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::Wake Me Up When September Ends - Whitestorm::

The raging battle of cats rung in my ears, and I knew it would for many moons to come. Leaping cats flew through the air, ripping fur and slashed claws. There was so much blood. Blood stained my paws, and I hadn't even attacked anyone yet. Fourtrees would forever remain drenched in the blood of cats, evil and brave alike.

Claws scored down my flanks, sending me sprawling with a yowl of pain to the side. Immediatly, my mind switched to battle mode, and as the tabby and white tom leaped on top of me, I snarled, slashing with sharp claws, blood pouring from my side. I was lucky the wound hadn't killed me, with those dogteeth inforced claws...I parried with the tom, hissing and spitting as I tried to fight claws with deadly claws. One false move could cost me my life.

Finally, my claws scored deep enough on his shoulder to cause him to stumble, and I took the chance to tackle him, and we both rolled, locked in a deadly embrace as we slashed and bit. We finally came to a stop, growling and snarling. Neither of us could get a slash in, our claws meeting in mid-air as we tried desperatly to attack each other. I pinned him down finally, lunging for his throat.

It was then he decided to kick, with all four paws. I heard ripping fur and flesh, and found myself flying through the air, blood pouring from the several wounds in my body. When I landed, I landed hard, and it felt like I had just been hit by a racing monster. I layed stunned, unable to move, blood pouring from the wounds that the toms huge claws induced. I saw my life flashing before my eyes. I was frozen on the ground, and I couldn't move.

I heard the tom chuckling above me, and that's when my entire body decided to start working again. With a grunt of pain, I leaped to my paws. My entire frame screamed with protest, but if I didn't keep moving, I would die. My eyes narrowed at the tom, and I leaped. Blood poured behind me like a curtain, and the tom and I met again, slashing and biting.

And then, just as suddenly as the battle started it was over.

And he had won.

I met each blow with my own claws, but wasn't prepared for one blow to my throat. His sharp dogteeth-claws tore through my flesh, and blood poured through the air, splattering on the ground like rain. I stumbled backwards, and the tom took that chance to leap and take my throat in his jaws.

In those few moments that I lingered between life and death, I watched leaves fall before my vision. Leafbare hadn't fully fallen, and even as the battle roared on, I saw the beautiful colors spinning through the air, mixing with the blood and fur of cats. It was beautiful and deadly at the same time.

And then, I was tore back into the battle, just in time to see Firestar attack the tom with a cry. He fell dead, and I collasped to the ground, finally able to breathe, but barely. I knew I was leaving, and joining StarClan. I glanced up at Firestar, coughing up blood that poured into my lungs and throat.

"Firestar..." I gasp. "Firestar...I am going to StarClan..."

I heard Firestar gasp, and I growled at his words. "No! We'll get Cinderpelt!"

"Don't be...mousebrained," I growled, looking at him. "I am going to StarClan, Firestar..."

Firestar looked at me dumbfounded, and the battle raged around us. "But...But I can't do this without you!"

"Firestar..." I felt wisdom rise in me as I took my final breaths. "I was never meant to be deputy...Graystripe...Graystripe is the rightful deputy of ThunderClan." Firestar said nothing, and I smiled faintly at him.

"Farewell, Firestar."

And I felt my soul let go, and I stood once more in leaves.



End of Chapter