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Antauri and the rest of the group were in the main part of the super robot. They were still in space, and it was nine in the morning, although it's kinda hard to tell day from night when you're in space. They were all there except for—

"Has anyone seen Chiro?" Antauri asked when his brothers and sister arrived at the table for breakfast. Since he was always the first one up, and the best cook on the robot, he was in charge of making breakfast. So, he was just setting the last of the food selections down on the table when his four siblings arrived at said table, but when he saw no sign of his 'son', panic welled up inside of the silver monkey. Ever since Antauri received his fathers day gift from Chiro, he became more protective over the child, and the only times he'd let Chiro out of his sight, was when the child went to the bathroom to do 'personal' things, and of course when it was time for bed. Although he'd sometimes sneak into the room to gaze at his sleeping child, or just sleep along side Chiro to make sure he was safe. (A/N: Over Protective or what! Hehe!).

The four looked at each other before back to their oldest sibling to shake their heads no.

"Don't worry so much Antauri." Sprx suddenly spoke up when he noticed his brother's worried face. "The kid's probably still asleep. I mean, it is kinda hard to tell if— ." "Thank you Sprx, that is all I wanted to know." Antauri suddenly interrupted the red monkey, before floating up, and heading over to the door that lead to the sleeping chambers. The others blinked as they watched the second in command go off, but soon shrugged it off before turning their attentions towards their breakfast.

(With Antauri)

Antauri had just reached the last bedroom door that read CHIRO in bold print. Deciding to not knock, the silver monkey just typed in the code, and the door slide open. As soon as he had sight of the boy, his worried face turned into a smiling one, as he saw Chiro sleeping peacefully on his bed. Carefully, as to not awaken Chiro, the silver monkey floated over to the head of his bed, and with his telekinesis brought a chair over to sit on. As he got settled on the chair, he studied the peaceful look on Chiro's face as he slept. Chiro was still deep on cloud nine by the looks of it, and he had a calming aura wrapped around his soul as he slept. Antauri smiled lovingly at the kid as he reached forward to brush some stray locks of hair out of Chiro's face. After that however, Antauri remembered why he came there in the first place.

"Chiro... it's time for breakfast..." Antauri whispered softly as he gently began to slide the covers off Chiro's body. Chiro however, was still too tired to wake-up, so he quickly grabbed the covers that were slowly being removed from his body, and pulled them back over his body lightning fast in protest. Antauri was surprised by Chiro's sudden reaction, but soon shrugged it off, and tried to awaken the child again.

"Chiro... wake up, or else I'll help you wake-up..." Antauri warned to the still slumbering child. Chiro grunted, "Mmm, mmm!" before turning to face the wall, his back turned to the silver monkey. He was still groggy, so he didn't quite hear the playful threat that his mentor gave him.

Wrong answer Chiro.

"Have it your way... my son." Antauri warned as he threw Chiro's covers off the sleeping child super fast. Antauri was surprised when he saw Chiro dressed in a light white T-shirt and ocean blue shorts that went to his knees instead of his usual light blue P.Js. Shrugging off the surprised look on his face, Antauri soon remembered his task. Gently and calmly, he placed his left hand on Chiro's right shoulder and turned his body so that Chiro was laying on his back instead of his side. As he did this, Antauri turned his other hand into his ghost claws, and once Chiro was laying on his back, the silver monkey softly placed the tips of his claws on Chiro's tummy. Chiro cracked his eye open just a sliver, wondering what his 'father' was doing. Before he could ask anything, his words were replaced with peels of laughter, as Antauri's claws began to tickle the poor child awake. While this father/son moment was taking place, someone was watching, in another part of space.

/Another part of space/

A short distance from the super robot, a sinister presence sneered, pacing angrily back and forth in front of a weary young cat-like female.

"WHERE COULD IT BE!" The mysterious cloaked figure shouted at his minion. "I have only TWO of the three pure heart crystals I need! Wh—" "Calm yourself my master." The minion suddenly interrupted. "I am most certain that—" the young woman words were stopped cold by the sound of laughter, coming from the next room.

"SILENCE!" the evil cloaked figure spat harshly waving a hand in the air. When the girl closed her mouth, the figure calmly walked to the visionary portal that was in the next room. The girl, seeing no point staying in an empty room by herself, followed her master like an obedient dog. Both figures had just entered the room, and saw a curious vision before them. A teenaged boy with tousled black hair, and shining blue eyes was being tickled by a silver robotic monkey.

"Master what—" "Quiet!" the figure snapped. "Don't you feel it?" As he spoke, they both turned towards the viewing screen, where a blinding ray of light seemingly shining through the young boy. As the young boy laughed, it shined with an intensity that hurt the eyes of the two sinister viewers.

"Master..." The girl suddenly whispered as they turned away from the blinding light. "Is that..."

"Yesss." The figure said with a wicked smile. "What we're viewing... is what we've been searching for. The third and final piece to our puzzle... Pure heart crystal. Number: Three."

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