"We are all fools in love."

-Pride and Prejudice

Maddie took a deep breath as she stepped out of her car and looked out across the park grounds. The park, like so many other things, had changed. There were people scattered her and there, drinking soda, and mingling with their old co workers.

Last week she had gotten a call from Mr. Moseby, inviting her to a sort of "Tipton reunion" that he was hosting in the very park across the street from were the old hotel used to stand.She had accepted almost immediately since she was eager to see her old friends again. But now as she scanned the grounds, she felt a little nervous.

Butterflies erupted in side of her stomach as she set off across the grounds in search on the soda stand.

"Maddie!" exclaimed a familiar voice from behind her.

"Mr. Moseby!' she said, grinning as she turned to the speaker. 'It's so great to see you again!"

He walked over and gave her a hug. "I am so glad that you could make it! And all the way from Seattle too."

"Oh, well, I'm glad I could come." Said Maddie.

Mr. Moseby looked pretty much the same as ever. He had on his black suit with purple silk handkerchief, and well polished dress shoes. He did, however look a little more wrinkled around the eyes, and mouth.

"Well.' He said smiling. 'There seems to be quite a good turn out. You'll find quite a few old chums here. Let's see,' he paused thinking. 'Zack and Cody, Carey, London, Arwin…and Esteban."

Mr. Moseby seemed to be watching her closely. She smiled. "Great!' she said. 'It will be great seeing all those guys again."

Mr. Moseby smiled. "Well, then I will leave you to it!' he patted her on the back. 'The sodas are right over there, and I'm sure you'll find the others around her some where."

"Thanks' Maddie called over her shoulder as she turned to the soda stand.

Maddie felt slightly better as she stood next to the soda stand with a Pepsi in her hands.

She had talked to Mr. Moseby, and now she a soda to sip, so she didn't feel quite so lost.

Popping the lid on her drink, she scanned the park closely looking for some familiar faces. She had left the Tipton about two years before it was closed down, so there were quite a few people here, now, that she didn't know.

She wasn't quite sure why she had been so nervous. I fact, she was really looking forward to reconnecting with everyone.

She couldn't wait to see London. And Zack and Cody would be adults by now. She really missed Carey, who was like a mom to her, and Esteban…

Her stomach clenched painfully.

She had really missed them all, but none, not even London, as much as Esteban.

He had been her best friend ever since she arrived at the Tipton. They had always been there for each other. It was almost like an unspoken pact. Whenever she had a problem, he was the first one she would turn to, and vice versa.

She had, especially in the last two years, lost contact with almost every one from her old job. Except for a few emails from London, she hadn't really seen or heard from any one since Mr. Tipton's funeral.

And Maddie hadn't seen Esteban even then. He was out of the country at the time, visiting his sick grandmother, and couldn't make it.

After all these years of hardly hearing from him, Maddie couldn't wait to see him.

But why was she feeling so completely terrified of the thought?