Sakura remembered that time in the Hidden Mist. Back when she was still useless, or at least more than she was now. She was considered a respected kunoichi now. Training under the famous copy-nin and the even more famous Godaime had its obvious advantages towards her reputation. There were those that were stronger than her, though. A lot stronger. She was once considered the weakest of the Team 7, and maybe she still was, but this time...this time she wouldn't need their protection because even though she was still weaker than them, she knew her strength was still better than most.

She could go on all day about her and her teammates. Two boys. One blond; his smile as bright as the sun. Then there was the stoic one who wouldn't smile at all. Countless missions, though most of them were D-ranked at the time. They were genin after all. That was – until the endless pleading of her blond teammate scored them a slightly higher ranked mission to Kirigakure – the Hidden Village of the Mist.

It was meant to be easy. No fighting, just escort an old bridge builder to his village. Obviously, it had turned out a little more than that.

Sakura remembered that time when her childhood crush had fallen with needles embedded in him. She was foolish to think he was dead. His heart was beating after all, wasn't it? She had heard it... she was pretty sure she had heard it. Everyone's heart had to beat for them to live. Then again, maybe his heart had stopped beating the moment his brother had slaughtered his kin. Anyways, what good was a heart if you never use it?

That's why, regardless that she had still loved the cold-hearted avenger, she did not cry after their failed attempt to bring him back once again. She did not cry joyous tears when Naruto had finally dragged him back. She didn't cry when she noticed that there was another person that he was carrying along with Sasuke. One clad in a black coat adorned with red clouds. Her eyes remained dry when she saw the hole in her love's chest...a little to the left.

...And after he had killed the man he swore to kill - although his heart was no longer in tact with the rest of him - she knew that it was beating.