Double Twins

"Quick, Lacus! What took you so long!"shouted Athrun from downstairs.

Lacus grabbed her bag and rushed down the stairs. "Sorry, you know, my hairs are too long so it take much time to tie it and…"

"Stop, you're always give that stupid excuse. I've said earlier, just cut your extremely long hair!"Athrun cut his sister off.

"No way I'll cut it! Anyway, I'm ready, let's go!"

"What about your breakfast?"asked Athrun, pointing at the table.

Lacus covered her mouth, gasping. "Oops. I forgot! Give me five minutes, Athrun."

Athrun sighed. "I don't know why I have this pink-haired girl as my twin sister…"

"Kira, if you don't come out from that room in a minute, I swear I'll kill you!"

"Hey! You should not shout at your older brother like that, Cagalli!" Kira shouted back from the room.

Cagalli was furious. She hated to admit that she was younger than Kira…by 2 minutes. Just a second after that, Kira came with his bag at his back.

"What's with your sour face? Give me 5 minutes to take my breakfast, okay? I wonder why you are so excited today…I thought you hate school…"grumbled Kira as he ate his toast.

"Well, today we are going to a new school, of course I'm excited." Cagalli reasoned.

Kira drank his coffee. "Yeah, you're right. Actually I'm excited too."

"Aren't you two should going now, Kira, Cagalli? Or else you will be late."interrupted their mother.

Kira rose and hugged his mother. "Yes, we are going. Bye, Mom. Take care."

Cagalli also hugged her mother and kissed her at cheek. "Goodbye, Mom. Take care."

Their mother, Via Hibiki smiled at the twins. "Take care, both of you. Have a happy day!"

The two then walked to school. They had their own car but they prefered to walk.

"Eternal High School…"suddenly Kira muttered.

Cagalli turned and stared at her brother. "Why?"

"No…just saying it… I wonder what it looks like…"

Suddenly, they heard a cry from behind.

"Athrun! Give me that book!"

A blue haired guy ran as he waved a pink book. "Hahaha, so this is your diary! I'll read it and tell Mom what you write here!"he shouted.

"No! Please don't! Athrun, please…give me that book!"cried the pink-haired girl, nearly in tears.

"Hey! Lacus, don't cry! Hahaha, what a baby! Baby Lacus!"Athrun tauted, teasingly.

Accidentally, he bumped with a figure and both of them fell onto the ground. The book lied on the ground. Lacus immediately took the book and put it in her bag.

Athrun got up. "You care more about that book than me, huh?"he said, dusting his trousers.

Then, he turned and tried to help the figure that he bumped with. "I'm sorry. Are you all right?"he asked.

"Yeah. Next time, try to bump with a car. DIDN'T YOUR MOTHER TEACH YOU NOT TO PLAY ON THE ROAD!"shouted the figure.

"Cagalli, our mother didn't teach you to shout like that too, right?"

scolded Kira. He turned to Athrun. "Please forgive my sister. But what she said is right, it is dangerous to play on the road, umm…"

"Athrun, Athrun Zala. It's okay. She is your sister?"asked Athrun, looking at Cagalli who was dusting her clothes.

Kira nodded. "I'm Kira. Her name is Cagalli. We are twins."he explained.

Athrun smiled. "Oh, what a coincidence…Meet my twin, Lacus."

Lacus stood beside Athrun. "Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Athrun's sister."

"Nice to meet you, Lacus."greeted Kira.

Cagalli grumbled something at their back. "Hey, anyone knows how to tie this ribbon?"she asked.

The three turned to her. "Oh my, Cagalli, why did you untie that ribbon? Are you forget that you can't tie it? You asked Mom to tie it this morning."sighed Kira.

"Hey, pink-haired girl there, umm…Lacus, right? Can you tie this ribbon for me?"asked Cagalli as she saw the same ribbon around Lacus's collar.

Lacus smiled faintly. "Unfortunately, I can't, Cagalli. Umm…I asked Athrun to tie it for me this morning."

Athrun approached the blonde. "Let me tie it."he offered.

Cagalli was hesitated at first. At last, she gave the ribbon to Athrun since there's no one could tie it except for him. Athrun tied it neatly.

"Here, it's done."he said.

"Thanks."Cagalli looked up and their eyes met. Their hearts started to beat faster.

'What's this feeling…'thought Athrun, staring at the beatiful amber eyes in front of him.

'Shoot, why must my heart beat faster in this time…I think he could hear it…We are so close…' thought Cagalli as she gazed dreamingly at Athrun's emerald eyes.

Kira and Lacus looked at themselves. "How long they will stay like that?"whispered Kira. Lacus just shrugged.

Finally, Kira let go a false cough. Athrun and Cagalli was shocked and immediately blushed. Athrun returned to Lacus's side and acted like nothing happened. Lacus smirked evilly.

"Oh, I must write in my diary today that I've met my future sister in law."she teased.

"Lacus!"denied Athrun, blushing madly.

Kira chuckled and received a smack at his head. "Don't laugh stupidly like that."said Cagalli, tried to hide her blush.

"Okay, okay…Anyway, Athrun, Lacus, are you two going to Eternal High School too? I mean…look at your uniform…"

"Yeah, we are the new students…Wait, school…Lacus, what time is now?"asked Athrun.

Lacus looked at her watch. "8.16 a.m."

Cagalli turned pale. "What! 8.16 a.m? But the school start at 8.30!"

"What!" three voice shouted and all of them started to run as fast as they could.

"Good morning, class!"greeted Miss Galdys, the class teacher for 2-A class.

"Good morning, Miss Galdys!"the students greeted her back.

"Today, we will have four new students. Come in, you four!"said the teacher.

The students started to make noise. They wondered what the new students look like.

Kira came first, followed by Cagalli and Athrun then lastly, Lacus. All of them bowed at the class.

"Okay, introduce yourselves to the class."Miss Talia ordered as she smiled kindly at them.

"Hello, my name is Kira Hibiki. Nice to meet you all."said Kira as he smiled to the class.

"Wow…he's cute…"whispered a red-haired girl.

Cagalli smiled. "Hi, I'm Cagalli Hibiki. I'm Kira's twin."she introduced herself.

"Oh, so cute!"said a purple-haired guy, smirking.

Athrun gave his most gorgeous smile and made the girls blushed by just looking at him. "Hi, everyone. I'm Athrun Zala."

"Wow, he's my type!"exclaimed a pink-haired girl.

And Lacus's turn came. "Nice to meet you, everyone. My name is Lacus Clyne. I love to make friends but anyone who want to flirt with me, please beware. My twin brother is here."she said.

The boys growled. "Who is he?"one of them asked.

"I'm her twin brother. Don't try to flirt with Lacus or you will know how hard my fist is."replied Athrun, grinning.

Miss Talia looked puzzled. If Lacus and Athrun were twins, so their surname should be same. But Athrun's surname was Zala and Lacus's surname was Clyne. How could they became twins?

"Excuse me, Mr. Zala. Can you explain to us about your surname?"she requested.

"Okay, Miss Talia. It's like this. It has been tradition of our family that the son will get the father's surname while the daughter will get the mother's surname."

"So, I get my mother's surname, which is Clyne."added Lacus.

"Oh, I see…Then, class, please give them a loud applause!"

The class clapped loudly.

"Teacher, where will they sit?"asked a green haired boy.

"I'm about to say it, Mr. Amalfi. Okay, Mr. Hibiki will sit with Miss Clyne at the back and Mr. Zala will sit with Miss Hibiki at the front"

"Oh my God, I hate seating at the front…"cursed Cagalli, quietly.

Athrun heard it and turned to her. "Why?"he asked.

Cagalli pouted. "Because I'm stupid. You know, the teacher always ask the pupils who sit at the front. And I always fall asleep in class too. Ah, this semester would be boring…"

"Don't worry, I will wake you up if you fall asleep."promised Athrun, smiled sweetly.

"…You'd better be…!"Cagalli warned as she hid her blush.

"Look at your brother, Lacus. He's already taking a move on my sis."said Kira.

Lacus looked at the two and her eyes met Athrun who was lending his pen to Cagalli. She chuckled. "That's Athrun…But Kira, next time, please don't adress him as my brother."

Kira looked confuse. "Why?"

"Because we are more like friends that siblings. I seldom call her brother at home. Just act like we are friends, okay?"explained Lacus.

"Oh, I see… But Cagalli and I can be friends and siblings at the same time. I'm a bit overprotective, you know. I'll not let anyone flirt with my sis."

Lacus giggled. "Poor Athrun…"

Miss Talia looked around the class. "I think this semester will not be boring…"she whispered as she saw the twin got many attention from the others.

Hi! Mayu's here again! Hehehe, I said I want to stop writing for a while but shikata ga nai, this idea came into my head when I did revision. Athrun and Lacus are a twins…what do you think about that? Please review or else, I'll not continue this fanfiction!