He knew what he was doing once.

He followed after reports of Bigfoot. He haunted the places ghosts were dais to have appeared at. He stayed up all night waiting for the werewolves. He listened for any broadcasts that could have been coming from aliens. He even dug for mentioned dinosaur bones. Everyone laughed at him, said that he was crazy. People who could have been his friends, people he could have gotten along with, stayed away from him. He believed it was because without proof, they just were scared that such things could exist. And although he never found any proof to take back to the people, he completely believed that all of this plus more was real. And It wore down on him after a while. Humans being overall social animals needed to talk to someone. He never had anyone. His family did not even agree with him. No one did. He continued, knowing that someday his efforts would pay off. Someday, he would prove to the world what he knew as fact that they believed was fantasy. He spent every waking moment over what he knew was his obsession.

He became tired. At one point, he wondered whether people denied it just because it was him. He did what he promised never to do. He made up his own concrete evidence and took that forward. He wanted to see them deny him when they knew he had evidence, even if he did not. But they did not do that. They did not even prove him wrong. He was called an official Paranormal Investigator. He took the credit quietly and tried to prove what he actually believed in, not something that he just made up. They laughed and told him to get better evidence.

He lost his grip on reality then. Not in a violent way, in fact, no one saw anything different. He called what he had been chasing after for his whole life a lie, that the things he had just recently called a hoax real. People payed attention then. The other Investigators laughed at him, as they did before, not seeing anything different. In fact, people saw him as they always did, he was the one with the changed outlook. Desperate, he clung to the false sense that what he was doing now was right. He followed clues that he would have laughed away before, searching each molecule for the evidence. He brought even the small things up to light, demanding that someone look closer at it. The laughs followed him everywhere he went.

He backed off then. He did the normal routines. He found the same amount of evidence. He just did not push it in their faces. He gathered them together, as if studying them all would connect together to make something. People slowly approached him then, to see how his opinion had changed. He gave them what he knew to be the truth. No one believed it, but it caught their attention. He stayed in that mind set, hoping it would bring better things, knowing that if his ideas were somehow getting out there, someone would come forward believing him. He even took a skool child under his wing, trying to get through to him. It did not work, but he was far past being discouraged.

There was only a path going forward.


And who did you think it was in the beginning?

I want to thank Dark enchanter, who is the only one that if you put up Bill's name while looking for a character, has a story about this strange Paranormal expert. I read Madness Sight today (which I urge you people to read) and it inspired me to do this. So, thank you Dark enchanter.