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- - - -

Dib squirmed as Zim stripped off his clothes,

"You're such a hypocrite Zim!" Zim stopped taking off Dib's clothes,


"You yell at Skoodge for sleeping with his human and here you are trying to do the same to me!"

"...just be quite." Zim said before attacking the human's lips with his own; biting Dib's lower lip hard enough to draw blood. Dib squirmed again, trying to push the alien off of him. Sure he wanted it, but he didn't know how Zim'd be once he came to his sense. What if Zim was angry that he'd allowed this to happen, not even taking into account that he was much stronger than Dib. Zim growled and stopped kissing Dib, glaring at the human.

"What is your PROBLEM earth-worm?"

"I know you're just gonna be pissed in the morning about this! Then you'll yell at me and tell me it was my fault! Besides, my back hurts, no one ever bandaged it." Zim rolled his eyes and flipped Dib over,

"Once it's healed we will do this MATING RITUAL thingy." Dib blushed,

"We could alwa- no, just forget it." He lay on Zim's chest and closed his eyes, more than willing to just forget this ever happened. Zim raised an 'eyebrow',

"We could what?" he asked while he grabbed a medical kit from his PAK, and started applying a blue pain killing liquid to Dib's back.

"You could always," he coughed nervously, blushing deeper, "do me from behind." Zim rolled his eyes again,

"Obviously, were else was I going to do you?" Zim started chuckling "Don't worry I get what you mean, but I'll do it AFTER I finish fixing your back." Dib sighed and rolled off of Zim, though still on his stomach, so Zim could care for his injuries better. Once Zim had finish applying the ointment and the gauges he leaned back against the headboard of the bed staring at Dib. Dib sat up and looked at Zim, though was quick to turn away,

"Thanks." Zim nodded his head, still staring at Dib with a weird far-away look in his eye. As if his body was there in the bedroom, but his mind wasn't. After a minuet or two, Dib noticed this and leaned close to him,

"You okay?" Zim snapped out of it at the sound of the Dib's voice,

"Hm?" Zim asked his eyes half-lidded, and for some odd reason several shades lighter, making it look like a light magenta instead of the usual crimson.

"I asked if you were alright. You look sick." he put his hand on Zim's cheek, then felt his forehead. Zim leaned closer to Dib, looking him in the eye,

"You have nice eyes Dib" Zim said staring directly at Dib's amber eyes. His voice sounded different, somewhat deeper, and more mellow.

"Um, th-thank you. I've always liked yours as well." Dib said, the blush returning. Zim smirked, and without saying anything pounced on Dib so that he was on top. Zim then started nibbling on Dib's neck. He gasped,

"Z-Zim," his movements were hard to describe, it was part pulling Zim closer, part pushing him off, and part trying to rip his clothes off. Zim stopped what he was doing and looked at Dib in the eye,

"Do you want to do this?"

"I-I don't know. I'm afraid that if we do, you'll just get mad and act like it was all my fault and you'll hurt me again." Zim kissed Dib softly,

"I don't want to hurt you anymore, Dib." Dib blinked,

"Why not? Not that I'm complaining, I just want to know what's wrong?" Zim looked at Dib sadly,

"I don't know anymore. Sometimes I want to kill you and hurt you, and other times...I don't." If Zim could cry he would've,

"Dib there's something I need to tell you." Dib sat up, forcing Zim to do the same,

"Oh God, you're not dieing, are you!" Zim looked down,

"No...I've been...banished." Dib, of course, all ready knew that Zim had been long-since banished by the empire, but decided to play along,

"Zim, I'm so sorry. What for!"

"They said i was annoying and worthless to the empire." Zim glared at the wall, and clenched his fist "BUT I AM AN INVADER! I ZIM WILL PROVE TO THEM THAT I AM WORTHY!" Zim panted still glaring at nothing. Dib hugged Zim from the side,

"You're not worthless and you're...only slightly annoying," Zim glared at him, "But I still think you should belong to the empire." Zim sighed resting his head on Dib's shoulder.

"I am great." He muttered.

"You're amazing." he kissed Zim's forehead, stroking his antenna. Zim purred as Dib stroked his oh-so sensitive antenna, leaning toward the touch subconsciously. Dib smiled and lay back down,

"So what do you plan on doing to be re-entered into the Empire?"

"I've taken the plan Tak STOLE FROM ME back when we were in Skool." Zim smirked, "I'm going to fill the planet with snacks and give it to my Tallest!"

"What planet? Earth?"

"No planet Blortch-OF COURSE EARTH!" Zim rolled his eyes.

"But we're already almost a month away from Earth."

"Well I've already emptied the planet, I'm doing it all from the ship. So by the time we get to the Massive the planet will be ready for offering!"

"Wow. But what if they figure out you're using Tak's idea?"

"LIES! It was MY idea from the start, and I've already called them. They seemed pleased."

"Oh, I thought you jut wanted to seem like she was a horrible bitch - not that she wasn't anyways."

"Damn right she is!" Zim punched the bed in anger, but after a few seconds calmed down.

"So why did the Tallests banish you if they seemed pleased with you?"

"Because...they WEREN'T THINKING! And they seemed pleased AFTER I told them about my plan." Dib sighed, sitting back up,

"Your leaders are real ass wholes. I don't even know why you wanna be part of them." Zim lowered his antenna.

"Because I'm Irken, and I have to obey the Tallest. I CAN'T be banished! It's disgraceful!" Dib wrapped his arms around the ex-invader, hugging him loosely.

"You could always go find your own planet and start your own Empire. One twice as good as theirs." Zim stiffened at the touch, but soon relaxed contemplating Dib's words.

"Yes...that does sound appealing- COMPUTER SET A COURSE BACK FOR EARTH!" Zim said jumping up. Dib smiled, being helpful was something he seemed to be failing at with Zim, but it looked as though he was on a roll.

"Anything you need from me, My Tallest?" Zim turned around looking at Dib in shock, before smiling.

"YES! Your Tallest needs you to…hm," Zim pouted a little "Give me the kiss I so rightfully deserve!" Dib blushed then smiled. He stood up and kissed him gently,

"How was that?" he whispered on Zim's lips. Zim stared at Dib,

"That was very good...for a human." Zim turned around "I'll be in my labs, don't touch anything." Dib blushed, taking the comment as a very dirty one.

Get your mind out of the gutter, Dib! A voice in his head yelled. Zim raised an 'eyebrow' then smirked, shaking his head.

"Heh you humans." he said before leaving the room.

- - - -

Skoodge wandered down the halls, looking at his feet. As he rounded the next corner he bumped into someone.

"Ow, oh, sorry Zim, Sir!" he saluted. Zim looked down at Skoodge.

"Yes, yes," he said waving a hand, "I need to talk to you soldier; come with me to my lab." Zim started walking to the elevator at the end of the hall. Skoodge followed Zim closely, not speaking until they'd passed the sliding doors and were safely tucked away in the belly of Zim's lab.

"Yes Sir?"

"We're heading back to Earth" Zim said not even looking at Skoodge as he spoke.

"Oh, for what?"

"The Irken empire fail to see my obvious superiority, and its their loss, I however am going to become ruler of Earth"

"But Zim, Sir, didn't you kill a vast majority of the people there, and haven't you emptied the planet of it's core?" Zim rolled his eyes as if it were the most obvious thing.

"Poor Skoodge, it's simple to re-fill the core, and as for the humans they can do the 'reproduction' thingy and I'll have a whole army of human-slaves." Zim cackled. Skoodge gulped, hoping for this not to sound too strange,

"But wouldn't it make more sense to, some how, implant an Irken gene into the humans so each human-smeet is part Irken; so that, eventually, everyone on the planet will be Irken and you'll have your own Empire?" Zim stopped laughing.

"THAT'S WHAT I MEANT! Heh, yes human-Irken sounds very good." Skoodge smiled, not at all minding that Zim had taken his idea and said it was his own; he was used to it.

"I know, because you're a genius."

"Of course I am! and I also had something else to tell you." Zim said sitting on the chair of his lab.

"Oh, and what's that?"

"I wish to talk to you about your human." Skoodge gulped,

"Wh-what about hi-it?" Zim sighed, then grimaced,

"Do what you want with you're human...JUST DON'T LET ME CATCH YOU!" He said before turning to look at the screen. "That is all you can go now, I have work to do." Skoodge smiled widely,

"R-really sir!"

"Do you have THE BRAIN WORMS? I said yes, now go before I change my mind!"

"Oh thank you, sir!" he said before saluting and running off.