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The tour took much longer than Chiro thought it would. It seemed at first glace that the place the two female monkeys lived in only had a few rooms, but now it felt like he was shown around an entire castle! There were so many rooms, he was sure that such a place could even be MORE fitting than a castle! There was a huge library, a meditation chamber, a dining area, empty rooms that haven't been used in ages one would think with all the dust and lack of furniture in some, a fighting arena, and much more! And to think this was all hidden underground!

It was hours latter when the tour had finally ended, just as the suns golden rays were dissaearing from sight, and the sky started to gain an inky black color in place of the orange, red, and pink that was painted there only moments ago. It was when they came to the last room on the tour when Chiro was starting to feel tired once more. It was getting very late, and after a long day with chasing and heart pulling, wouldn't YOU be tired as well? It was when he let out a huge yawn that Jasmine stopped talking in mid sentence.

"It appears that we've taken time away with our tour your highness," she stated in an apologetic tone before surprising Chiro by lifting him up with telicaneisis, "come, you need rest if we are to reach your friends-BUT that has to be in the morning," she added quickly when she saw the child was about to protest, "because that beast is still out there, it will be a little difficult to get to your transportation. My sister and I used nearly all out power to save you earlier. We're almost out, and none of us will stand a chance against it if we run into it again, without being fully recharged. Since you came here in a ship, my sister and I can possibably figure out a way to make it rise to the stars again, cause if I'm right, you had a rough landing curtisy of our monster moron, correct?" after seeing Chiro nod while the three continued back to the bed chambers *well the girls were walking while Chiro was floating*, Desiree spoke up

"We'd love to talk more when you awaken sire," she began while they were only a few feet away from the bed chaimbers, "and I asure you we will answer all the questions you have asked as well. It's just been so lon-"

"It's ok Desiree," the boy yawned as they finally seemed to enter the chaimber, "I understand, AND I'm fine with that," after that was stated, the child felt himself being setted gently on the bed he once layed on, before his eyes began to droop. Before they were fully closed, he casted a gaze at the two girl monkeys once more.

"Thanks again.... for everything," he whispered, before sleep overtook him once more. The two smiled at each other after whispering, "You're welcome your highness," before they left the room quietly, as to not awaken the now sleeping child. As they did, they didn't notice the bright glow suddenly entering the room.

"Oh good.... I have found him.... and it appears that he's alone," the glow seemed to whisper to itself with a feminine sounding voice. It wasn't long until the glow grew brighter and brighter, awakening the young boy who had to cover his eyes from the intense brightness. Once he felt it was over, Chiro removed his hands from his eyes, only to gape in shock.

There, now standing at the foot of his bed... was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen. She looked around five ft. tall, her hair was a beautiful shade of onyx black and so shiny, hey eyes were like twin pools of deep chocolate brown, and her skin was a nice shade of olive green. Her clothes were nice as well. A beautifully hand made gray sweat shirt, and a nice pair of jeans made up her outfit. And what was the most interesting thing about her.... she had a beautiful white glow surrounding her. After a moment of looking in surprise at the girl, Chiro than opened his mouth to speak, only to close it shut when he saw the girl place a finger to her lips and made the 'shh' noise quietly. After that was done, she sent a warm smile at the blue eyed boy.

"Hi there," she whispered to him, making him blush but wave back at her, "I know you're probably wonder what's going on here, and I'm here to explain.... First off, my name is Mary...... the first one to hold the pure heart of cunning and bravery," hearing this made Chiro gasp in surpise.

"Wait... you mean you're.... you're-," "Yes.... I am," the girl whispered to the shocked boy with a small sad frown on her face, only to smile again as she continued, "but that's not what matters at the moment. I came to warn you about something, and I don't have much time to do so," at seeing he would listen, the strange girl continued.

"The one who is after your pure heart, is a boy named Rio," she began while sitting on the bedside, her eyes never once leaving Chiro's, "you probably already know this much, but when your crystal is joined together with the two other purest heart crystals, it will create a power so intense and strong that anyone can use it. A very long time ago, this power has been used before on a few planets before it was stopped, and the person who used it had just enough time to make scrolls that told of his evil tale before he was found and punished for his crimes,"

"So wait..... are you telling me this Rio person isn't responsible for the way he is now? And if so, how come Jasmine and Desiree haven't said a thing about it?" Chiro suddenly asked the beautiful madien, confusion clearly in his voice. The gentle girl gave a kind smile, before nodding once.

"In a way, you're correct," Mary began, "Rio also wanted to show the others of his and all the other planets out there that he was the best, and the day he found those scrolls, he thought he finally found the key to his goal.... only to not realize what danger it would cause not only him, but his loved ones as well... As for Jasmine and Desiree.... they haven't a clue to how it happened themselves. The evil that had turned there once beloved friend into the monster he is now.... was an evil we had all hoped that had vanished from the universe forever. Therefore, no one was told about it..... it was suppose to stay with the only ones who were unfortunate enough to have to bare to see the sight of it,"

"That's a story I read one to many times," Chiro whispered to himself after that was stated, "okay, so what you're telling me is..... I have to meet this Rio guy and turn him back to normal.... and if so.... is there even a way to break the spell on him?" seeing the girl continuing to look at him with her huge eyes made Chiro blush a little.... she was so beautiful.

"The only way to break him free of the spell would have to be destroying the very scrolls he read that told him of the pure hearts you and the other two hold," the girl told him in a gentle voice, "once destroyed, the dasrkness will leave him, and he will become goo- AHH!" before she could finish her sentence, there was a sudden powerful quake that seemed to shake everything. And even though he was told that the place was protected very well..... Chiro could tell that this quake was a powerful one.

"What was that?!" He shouted, knowing that this wasn't any ordinary quake. Looking at the girl, he saw her fading and becoming solid a few times.

"It appears my time is almost up," she whispered when she caught a glimps of her hand, "I have to go.... but first.... I have to give you the same thing my two other friends gave there pure heart holders....,"

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Before the chosen one could ask Mary what she ment, he was surprised when she suddenly leaned forward with closed eyes..... and placed her lips directly on his softly. His blue eyes immediatly went wide in shock when he felt the softness of her lips on his, but they soon closed as he responded to the kiss, not believing he was getting a kiss from such a pretty girl such as herself. After the first five seconds, he felt something warm glowing against his face, and if his eyes were open he would've seen that the girl was now glowing a beautiful shade of orange, before it turned into a mist of some sort and enter the child through the mouth as they kissed. The surprising kiss lasted for twenty seconds before she released him and looked straight into his confused/embarassed/love struck eyes.

"The mist that went in you will help your fight against Rio," Mary quickly stated as she continued to fade away, "Travis and Kat have the same thing in them..... It is the same power....... my friends and I used to........ save the universe! It will come in...... time! Only when you..... most need it! Please don't worry about me..... you and I will...... see each other again...... I promise you!" Was all the girl could get out, before a sudden bright light engulfed her, making Chiro shield his eyes. Once the light was done, he uncovered his eyes, only to gape in surprise.... she was gone. After taking a moment, no longer minding the shakes, he placed two fingers on his lips.

"That was my first kiss," he whispered in shock, before he was pulled out of it when he heard the door to the room he was in suddenly open, and two familure female monkeys ran in.

"Sire! The plant monster is here, and is making its way in through our defenses!" Jasmine stated in a voice that showed she was concerned.

"We have to get you outta here be-" just as Desiree was about to finish her statement, the door to Chiro's guest room was suddenly pried open by vines, making the three turn to it in shock. After it was pried open fully, the one that had been in Chiro's nightmares, since it first pulled out his crystal, stepped through the door with a wicked smirk on her face.

"So, you three thought you could hide from me, huh?!" it sneered as it got closer to the three, who now all held fighting stances.... even Chiro, though you could see in his eyes he was a it nervous, "well, it's such a shame for you that I don't give up that easily!" was the last thing it shouted before lunging at the three with a murderous glare in her eyes. The three wasted no time with charging as well, wanting and hoping to get this all over with as soon as possible....

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