For those who don't know, at some point in the recent past, an unofficial FMA game was released in China, based on the FMA manga. This game was called, Fullmetal Alchemist: BlueBird's Illusions. Story line in a nutshell of the game is: Ed gets Al's body back, before the entire Xing, Lust, or Greed moments. There are Four optional endings to this game, and I very much preferred the one in which, Ed, Al and Mustang all die. Ed gets turned into the Homunculus Pride by 'Father' after his death. I didn't like Mustang dying so...I gave a weird explanation to their inexplicable survival! Hope you enjoy. And yes if you absolutely despise this, then visit Orange Kitty Alchemist-Sony, and read the 'Of Homunculus story'. I wrote four versions of that story and that was the fifth compiled version. A couple of moments from there might be in here...I scare myself sometimes...especially with the 3rd version...

oh! I do not own FMA, because if i did, that would mean i would be at least into my 30's, live in Japan, speak fluent Japanese, and be rich. I also Don't own FMA BlueBird's Illusion, because if i did, I would live in China, be one of ten Chinese male College students, and would be able to understand mandarin properly...

Slowly, ever slowly, he regained consciousness. He wondered if he was dead…The sudden bursts of pain that had just registered with his oxygen-deprived brain said otherwise. Dammit, was he the unluckiest guy in the world? He always had too much paperwork on his desk, a trigger-happy First Lieutenant who threatened to shoot him if he didn't finish, and a short State Alchemist to deal with, who constantly insulted him….And now he was stuck with heavy rocks and things around and on top of him. Then as if a light bulb had been turned on, he remembered what he was doing there.

"EDWARD! ALPHONSE!" he shouted at the top of his lungs. Those two boys were in here somewhere too. Please let them be alive, Please let them be alive…he thought desperately, as he continued to shout their names. A groan answered his call. He tried to turn to see which boy it was, but his neck, told him quite sternly, that if he tried to move, it would hurt.

"Edward! Alphonse!" he shouted.

"I…I'm here…"groaned a faint voice. He recognized it as Alphonse's voice, weak though it was.

Good, the younger Elric brother was still alive. Though he'd never tell Ed, Alphonse was the weaker of the two brothers. So if Alphonse survived, logically, the tougher of the two, the Fullmetal one, would be alive.

"Al, have you seen Ed?" he shouted. He had no idea if the boy was above or below him, so shouting at the top of his lungs would be best if he wanted to be heard.

"Ed?" echoed the boy's voice, groggily, then suddenly as if he had been woken up with a pail full of cold water, he began to yell at the top of his lungs.

"NII-SAN! NII-SAN!" he shrieked.

So that's how it would be…he thought. Suddenly, he heard voices above him, they were faint, but they were definitely there.

"HEY!" he yelled. The voices stopped.

"HEY! It's ME, GENERAL MUSTANG!" he roared at the top of his lungs, and immediately regretted it, when his chest told him quite insistently to shut the hell up and quit yelling so loud.

The voices above began to talk louder and more urgently, and the sounds of metal scraping on stone, told him that the rescue team was on its way.

In an insanely short amount of time, Roy Mustang's head was uncovered.

"Quick, Alphonse is somewhere around this area!" he told the team.

"We've already located Alphonse-kun, he's on his way to the hospital just like you are," said First Lieutenant Hawkeye.

"Did you find him? Did you find my brother!" yelled an almost hysterical Alphonse from a nearby stretcher. Mustang looked down as Major Armstrong began uncovering the rest of him. He didn't want to say it, but he knew full well that Edward was no longer in this world.

Pride sat alongside Envy watching the excavation team dig up Alphonse Elric and General Roy Mustang.

"Oh my….they're still alive…" said Envy slightly surprised. He could have sworn, he'd run both of them through, and that they had been quite dead when the place came down. He glanced towards Pride, who watched everything through those dull golden eyes. Edward Elric must have done that transmutation, even in the bloody state he had been in, well bloody was an understatement, half-dead, was more like it.

"Guess, the Fullmetal Shrimp was better than we thought he was," he told the shorter Homunculus.

When Pride turned to face him, he had forced himself not to wince. No matter how long the new Homunculus would be with him, he would never get used to seeing the face of Edward Elric stare back at him.

He had begun to fear the midget's outbursts to his name-calling, especially since the blonde alchemist had actually managed to kill him, during the period in which Edward had been their prisoner. Not to mention the fact that Ed had killed him with three broken ribs, a large tear in his stomach and maybe a punctured lung…He would never hear the end of it from Lust, who would constantly taunt him about it, for the rest of their eternal lives.

"Do we really have to stay here? Who are these people anyway?" asked Pride irritably.

Envy had half the mind to tell Pride to quit whining, shut up, stop asking questions, and possibly go back to his former behavioural pattern of being quiet and doing as he was told.

"That's the Flame Alchemist, General Roy Mustang. The kid is Alphonse Elric, brother

to the Fullmetal Alchemist, and Yes, dammit, we have to stay here," he growled.

Pride took one look at the irritably deadly look on Envy's face and said nothing. It would be better on his part if he didn't get Envy mad at him again. The green haired Homunculi had a nasty habit of being able to find what would hurt the most…