Since it sounded more like Kewix drabbles, I went ahead and did it over. Instead of plain oneshots, these are songfics. It was extremely hard to find songs for four chapters in a row, so please review.

Disclamier: Warriors is not mine. Neither is this song. It's Evanescene "Forgive Me".


Forgive Me -- Silverstream


Pain gripped me once again as I writhered on the sandy river bank. It was so intense, it blinded me for what seemed like a century. I gasped for breath as I wailed in pain.

"Silverstream!" I heard Graystripe moan somewhere close by. "Silverstream, hang on!"

Can you forgive me again

I don't know what I said

But I didn't mean to hurt you

I couldn't answer him. When my second kit entered the world, I felt myself grow weaker. I could sense something terribly wrong, but for some reason, I was utterly calm.

"Hang on, Silverstream," I heard a soft voice say somewhere closer than Graystripe. Cinderpelt? Was that who the small medicine cat apprentice was? "Here comes another."

I heard the words come out

I felt that I would die

It hurt so much to hurt you

I was at peace for a few moments before pain gripped me tighter, this time cutting off my breathing. I whimpered as the pain grew to a burning flame that engulfed my entire body. After an enternity of blinding pain, my third kit entered the world, and I collasped. I felt as if I were floating. How tired I was...and yet I knew if I closed my eyes I would never again reopen them.

Then you look at me

You're not shouting anymore

You're silently broken

"Silverstream!" I heard Graystripe wail, his voice becoming closer as he dashed to my side. I looked up at him, and I briefly wondered if this would be the last time I spoke to him. I lifted my head with the last bit of strenght I had and licked his face before letting myself collasp again. My breathing, what little I could get, was ragged and shallow. I could hear it myself. With every passing nanosecond I felt myself becoming even more lightheaded, and after 3 seconds, my vision was blurry.

"I...I love you...Graystripe," I rasped, blinking slowly, trying to fight the sleepiness for one minute longer. Pain gripped me again, and this time wouldn't let go. I fought the darkness that threatened to engulf me, just for one more second. But to fall asleep...

I'd give anything now

To kill those words for you

Each time I say something I regret I cry "I don't wanna lose you!"

But somehow I know that you will never leave me, yeah...

"Silverstream, please don't leave me!" Graystripe whimpered, pressing his muzzle into my flank. I released a rasping shudder of breath and resisted the urge to blink, for I wondered if the next time I blinked would be my last.

Cause you were made for me

Somehow I'll make you see

How happy you make me

I can't live this life

Without you by my side

I need you to survive

"Take care of them...Graystripe..." I whispered with my last shuddering breath. Finally, I gave into the darkness, and the horrible pain that had gripped me ceased ever so slowly, and I felt myself letting go. Graystripe's sobbing fadded until I could no longer hear it. As my soul left my body, I thought my last thought.

I'll love you forever, Graystripe...

So stay with me

You look in my eyes and I'm screaming inside I'm sorry

And you forgave me again

You're my one true friend

And I never meant to hurt you

---End of Chapter---