A really short chapter this time, featuring Lex and Kitty.

Although Kitty is a sort of accessory character who doesn't really serve any purpose, I think she's quite witty and she REALLY made me crack up in Superman Returns when Lex asked her "What did my father always say to me?" and she replied "Get out?"

I do think she's got a brain lurking in there and that she exaggerates her silliness to play Lex a little.


Chapter 7


Lex (frowning): "I've been thinking."

Kitty (to herself): "I thought I could smell burning rubber."

Lex: "Something's been bothering me…."

Kitty (filing her nails): "It's two."

Lex: "What?"

Kitty: "One plus one. It's two."

Lex (rolling his eyes): "Actually I was trying to think of a foolproof plan to get that idiot Superman."

Kitty (sarcastically, in a low voice): "Well you could just stroll down to the Daily Planet and find Clark Kent, seeing as though he and Superman are the SAME PERSON."

Lex (snapping out of his daze): "Sorry, what did you say?"

Kitty (thinking quickly): "I said do you think this pink scarf goes with my shoes?"

She twirls on the spot.

Lex (peering at the scarf, all thoughts of Superman gone from his mind): "Hmm…try the red one."

Kitty: "Oooh yes, marvellous idea."