WARNING: as mentioned in the previous chapter, this is ENTIRELY in Point Form.

-Everyone goes into battle Alphonse gets shot, but doesn't die

-Everyone is worried, Envy and Pride are hiding out watching everything that goes on

-Scarlet is inspecting the winter gear when she accidentally stumbles into Envy and Pride, who then essentially kidnap her for interrogation, seeing as she knows WAY too much.

-It is revealed the Scarlet attempted Human transmutation on her older brother and is deemed a suitable Human Sacrifice. Also revealed that it wasn't Envy who killed her parents, who were reporters (and 'accidentally' stumbled upon certain people talking), but Wrath (a.k.a the Fuhrer).

-Scarlet goes into berserk rage and kills Wrath, dying in the process.

-In the same process of creating Pride!Ed, Father creates a new Wrath, using Scarlet's dead body.

-Meanwhile on the ground, Alphonse and co. are all trying to find Scarlet, who has reportedly been kidnapped by the Drachman forces.

-Alphonse goes semi-crazy and decimates the enemy forces, essentially winning the entire war

-Mustang finds evidence of the Homunculi being involved in Scarlet's disappearance, while inspecting the terrain.

-Alphonse, upon discovering the tunnel, goes straight in, without telling anyone.

-Envy, Pride and the new Wrath, 'greet' Alphonse, by beating the crap out of him.

-Alphonse, somehow manages to pull himself together and takes down Pride, forcing him to remember being Edward Elric, and sacrifices himself and his 'brother' going beyond the gate.

-Mustang who has been running around for the past while, finally makes it into the tunnel, seeing Al and 'Ed' die once again.

-Envy sends Mustang on a guilt trip, and tells him that they'll let him live until he's needed (for a Human Sacrifice)

Ending lines:

Mustang looked at the spitting image of the Scarlet Alchemist's face, her expression blank and devoid of any emotion.

"It's time for you to go now, Mr. Flame Alchemist…" smirked the green-haired Homunculus, indicating the way out.

"I hope you don't forget our bargain…"

Slowly he took staggering steps towards the exit. Alphonse…Scarlet…Edward…I'm sorry…I'm so sorry…

In order to gain something, one must give something of the same value.
This is alchemy's first law of equivalent exchange.

At that time, we believed that to be the world's one and only truth.

The End

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