A Bloody Rose


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Roy Mustang on the battle field...

Snap. Snap. Snap.

I continue to snap and can't seem to stop myself. My orders were clear. Kill all Ishbals.

I stop to catch my breath and look to my right and see about two yards away another soilder.

She's blonde with red eyes and works below me. Works for me. She promised to help me make it to the top.

She looks so graceful and beautiful. Like a rose. Yes... like a tall, red, mysterious rose.

She looks up and our eyes connect. She has a gun in her hand and I with bloodstained gloves on mine.

She gives a small, encouraging smile and then wipes the red blood off her gun and hands with a few tears rolling down her cheeks. She isn't the type of person to cry, but the burden of murder on a soilder can do many things to him...or her.

I look back and continue to walk down the broken streets and past the dead bodies.

Yes, she is a rose. My deadly, bloody rose...

The End

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