Jasmine and back again. No one was speaking, but it looked to Chazz that if someone didn't break the silence soon Zane's head might explode – and that would be an awful shame... Chazz mentally slapped himself, this was no time for those kind of thoughts god damn it!

However, breaking the silence and thinking about breaking the silence were two very different things, and for once in his life the Princeton didn't have a thing to say for himself. Firstly there was the fact that he had to be very careful about what he said – if Jasmine or Alexis cottoned on to him and Zane... well his life would be over, forever. However, if he didn't say anything... – well he didn't really want to find out what Zane would do.

"I – it's not what it looks like!" he tried the first words which came into his head.

Zane looked from Jasmine to Chazz and the raven-haired boy could've sworn he saw some steam shooting out of Zane's ears. "What do you mean it's not what it looks like!? – Alexis has told me everything she's -..."

Zane was cut off by Jasmine's shrill cry, "We're in love! In LOVE!!" with that the black haired girl spun around, grabbed Chazz, by the hair no less, yanked him forward and again smashed her face into his in a 'kiss' – well, Chazz decided right there and then that Zane really could teach this girl a thing or two about kissing; after all you had Zane's kissing, and then you had everyone else's lame interpretation of kissing. Yep, that's right; when it came to kissing there was Zane and then everyone else who wanted to be Zane, but couldn't. You see Zane was in a league of his own... Zane was perfect... Zane was so pissed off and striding over.

Unlike Alexis, who stood watching Jasmine and Chazz's little spectacle quite disgustedly, Zane wasn't about to stand around whilst Chazz was engaged in kissing someone who, well, someone who wasn't himself. Jealous, of course, though we're not going to divulge too far into Zane's mind because... well, it's far too complex for anyone to understand except for himself.

Wriggling in Jasmine's grip – gosh he really was weak, he couldn't even get away from a teenage girl – Chazz was eventually allowed air again when a strong hand gripped him by the scruff of the neck and pulled him roughly away from Jasmine, who kind of stumbled over because she'd been leaning in to that 'kiss' so hard.

"Hey! Get your hands off of me!!" so he'd practically decided already that maybe Zane was not such a bad catch, but still Chazz had to keep up appearances, and even if he did think Zane was... kind of alright looking... that still didn't mean he didn't protest about being man handled. Zane, on the other hand, seemed to have different ideas, shown by the fact that his hand dropped to the back of the collar of Chazz's coat, which he then used as a kind of hook to drag Chazz cave man style out of the room. And not once did he speak to the flailing Chazz until they were safely out of the girl's dorm.

Jasmine stood staring dumbly after the boys, "You know, I always thought those two had problems... especially Zane – he's so... quiet. It kinda creeps me out. Gorgeous but quiet. Not like my lovely Chazzy... but still. You know I should have told Zane that I didn't mind having a boy in my room, I mean, I know he's just upholding campus rules but still... poor Chazzy. Zane was acting a bit psycho though... the way he was dragging him... don't you think Alexis? ...Alexis?" Jasmine turned to face her friend, but Alexis was gone.


"You know something Zane? There's a difference between human rights and animal rights! And I don't think you notice that because so far I've not been given any of my human rights! Such as not to be kidnapped or man handled – or... or freaking raped! So put me down! Damn it!! Put me -!" Chazz yelped slightly as the grip on his collar was released and he fell to the floor. Scrabbling to his feet, using the wall for support he found, to his extreme discomfort, that he was in fact not out in the nice safe entrance hall, or even his own room, in fact he was in someone else's bedroom... Zane's room – he guessed anyway.

Still leaning on the wall Chazz turned to see that Zane had shut the door behind them, but the other teen had strode quickly over to the bed and was sitting on the edge, facing away from Chazz hunched over slightly face in his palms... obviously thinking. One hand still on the wall Chazz bit his lip, he could easily just leave – just open the door, get out and go and...piss Jaden off or something; the guy still owed him a piece of bread. Or, and that was a very big scary 'or', he could stay here and...see what was up with Zane.

Chazz swallowed – why should he stay here? None of this stupid mess was his fault – wait, what stupid mess? There was no stupid mess because he didn't like Zane, so he couldn't possibly be feeling guilty about betraying him or anything stupid, right? No, his feelings were wrong, his logical brain was going to take over, tell him to leave now. He was just going to get out. He was going to leave, he was going, he was going now. Nothing in the world possibly, ever, would make him see what was up with the big, scary, sexy rapist man person. Never. Ever. He was going... he was-

"Zane?" curse you God! One day Chazz would have his revenge!

There was no reply; not good.

"...Zane?" Chazz tried again. Taking a breath, which was supposed to install him with a load of courage, but didn't, Chazz pushed himself off of the wall and took a couple of steps towards Zane. "Are -...are you...?"

There was beat in which Chazz thought over why he hadn't exactly finished that sentence, but then Zane spoke, and his question wasn't exactly the one that Chazz had been expecting to hear, in fact, it wasn't even close, "How did she know?" Zane's tone was calm, nothing like Chazz had expected it to be, he just sounded confused, slightly annoyed, but most of all cool and... Zane-like.

Chazz's brain wasn't nearly the same however... What was Zane asking? She – who – where and the what now? Whaa? Disobeying his thoughts, to keep clear of Zane's reach, his body moved him a couple of paces nearer, so he was just behind the teal haired boy. "How did...? What?"

"How did she know?" Zane repeated as though Chazz was stupid, or deaf, or both. He stood up and moved over to the window in thought, "I didn't tell her... and I'm guessing you sure as hell didn't... so... how did she know?"

"How did who know what?" Chazz repeated, growing slightly annoyed with Zane's vacuity.

"Alexis!" Zane voiced exasperatedly, "I thought you were supposed to be clever?"

Chazz scowled dejectedly, "Fine – fine be that way, I'll just leave..." – seriously Chazz was actually quite surprisingly aware that when it came to Zane he could withhold himself to hurt the other teen; sly and slightly evil... though, no promises it would work.

"Sit down Chazz," it was a demand, but in an... almost friendly tone, like it was a suggestion – though of course it wasn't, but still. Chazz sat on the end of the bed, ergh it was like he'd been brainwashed or something.

"You know I'm not sorry about what you saw. Even if Jasmine was scary. And I'm not about to do everything you say – I'm not your slave," eww that had sounded so much better in his head. Zane obviously thought so too as he kind of gave a odd... chuckle at the words.

"Uh huh," he said after a while, before moving closer to Chazz, "You know I can't be sure you didn't tell anyone; I was only guessing you didn't. But I know it wasn't me she heard about us from – so..." he came to a halt right in front of Chazz, who had been innocently sitting with his legs apart on the bed, placed a knee between Chazz's legs on the soft sheets of the bed and looked down at his raven haired toy boy, "Who've you been gossiping to boyfriend?"

Chazz scowled in reply to Zane's smirk, "Don't call me that."

Zane's smirk just widened as he put a hand on Chazz's shoulder and pushed him back so the younger boy was lying face up on the bed, it was funny that – Chazz didn't even struggle he just stared Zane resolutely in the eye and then shuffled up onto the bed a little further so he wasn't so uncomfortable. "Don't call you what?" Zane replied innocently crawling forward slightly himself to still be face to face with Chazz, even though he was kneeling up and Chazz was lying down.

Chazz's nose wrinkled adorably, "...boyfriend," he said after a pause – after all, who was Zane to call him boyfriend? They weren't boyfriends. Eww. That idea was... sweet... but gross!!!

"Why not?" Zane sighed, "And haven't we had this conversation before? I thought you would have been used to it by now – after all it's better than 'Chazzy'..." Zane recalled the slightly crazy name that Jasmine had been calling the other boy.

Chazz fought hard to keep a small smile from showing on his face, and, luckily, he won that inner battle, "Don't call me that because it implies some possession – or, I dunno – maybe even some consent?!" he growled his gaze shifting from Zane's rather kissable lips to the wall in full rant mode, "And you don't own me, so you can't call me it. Besides, I think you've forgotten the fact that I hate you."

Zane, who was too tempted for his own good, lent down and nipped lightly on Chazz's ear, "Is that so?" he replied tauntingly; obviously he didn't believe anything Chazz was saying – and you know something he had good reason not to.

Ooh, Chazz's eyes involuntarily slid shut, only to snap open again seconds later when he realised what was happening; stupid Zane being so damn seductive. "No... Uh! I mean – yes...! I mean...erm...?" Okay he'd lost track of what Zane was saying; maybe he'd be able to concentrate on conversation better once Zane had stopped sucking and nipping on that sensitive spot on his neck; the place where Zane was able to send shivers through his whole body through just one touch. He raised a hand to shove Zane off but Zane caught it in mid air and Chazz – who found if you didn't struggle and just let Zane do as he was then it was actually quite enjoyable – just let Zane's fingers slid between his own and then pin his arm to the bed beside his head. Chazz tilted his head upwards slightly to allow Zane more access to his neck, a kind of subconscious movement, inviting Zane to have as much of him as Zane wanted.

After a second or so though Zane was pulling away which made Chazz kind of yelp with frustration; what was happening? Why was Zane stopping – why was...?! Argh... why was Zane so damn annoying!?

However it appeared that Zane was only taking a moment out of the uncharacteristically slow, actually, for once, allowed make out session, to bring his other hand up and tilt Chazz's head back to face him so that he could capture the younger boy's lips once again in a kiss. Chazz moaned slightly with desire as Zane pulled his bottom lip into his own mouth and sucked hard on it; screw yelling at the other guy – he could do that when this was over.

Entering Chazz's mouth with his tongue, Zane was ecstatic to find Chazz's own react almost immediately with a fiery passion; apparently Chazz's more dominating side was finally emerging. Chazz himself had kind of half managed to switch off his brain – he'd switched off all thought of right or wrong or if he should or should not be doing this, all he wanted right now was to feel.

Chazz raised his free hand into the air to hook around the back of Zane's neck; all he knew right now, the only thought getting out was that he wanted more...and he wanted it now. Sinking his fingers into Zane's neck, enjoying the feel of the shorter teal hairs as they pricked at his hand slightly, Chazz pulled Zane closer urgently – desperately. He'd denied his feelings all this time and now -...

Now the door slammed open with a bang and Chazz's brain was reactivated and he pulled his head sharply back from Zane's.

Well, it appeared, once again Alexis had ruined everything.

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