Let me just remind everyone I'm not the famous J.K., but just a girl who would rather live in her world than ours. This just popped out of know where on my way home from work on Friday and I just had to give the story life. Please enjoy and leave a few words if you can. Buttons

They were hypnotic. Absolutely fabulously mesmerizing in only the way a slightly hidden shinny object suddenly catches your eye and then lingers until you're forced to inspect it more closely. Starting just beneath the faintest hint of a cravat traveling the length of his torso ran the most intoxicating alignment of thirteen black stars that could rival even the night sky. Methodically placed, each in exacting position to its brother they traveled until finally ending just beneath his navel. They were the most alluring combination of textile and pure sexuality; they were just simply perfection. Always they alluded to so much beneath but they functioned stoically, desperately trying to keep the world at bay; hoping to never have to become ever truly involved in living. In a sense they were his binding, his cold exterior kept in check and emotions so long forgotten hidden with only the strength of silken thread to call upon. How could they not be her undoing, how ever could she sit through those classes and not burn their very shape into her minds eye. It hadn't been wrong to think of running her hands over the surface of each and every one as she whimpered the sounds of her petite morde into her twisted and sex soaked sheets. And it had been only natural the day she finally broke and reached her hand across the space between them and ran her fingertips around the shape she so intently fixated upon. Perhaps it had been shock but his lack of immediate response defined the rules of this playground with absolute clarity. In reverence of the moment her eyes closed, they need not be open to see the object of her obsession as she absorbed the actual feel against her fingertips. In the swiftest of motions she slid her finger beneath his lapel and loosened his collar as suddenly she sensed he seemed to have forgotten how to breathe. Silence began to weave around them and for the time being neither could hear the sounds fighting against their tiny utopia. Breathing deeply as his need for breath finally reappeared, she watched tantalized as they rose in harmony with his chest as it pulled at the air. Beneath his adam's apple her finger paused against his skin for only the briefest of moments, his flesh would be more than she could outlive. Slowly she twisted her precious shinning beneath her fingers until she could feel his binding begin to give and quite unceremoniously his web of silk thread lost the battle and surrendered their kingdom. Clutching her prize, their eyes met long enough to know this was only the beginning but for now there were classes and the rest of the world to contend with. For now her precious prize would have to be enough, in its very simplicity it was enough to sate all her desires. To hold it now, that was more than she had ever dreamed, carefully one piece at a time she would chip away at him until she held in her hand thirteen fallen stars.