They were always skirting around the subject as if it was a dance. No clear distinction had been made as to what kind of relationship the two had, but everyone who observed them could tell it was neither friendship, nor courtship. And being stuck in the middle of it all, well, that made Naruto confused.

"What the hell is going on between the both of you?"

The two shirked away from the question like the thought of answering had burned them. Naruto grew increasingly aware of their discomfort. A red-faced Sakura looked away on his right, while Sasuke scowled at the waters below the bridge on his left. Naruto chuckled knowingly.

"You two don't know either, do you?"

They stiffened. It was taboo to mention labels around them, especially if one tried to label their relationship. They were more than teammates, not quite friends, and inches short from being lovers. Everyone around when the two were together could cut the confusing and awkward sexual tension in the air with a kunai if they wanted, but they wanted to see where everything would go before one of them snapped.

Sasuke brought her lunches when she worked in the hospital, but never walked her home. Sakura would spend hours in his house: cooking and cleaning, healing him or just talking together, but she would never spend the night. He would offer, but he would never insist.

Naruto brought it upon himself to clear the fog that was surrounding the two. After all, he was the only sane one out of the group, it seemed.

"You know, there are lots of fine lines people walk along in this world," Naruto leaned on the bridge railing, looking down at the reflections of the three of them. He continued when he saw in the water that the other two were paying attention.

"You two seem to be an expert at walking along all of the important ones," he laughed.

"Let me give you two my awesome advice as the Future Hokage:

When the line between life and death grows thin for either of you, would the fear of crossing another little line matter at all?"

Naruto walked away. Looking back, he smiled seeing their little dance had come to a halt.