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Chapter One: Demon

"Ugh, how long have we been walking? Gaara, can we please rest?" Kankuro whined with exhaustion.

"No," Gaara replied.

Temari gave Kankuro a warning look but he ignored it.

"Please? Only for an hour or so," insisted Kankuro with a desperate plea in his voice.

Gaara glared but did not turn around, "I said no," he reminded him.

The sun was high in the desert sky and Temari and Kankuro were panting, but Gaara showed no sign of weakness, only pure hatred at the vast sand dunes stretching far into the distance.


Hours after night had fallen, Gaara stopped.

"We rest here," he stated. Then walked a few paces and sat down deliberately on the top of a sand dune.

They watched him for a few seconds then took off their belongings and made themselves as comfortable as possible on the rough sand bedding.

"Kankuro," Temari whispered, "I think it is waking up." She said with a small strike of fear in her voice. Kankuro shuddered and nodded.

Shukaku was indeed waking up.


A violent kick awakened Temari.

"Get up, we're leaving," announced Gaara in a cold, desolate voice.

Kankuro was ready to go, so the journeyed onward, the desert sun at their backs.

"20 more minutes, and we'll have reached the Wind border." Kankuro said. Desperate to break the silence they had been incased in for so long.

Temari nodded and Gaara barely acknowledged his presence. Then again, this was normal.

"How far, to Konoha," Temari asked between pants of exhaustion and glanced at Kankuro, he was deep in thought.

"Two days," answered Gaara. "Now shut up and walk."

Temari chanced a quick glance at Kankuro who answered with a frightened look.

A fierce wind shook Kankuro and Temari, "Sandstorm?" asked Kankuro, they both halted and unsheathed their weapons. "Why have you stopped?" asked Gaara, there was an edge in his voice that sent chills up their spines.

Night fall was drawing closer and it was a full moon in these hours of darkness.


"Gaara can we sle-" Temari slammed a hand over Kankuro's mouth and eyed their younger brother warily.

"Do not talk to him," she whispered. "It's a full moon tonight, he'll kill you." Kankuro's eyes widened in realization as the light of the full moon shined into his face in menacing silvery strands.

"S-so what do we do?" he muttered to Temari.

"Just try to keep your distance," she replied. "He may overlook us as infantile." Kankuro nodded, he didn't like being called inferior but there was no messing with Gaara when he's angry, or passive, for that matter.

"Fine then, we'll just sleep over here." Kankuro murmured shakily. Temari nodded her approval.

Gaara got up from his visual atop the sand dune and started pacing, whispering to himself as he did so.

Quickly, Temari and Kankuro made their beds and struggled to fall asleep.

Of course, with a demonic personality inches away, that wasn't easy. The snippets of 'conversation' they could hear made the experience even less enjoyable.


When both of the sleep deprived siblings awoke, their younger brother was nowhere in sight.

"Where could he have gone?" Kankuro asked.

"There's a village up ahead," Temari answered.

"Why didn't we just sleep there," questioned a confused Kankuro.

"Gaara," Temari replied over her shoulder and started walking in direction of the village.

"Oh, right." Kankuro concluded, and followed his sister.