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That's it. I have been dumbed down by these fools who call themselves sale associates. I no longer use obsolete or obscenely large words to confound and amaze people. I am now stuck using these 'normal' words and sentences with improper grammar. Damn those sale associates, damn them.

"Will this mini-"

"That's foot cream." I said, resisting the urge to tell the customer that they should learn how to read labels before asking me something. In fact, why are you asking the person who works the register? You should ask someone who is on the floor. That's what their job is; to help the customers. My job is to take your money.

"Oh madam, this cream will work wonders for your skin!" I watched as Riku, once again, lured a female with his good looks over to the most expensive creams and lotions. She giggled as he rubbed it into her overly tanned flesh and her giggling aroused her posse to swarm over like it was a hunting call. I rolled my eyes towards Axel, who was busy in the front of the store, stopping anyone from leaving the store without buying something first. He used his sly thinking and the voice he practiced and called the 'will make them buy the whole store if they could' voice.

Yes, this was my job at Bath and Body Works. Every day for this summer I was stuck in the hell of a thousand aromas that tickled my nose and made me want to gag. Of course, Riku and Axel had told me it would be great if we worked at the same place. I quote "It'll be great man. It'll be fun working together and we get to play around with the customers and get money." Oh but they did not mention that I was the one who was stuck behind the counter, with my very sensitive nose, to the items that smelt the strongest.

I wrinkled my nose again at the stench of the 100th Country Apple that was bought today and eyed the clock. Telling the customer the price even before the register said it, I made the change in an instant and handed her the bag.

"Have a nice day." I attempted a smile for about the 234th time today, but failed miserably at it. The girl still giggled at me as she blushed and converged on her friends. They left the store, chatting very loudly about how Riku, Axel, and I were all attractive men. I looked up with the one eye that was not covered by my hair at the clock. It was now exactly 12:42. It is time for my break. Walking out from behind the counter Riku raised an eyebrow in surprised at me.

"Where are you going?" He asked.

"To get food. It's time for my break."

"Aren't you going to wait for your sub?" As soon as he said that, the smell of roses entered my nose and I turned towards the front door. Riku followed my gazed, and not long afterwards, Marluxia skipped his way into the vicinity.

"There he is." I walked past the twirling man who started to gaze at the Cherry Blossom scent before Axel kicked his shin in order to direct him to his post. I continued my way up the escalator and to the large food court section. I walked around the area twice before standing to the side, pondering on what food I would like to eat. I certainly did not want to eat that disguising fast food, and none of the other places had any 'real' food. Deciding that tomorrow I would bring my own lunch, I walked towards the healthiest choice I could have made; Subways.

Then I caught a whiff of something that was indescribable, but nice, sweet and soothing. I stayed where I was on the wall, and closed my eyes. This was quite unusual since most of the scents around here are familiar, and disgusting, to me. Most of the people come back every so often, so I easily ignore them. And if there is any new one, it is twice as gross because I'm not used to it. But this one was… nice.

But I have to get back to work soon, so there is no time to ponder about people who smell differently from everyone else. Pushing my way through the crowd of crazy shoppers, I finally got to Subways, bought my sandwich, and was well on my way to finding a table. The only problem was that there were no tables. Sighing, I didn't want to eat standing up, so I looked around to see if there were any empty chairs. I didn't not mind sitting at a table with strangers; I never had to have a conversation with them once I would answer any of their questions with a yes, no, or just a shrug of my shoulders. The power of silence makes me so happy when I can avoid speaking with morons.

Axel and Riku have surpassed the level of moron, they are now only 'special.'

Finding an empty seat I zig zagged my way through everyone and got to the table where a man with an unusual hair style sat next to a girl whose hair reminded me of a grasshopper.

"Excuse me, but may I sit here for now?" I asked politely. The grasshopper woman looked like she was going to flip me off before she was interrupted by the man.

"Of course you can!" He smiled wide, catching me a bit off guard. Nodding, I sat down across from him.

"Thanks-" I stopped. That smell from before is a whole lot stronger now. Looking at the bright eyed man who was now chatting with the grasshopper and waving his arms about, I raised an eyebrow. This strange man is what smells so good?

That sounded weird.

"So, what's your name?" He said leaning towards me across the table.

"Hasn't your mother ever told you not to give out information to strangers?" I smirked at him, causing him to blink in surprise.

"Hasn't your fat-ass-"

"Larxene!" He looked at her and shook his finger. "Now that's very rude." Grasshopper, or should I say Larxene opened her mouth again but he cut her off by asking me my name again.

"Zexion." I sighed and took a bite of my sandwich. Larxene's eye twitched a bit and turned towards the other man.

"Shouldn't you be with your mother?" She glanced at me. Refusing to let her see how annoyed I was at the fact that, once again, someone was making fun of how young I looked, I just swallowed down another bite of my sandwich. Larxene wrinkled her nose up and stood from the stable.

"I'm going to go spend some of your money." She grabbed the wallet that was next to the man's tray of food and walked away.

"Larxene no! That's for my Taking Back Sunday CD!" He stood up and shouted across the food court. Larxene continued to walk away, leaving the man to sigh and his shoulders to sag. He sat back down, but when he looked at me he was smiling again. What a strange man….

"My name's Demyx." He pointed to his chest with his thumb. Staring at where he pointed, I noticed that he must really like these "Taking Back Sunday" people since his shirt had their name on it.

"Oh, do you like my shirt?" I snapped my face back up at his and he started to talk about the people in this band. So I did the natural thing I do when I want to eat.

I don't respond.

But he still kept talking! I do not believe it! He is not fazed one bit by me not talking to him. I was long finished with my sandwich, and decided with what time I had left, it was be interesting to see how long he would go on. He went on for the whole time.

"You do know I was ignoring everything you said?" I said blandly. He stopped mid sentence and looked at me.

"Oh yeah, I do. But I love to talk to people, even if they aren't listening. Hey, you wanna be my friend?" Staring at him, I was quite puzzled by him. Demyx, not only is his scent unique, he himself is down right weird. Why does he continue to bother trying when I am trying to make him go away?

"See somethin' you like?" I blinked and he winked at me. Oh gosh, I had been staring at him. Zexion does not stare! Why is my face hot? Feeling the need to look in the opposite direction, I stood up from my seat. "I was only joking!" He laughed as I grabbed my tray.

"I'll be sitting here tomorrow too, if you wanna take up on my offer." He said, stopping me in my tracks. "I love making new friends!" I paused, but continued my way to the garbage can, and then back to work.

Demyx is a strange person indeed.


CHAPTER ONE. Yes! I love Demyx! I thought that he would be the type of person to like making friends since he's all like 'wheee!' and all. He also does seem to have tiny mood swings in teh game. Like how He gets all upset at Sora and then he suddenly goes back to being normal, or goes to wanting to fight. He's such a cutie.

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