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Whatching over you Prologue

Kal could not belive his eyes. His father had let him get his own body instead of being kept inside of Clark's mind, but as always his father had a reason. Clark was too kind, innocent and never had the strength or ability to hate any person in this planet. Even if every person he cared about got killed by some evil individuals.

Jor-el had summoned him and given him his own body. Even so he looked like Clarks twin brother. They both had the same strength and all other abilities. Clark didnt know any of this had happened he was still sleeping at the Kent's farm when his biological father had summoned him. He was now standing in the cave with the drawings and most importantly his won flesh and blood.

His father had told him 3 rules he had to follow if he wanted his own will and body.

Respect him and do as he says and never disoby him.

Protect Clark from harm even if Clark was against his will, Clark was still his child.

He shall look at Clark as his own brother, and if people asked he was going to tell em Clark was his brother and Jor-el or Joe was his real father.

Kal thought it was ok rules except those with Clark, but it was alot better then being inside of the wonder boys mind. He agreed with his father that he would follow those rules. When Jor-el had left him alone, he started thinking of many things while he walked toward the city of Metropolis.


Dragi I know it is an evil end. But i had to stop there for my next chapter to work out. You will see why later in the story why this prologue is like this. Hope u liked it. I am also not sure if i shall have ClarkxKal or ClarkxLex and have ClarkxKal brothely love. Please tell me in the reviews please.

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