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Rolling over, I expected to be greeted by the bright red numbers on my alarm clock, telling me it was about two minutes before it would ring, meaning time to go to work. Instead I saw two bright blue eyes staring at me. Resisting the urge to grab my pillow and beat whatever the heck it was that was staring at me, I blinked and then noticed the blonde hair. Ah, I see.

"Demyx, why are you in my room?" I asked tiredly, sitting up and stretching my arms up into the air before letting them fall to my side.

"Well, I had to have a picture of you while you were sleeping-"

"You what?" I interrupted him and saw the camera he had in his hand. "Give me that!" I reached for it but he leaned backwards out of my reach. "Today, we gotta take as many pictures as possible!"

"And…why is that?" I asked.

"Tomorrow is the last day we have together silly!" He grinned. My face fell without myself realizing it. "You are going to that fancy college out of state, aren't you?" He said more like a statement than a question.

"Ye-yeah…" I slumped down into my bed and the alarm started to go off. I had totally forgotten about the end of summer. I would be leaving and going halfway across the country to the college of my choice while Demyx would stay here. Somehow, it felt as if the college wasn't what I wanted anymore.

"Hey! What's with the face? I don't want any pictures of you frowning." He crawled onto the bed and hit the alarm off before turning to me. "My sister says that college is fun! Although I think it's because she rules her school and everyone worships the ground she walks on or else, but I'm sure you'll erm…" Demyx trailed off. "Well I don't know if you'd make any new friends, you aren't that social, and everyone else will still be here or somewhere else…" I turned my head away so that he wouldn't see the fact that he wasn't helping while he talked to himself. Demyx immediately stopped and grabbed both my hands. "Oh Zexy, it'll be alright! Cheer up!" He got off the bed and then pulled me off also so I fell softly into his chest. He hugged me and patted my hair. "You should have a good day today! Come on, don't frown." Demyx said, his voice slightly pleading with me.

"Okay." I said and pushed myself away from him. "Let me get dressed for work." He nodded and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. I grabbed my uniform and quickly put it on, walking out to be greeted by my mom staring at me.

"You have Demyx in your room? And you didn't tell me?" She sighed and shook her head. "I thought I could rely on you; I guess I'll just have to install cameras everywhere…"

"Mother!" I exclaimed and looked down the hall to see that she made Demyx breakfast as he was currently chomping down on some of her 'special' pancakes. "What do I get for breakfast?"

"Whatever Demyx wants to feed you…from his mouth." She cackled and no matter how much I tried my face screwed up in disgust.

"You are so…" I shook my head and walked down the hall past her cackling and sat down next to Demyx. Demyx looked up from what he already vacuumed up and pointed to a plate on the other side of the table.

"I saved some for you. I had a feeling your mom would do something weird."

"Thanks." I answered and quietly ate the pancakes, only being able to finish one of them. Pushing them away, Demyx glanced at me and I nodded, and within five seconds they were gone from the plate, Demyx chewing happily on them. Sitting across from Demyx as my mother fussed over the face that he was a growing boy and needed to eat more, I let my lip twitch upwards. I wish it could stay like this…Demyx and I. Together…


Blinking, I saw Demyx grinning wildly. "Yeah! I got you with one of your many smiles!" He got up and started dancing.

"Many smiles?"

"Yeah, you have more than one, of course. I mean that wasn't a full smile, like the one you did when you first kissed me, so it's totally different. I want to get them all today!" He said and my mom grabbed him, something about giving him all the pictures of me that he wanted and dragging him into the other room. Running a hand through my hair, I slumped down in my chair and then put my face in my hands. This is going to be a rough day. How can I have fun when all I can think about if the fact that in less than 24 hours, Demyx won't be with me?

"Zexy" Demyx said in a sing song voice and I instantly sat up in my chair, trying to look like I always did. But he wasn't standing in front of me. Where-?

I felt him press his lips to my cheek, my face turning bright red at the fact that he caught me off guard along with the fact that I had no time to put down the smile tat had crept onto my lips.


"Demyx!" I said and Demyx laughed.

"It wasn't me!" He pointed towards the doorway to see my mom with her super camera. That's the only way to describe it, a super camera. It can take pictures of people's faces that are like a mile away. I once called it a stalker's camera, but after getting a lecture on how she did not stalk anyone, I use the term super camera now.

"Mom!" I slapped a hand over my face and she cackled, like always.

"Here, Demyx." She handed Demyx's camera back o him.

"I see you are now working together… I am doomed." They both laughed and I let out a chuckle too. "Oh, I have to get to work!" I said, getting up from the table and Demyx grabbed my hand instantly with a smile. I had gotten used to the whole hand thing by now. Whenever we would walk anywhere together now, he would hold my hand, as if he was afraid he'd lose me in the crowd. I liked it too, but I pretended I didn't to see Demyx's expression as he tried to explain why he liked holding hands.

"Goodbye boys! Don't do anything I wouldn't want you guys to be doing unless I was there with a camera!" She followed us to the door and waved at us as we walked towards my car.

"Bye!" Demyx shouted back and I just waved.

Demyx had become a sort of volunteer worker at my job, unconsciously bringing in customers (both boys and girls) with his smile and the way he would amuse himself in the store as he waited for me. Today, he had brought along his Nintendo DS, which happened to be pink. When I had got up the courage to ask why it was pink, he said that Larxene had 'encouraged' him to trade with her so she could have the black one. Although, it seemed like the girls were getting pretty into the fact that he had a pink one and when they would ask, he would lead the conversation towards the store, eventually leading to them coming up to me with armfuls of products.

At the moment, Demyx had a flock of males standing near him, watching as he played some sort of fantasy adventure game. He also was able to get some guys to buy, saying things like how many girls appreciate when their boyfriends buy them nice things. Xemnas was in today, leaning on the counter next to me with a grin.

"I haven't seen you pay attention to anything else in the store but him." I shook my head and blinked at him.

"There is nothing else to do."

"If I remember correctly, you did get a DS also." He said and straightened himself up. Oh gosh, it's going to be time for a speech.

"Excuse me sir, but what type of-"

"HELLO YOUNG MAN." Phew! This poor innocent boy has saved me from Xemnas' wrath. Bless his little unknowing heart. I hope he survives. Xemnas started on leading him around the store, the poor boy trying to explain that all he wanted to know which scent was more popular with moms. But Xemnas ignored him completely. Poor boy. Turning my attention towards the cash register, I rung up some items for a particularly enthusiastic girl who I recognized as one of the girls who Xemnas convinced that if they bought enough, Demyx and I would kiss.

"I'm sorry, but that sale is not going on today." I said and she looked down hearted.

"But this one is!" Xemnas appeared behind her and I saw the little boy had escaped from him looking scared. Holding up pictures that he was waving too fast for me to see he started. "If you buy our newest fragrances in bundles of three, you may also get these limited time images courtesy of METHB!" The girl didn't seem to comprehend what METHB was, and neither did I but when Xemnas stopped waving, I didn't need to know.

"Xemnas, where did you-" Xemnas ignored me as the girl went to grab some other ones walking by the store.

"Buy! Buy!" They stared to chant like rabid creatures as the started to collect everything that counted as part of Xemnas' sale.

"Where did you-" I tried again only to be interrupted.

"METHB stands for Mothers for the Exploitment of Their Hot Boys. Your mother just happens to be part of the group along with Riku's, and Axel's, and-"
"Are you serious?" My jaw practically dropped.

"Yes, You think they get all that money just by going to their million dollar paying jobs?" And then I could not answer as I was swamped with girls screaming and waving products in my face.

"Zexy, why were there so many girls at the counter today?" Demyx asked, and I shook my head.

"Our mothers find it fun to take pictures of us when it seems impossible for them to do, and then sell them." Demyx just stared at me.

"It seems our mothers took the effort to take pictures of us at the most opportune times." Demyx blinked and started to swing our hands.

"Oh, I see." He shrugged. "So what do you want for lunch?" I stared at him.

"Do you not get it?" I asked and he blinked at me.

"Get what?"

"Get that those were pictures of us on there? Don't you care that now all of them have a picture of us?" I asked, stunned at Demyx. He just shrugged and grabbed my other hand and stood to the side.

"No, I don't. But if you are upset that other people can see us happy together, then I'll be mad too." He said seriously. And I looked down at the ground hoping that my hair would cover most of the blush.

"No, I'm not upset… I guess…" I stuttered, feeling as if I was surely losing my composure in public at the moment.

"So you are happy that we are together?" Demyx asked.

"Of course!" I answered quickly and looked up at him, only to be caught in a lip lock. Before I had time to react he pulled away and snapped a picture making me cross my arms.

"Demyx!" I said and looked to the side, embarrassed. He chuckled and let go of one of my hands so we could continue to the food court.

It was time for goodbye. Not just at the end of the day goodbye either. As Xemnas hurried around for the last ten minutes, making sure that the shop was getting ready for closing, the mall had filtered out enough so that there was no one else in the store except for Riku and Sora who were currently making out in the front, and Axel and Roxas getting ready to burst if Riku and Sora didn't stop soon so that they could leave. Marluxia was busy making sure that all the bottles were nicely prepared for the next day and spinning around in circles every so often.

"Zexion." I turned my head to Demyx who was standing next to me.


"I-…Never mind." Demyx grinned and grabbed me around the waist and pulled me next to him. "So are you going to get ready for your trip when you get home?" He said, resting his head on top of mine.

"Yes, I will be packing anything else that my mom isn't trying to hold hostage. She is convinced that society is trying to steal me away." I answered and Demyx chuckled and started to sway us back and forth. I leaned my head against his chest and sighed heavily.

"Hey! Look what Riku's eccentric father made for all of us on our day of parting!" Axel said as he emerged from the back room with a world famous Sephiroth cake. He was swamped by the rest of them and I blinked back surprise at the fact that Demyx hadn't leapt onto them for the cake yet. I looked upwards but could not see his face as he continued to sway us back and forth, his arms getting tighter around my waist.

"Who are you, and what happened to Demyx?" I asked and Demyx stayed silent. He then sighed heavily and then his head fell to rest on my shoulders.

"In another five minutes, I won't see you." He whispered and tried to bury his head into my neck. Surprised I slowly brought my hand up to pat him on the head.

"I want to hold you as long as I can. I can always have cake later." He said and I was taken aback by what he was saying.

"Demyx, I will be back next summer. I do need this job." I tried to reassure him but he still wouldn't flock to the food that was now being chomped down on by the vicious creatures that were once human beings, while Roxas and Sora tried to avoid being eaten also. Demyx didn't answer me; he pulled away as Xemnas started to clap his hands together.

"Children of DARKNESS, it is time to close up the shop for the summer season! Tomorrow, I'll be with a whole new group of people who will most likely not be as FABULOUS as you are. I mean, who else will help me in my dire times when no customer comes in?"

"You mean, who else can you take pictures of and offer them as bonuses?" Riku crossed his arms.

"Yes, but I do love you all so dearly, even though, you are not heartless beings." We all just stared at him as he continued to rant and Marluxia started to snatch the random plastic flowers that were around the store.

"And in conclusion, get out of my store now or I will send you into a black abyss where evil creatures steal your heart." He finished, sweeping his arms around. We didn't need another cue as we started to cautiously walk our way around him and out of the store.

"Well, Larxene was going to pick me up so I guess I'll go this way…" Demyx paused at the mall entrance and pointed outside. I was headed to the garage.

"Okay." I stared at him as I realized that he had let go of my hand and I felt suddenly very empty.

"Well-" we both started at the same time. I gestured towards him and he cleared his throat.

"Well, I guess I'll call you to make sure you're doing okay and stuff at collage…" He scratched the back of his neck.

"Yes, that'd be nice." I felt as if there were certain words I should be saying at this moment, but I couldn't get them out of my throat. Demyx seemed to be having difficultly with forming words as he stuttered out incoherent sentences at me. Before throwing his hands up in the air and pulling me into a deep kiss.

When he pulled away he hastily said goodbye and ran out the doors, leaving me to stare after him.

"And there he goes, Zexion's one true love… getting away from him." I turned around to see Axel and the rest of them shaking their heads.


"The love of your life just walked out of those doors and you didn't even tell him I love you. Or anything." He shook his head.

"Poor Zexion…" They said together and I did the one thing I would never do. I stuck my tongue out at them. Staring at me in shock and surprise I laughed at felt that it was the funniest thing ever. No wonder why Demyx does these silly these so often! Waving at their still shocked faces, I walked out and into the garage. It's good to go out with a sort of bang.

Next summer! Wheee Time jump!
Staring at the lotion bottles that Axel was trying to stack up, my face had turned into a stone again. Axel had forgotten how to stack them the right way, and would constantly be knocking them down.

Demyx had called me, yes he did. But the last one was to tell me how his band had hit it big, and that he was unsure of how many times he could call me. I still don't understand why I didn't try to call him. Maybe there was the underlying feeling that Demyx had in fact, moved on. Maybe I was just a summer fling that he had over dramatized. Glancing at Marluxia's radio that had started to play his band's single, I frowned and turned it off. But that didn't last for long. I quickly turned it back on, hoping that no one would notice and smiled. Of course, I didn't smile outwardly; I was smiling inside my mind.

I guess the only good thing that was going to be happening soon is that Demyx's band was actually coming to our town. The town that is perhaps considered in the middle of no where like in Courage the Cowardly Dog. Of course, we lived a lot lot closer than they did to the burger place, but you get it. In fact Marluxia has just burst onto the scene screaming about Demyx tickets mall Larxene and then he ran up to me and started shaking me.

"Like, biggg show!" He said, his voice, no matter how manly it was, still somehow was girly whenever he got excited about things. Like flowers.

"I don't like when people with no common sense touch me." I pried his fingers off my shirt and brushed the imaginary dirt off of me. He started to twirl in circles before he started to wave a small piece of paper in my face.

"Guess who I just saw?" He stopped waving it long enough so I could recognize that it was to Demyx's concert. I stared at him in shock, of course without the shocked expression, and he started to cackle. "And you should have seen how excited he was to see me! In fact, I saw him not too many blocks away from here…being flocked by fangirls." I couldn't help it, but my eye twitched slightly at the idea of Demyx being touched by other people, fangirls no less.

"Awww, I thought you said you didn't like being touched by people without common sense? Or is he an exception?" He winked at me and I left my post, stopping to kneel down and tie my shoe.

"I'm going to go get my-" I said straightening up and stopping when I heard a loud shout.

"Back off bitches! Your main man has someone to see and if his body does not make it through here without being touched you're going to be pummeled by security!" Larxene's voice burst through the crowd, Riku and Axel looking up at the same time. Lexaeus was walking through the crowd, people spreading like the red sea, the girls gulping at the way he looked. Followed by two of Demyx's newest security additions I had heard about, Leon and Cloud. It took the fangirls a while to understand that they did not like to be touched, but they have learned from an incident concerning water bottles and Cloud's hair that when they came by they really needed to stay away.

No, I did not watch the concerts and such online.

"Zexion, where the hell is your puny body!" Larxene knocked down a couple of guys who she had actually had a small following of, even though every time she saw them she would knock out a tooth or an eyebrow would go missing.

I walked briskly towards the front of the store where Axel and Riku were starting to back away from, some of the girls were looking at them 'that way.' Larxene saw me and turned to the crowd who then turned out, and started chattering.

"Everyone, move it!" She said, and Leon, Cloud and Lexaeus turned around to look at them all, making them all move rather quickly.

"Where the hell-" Larxene cursed and turned to Leon. "Where is he? Stuck in traffic with Thing one and Thing two?" Leon shrugged and Larxene rolled her eyes. And that's when I caught the scent of something familiar. Passing through the crowd I turned to the left to see him pulling on Xigbar and Xaldin, both of who had considerably longer hair than I remembered. Demyx's hair was also a bit longer, but he was still able to get it the same way he always had.

"Come on you slowpokes! Larxene was able to make time in our schedule to get here early and you guys are walking like snails!" He started to whine. Xaldin had seen me and nudged Xigbar who instantly got a smirk on his face. Demyx did not notice however as he continued to pull on their arms, with no progress as they halted all together.

"You guys hate me!" Demyx whined and crossed his arms in a huff. I swiftly was making my way towards them, Demyx now was stomping on the group shouting about how he should have never given Xigbar that eye patch for Christmas. I was losing all common sense and logic as my emotions started to swell and I was excited to see it. Yes, rock man, has been overcome with feeling!

"You are very slow, as always." I said and Demyx turned around.

"Zexion!" He exclaimed and looked at the two others who burst out laughing. "You guys suck." He said with a huff.

"Aww, does poor Demyx want something for his troubles?" My lips twitched up and I leaned upwards, gently pressing my lips onto his. When Demyx started reacting, I pulled away and mocked him, crossing my arms.

"Oh, but Demyx hasn't talked to me in so long. Should he really get some?" I pretended to think and Demyx looked horrified.

"I'm sorry Zexy! I knew I should have written a letter or something! God I'm so stupid," he turned and pointed at the other two. "You good for nothing lackeys, not giving me anything to do about it!" He turned back to me. "Zexy, I'm sorry, but we had so much to do and you know me with my ADD problem and I had to memorize songs more and practice vocals and I was cut down to only three meals day because Larxene said that no one wanted to look at a fat man! AM I FAT?" Demyx started to look at me desperately. "AM I REALLY FAT ZEXY?" I bit my bottom lip. He fell to the ground in a huff screaming. "Dear world, forgive my fatty fatness!" He was shaking his hands in the air and I couldn't hold it in any longer. I burst out into laughter and Demyx grinned. He got up and hugged me tightly.

"I am so totally in love with that laugh." He said.

"Oh so you love my laugh, not me?" I asked, suddenly feeling more at ease with the situation even though the hordes of fangirls were just a few feet away being kept back by glares from the security.

"Oh no. Nothing can compare to how much I love my Zexy." He put his forehead on mine with a smile. I felt the blush creeping its way across my face at the words 'my Zexy.' "Well then what about you?"

"Oh Demyx, please don't make me say something so absurdly corny like that…" I said with a sigh and Demyx pouted. "Your pout will do nothing." Demyx's eyes started to water. I sighed heavily. "No…" Demyx pressed his lips against mine and wrapped his arms around me. Demyx snaked his tongue into my mouth, making me melt instantly at his taste. He pulled away and when he saw my annoyed look he shook his finger at me.

"Uh-uh! You only get more, when you say-"

"You are so freakin' adorable that I can't help but love you. Now come here." I growled and pulled him down, crashing his lips into mine.

"Uh, we'd all love to see you make out-" Larxene pointed to the fangirls who were grabbing any and everything that would take a picture and use it. "But this was a short visit. Get your asses back in the car." She huffed. And Demyx turned towards her.

"Well, this won't do." He looked at me and I shook my head in agreement. "Yeah, he'll just have to come with us." He turned to me wit ha grin. "You may still want to go to college even though your boyfriend-" I blushed at this, he had never actually called himself my boyfriend- "is going to become a major rock artist but, hey. I'll just have to kidnap you every summer." Marluxia burst through the crowd of girls with about ten cameras hanging around his neck.

"If only the Superior was here to see-" He was instantly knocked to the ground by Xemnas who had more cameras around his neck than possible.

"Ah, love! True love!" He waved his arms about. "And I know you two don't want to hear the speech coming on, so I'll say this quickly. Zexion, you're fired. It really is a shame that you must go, but I will not allow you to live your life in DARKNESS anymore." He then looked thoughtful. "Besides, both your mothers called me this morning trying to disguise their voices and threatened me that if Zexion did not lose his job and go with Demyx I would lose my hair." He then started to look like he was choking. "Quickly, go before the… the… SPEECH!" He spread his arms out wide.

"YOUNG GIRLS AND BOYS. TODAY WE SEE-" Me and Demyx looked at each other and quickly made a run for it with the others before Xemans went into true speech mode. As we left the building we heard him yell at someone, asking where they thought they were going, making the girls run back towards him.

I sat in the car with Demyx and he told the guy to start driving. He turned to me with a smirk.

"Now…where did we leave off?" I smiled at him.

"If you don't know, let me refresh your memory." I turned and faced him, pressing my lips onto his. I guess I get my wish after all.

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