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My name is Fahm.

I am a Wiccun from the Northern Mountains Forest of The Golden Empire.

I used to study Shamanistic magic under my uncle.

Last fall, on a day when I was strangely unable to summon the spirits of the forest, he came to me and said my parents had been killed in an accident.

He said that the things they were doing when they were killed caused a lot of people to get angry, and because of that, he would no longer be able to take care of me. I began to cry, but my uncle put his hands on my shoulders and told me to be strong. He said he had had a vision, and that in the near future I would find another who would take care of me.

That night a pair of elves I'd never seen before came and took me from my uncle.

I don't like elves.

They didn't really hurt me, but they tied my wrists, put a leash on my neck, and made stupid jokes about me.

The elves lead me out of the forest and to a human village.

In the village was a smelly human dwelling where smelly humans drank smelly spirits and ate smelly over-cooked meat. The elves told me I was now the property of the dwelling's smelly, fat owner, and that I was here to work and make partial amends for my parents debt.

The dwelling and it's fat owner made me sneeze.

I tried to get away that night, but the owner caught me. He tied me up where the humans keep their beasts, shouting all the while about how ungrateful I was, and beat me with a whip. He tried to break my tail, but a nice smelling female human made him stop.

The female human screamed at the owner until he went away.

The nice smelling lady took care of me for a long time. She gave me nice clothes to wear, helped me understand about things she wanted me to do, kept people who visited the dwelling from touching me in ways I didn't like, and with just a look, stopped the owner from hurting me when he wanted to.

One day the nice human female had to go away.

The dwelling's owner drank a lot of his spirits, then came to my room and tried to hurt me.

I tried cry out for help, but the dwelling's owner began to choke me, and I couldn't make a sound.

I can't remember what happened after that.

I don't like humans.

Except for the human female who smells nice.

When the human female who likes me found me, I hurt so much I couldn't move. She took care of me for a long time.

One day, while I was still hurt, the elves came back and took me away.

They didn't tie my wrists up, but they made me sleep in the open as we traveled, and I got sick after a storm.

The two elves finally left me with another smelly human who sold animals and stuff to other humans.

The new human never tried to hurt me, but I stayed sick, and he began to joke about skinning me for my fur in a way that scared me.

I began to think I was going to die soon.

I thought my uncle must have meant only to comfort me, and that if sickness didn't kill me, another angry human would hurt me again and I would die.

Just as I began to think about somehow ending my own life, my uncle's last words to me finally came true.

A dirty, ratty looking human female came to argue with my owner. At first she ignored me, but soon she began to argue with my owner about me.

After a while, my owner came over and said the ratty looking human female now owned me.

My new owner immediately started complaining about spending so much money on such a sickly looking thing, but her eyes told another story.

Along with real kindness, and the same genuine concern for me the nice smelling human female had, I saw a magical something in this "Ihreli" that told me in my uncles voice;

"This, is the one."


Author's Notes:

Not much to say. This story came into being in response to an RPG gaming session where Fahm and Ihreli existed as NPCs.