Hello! This is my first Kim Possible fic! I originally write fics about "House M.D." and about marching band, with a few odd and end stories thrown in, and this is one of my odd and end stories! I've wanted to write a Kim Possible fic for ages about Drakken and Shego, but I've always put my plot bunnies to work on other things. Normally, I don't watch cartoons, but I thought Kim Possible was interesting enough... So, this was written for a Live Journal community called Fiction Press, run by a friend of mine called Pyraterose (she is the author of Pirates In The Pantry, which is a companion to Elves In The Shower and Kender In The Closet, in case you wanted to know!). I wrote this story for the challenge on the community and I figured I might as well post it here to see what people think! This is a leap out of my world, though, and I have to warn the reader right now that I know very little about the world of Kim Possible; I just wanted to write a story about Drakken and Shego. So, this will have more than one chapter, but I don't know how long it's going to be. Please tell me what you think, though, so I can figure out what to work on for the next chapter! Thank you!


Inner Turmoil

Chapter One: You Forgot About Me

He was back to square one, like usual. His lair was an absolute mess, rock and various bits of scrap metal strewn from wall to wall from where the laser had missed it's mark and blasted into ceiling. He was lucky the entire lair hadn't collapsed. He didn't know where Shego was, or where any of his henchmen had went. All he knew was that the device had been destroyed and Kim Possible had escaped once again. Drakken sighed and muttered to himself, dropping his head into his gloved hands.

"Why is it that, every time I have a good idea, that teenage brat comes along and ruins everything? If I could only succeed one time, just one time, I would- Why, I would-"

"I was looking for you, too," said a sarcastic voice behind him. Looking up, Drakken saw Shego staring at him, hands on hips, eyes flashing. Drakken rolled his eyes.

"Oh, it's only you," he said, nearly sighing in relief, turning away from her to survey the damage one last time before he had to think of a plan to clean up.

"Only me? Only me!"

Shego's hands clenched into fists and started to glow their usual green in her fury. Drakken didn't notice her until she stomped up to him and kicked him full in the ribs. Drakken collapsed against a particularly large piece of scrap metal, sprawled across it, hardly knowing how he got there. There was a sharp throbbing where his assistant had kicked him and he winced at the pain.

"Shego, what has gotten into you?" Drakken asked, growing angry, trying to pick himself up and failing miserably at the task. He looked closely at the young woman and then realized what was different.

There was blood on her green and black outfit.

The thing that shocked him, though, were tears in her eyes.

"Shego?" he asked softly, "Shego?"

"You didn't come and find me," she hissed, fury mingling with fear. "You didn't come find me. You went to check on your precious control room, on your equipment. You didn't come find me."

"But, Shego, you-"

Drakken stopped talking after Shego's eyes rolled and fluttered shut, her lithe body falling to the floor, the green light around her hands extinguished. Panic filled his heart as he managed to pull himself up and run to where Shego lay on the cold stone. This was the first time she had done something like this, to faint, to collapse right in front of him.

"Shego!" he called out, biting his lip, taking her pulse. As he bent over her, Dr. Drakken realized that the blood on her outfit was her own.


She lay on her own bed, Dr. Drakken sitting nervously in a chair at her side. Shego had been unconscious for quite awhile, worrying Drakken as much as it relieved him. It worried him because he had never seen Shego this weak, but relieved him because she would never know he had dressed her wounds himself if he never told her.

He had never been in Shego's room before, come to think of it. Drakken looked around, curious. The room was circular, the rock walls covered in plain, green drapes where the cold seeped through the walls the most. At the far end of the room was her dresser, full of her clothes. He had never seen Shego wear anything but her usual green and black jumpsuit and, tiptoeing across the room, Drakken opened a drawer. He found it full of green tanks and black pants, black shirts and green belts. There was nothing of any other color. Just green and black.

Walking over to her vanity, Drakken picked up the comb that brushed the long dark hair he had taken for granted. Looking at her reflection in the mirror in front of him, laying in the bed so pitifully weak, Drakken realized how beautiful her hair was. He wished he could touch it, to wrap it around his fingers, but he just put the brush down and scanned over the rest of the things laying on the vanity. He saw no jewelry. Come to think of it, he had never seen her wear any jewelry, either.

Or maybe he had never noticed.

"Do you mind?"

A weak voice tried to yell at him from across the room and Drakken whipped around, startled. He saw Shego looking at him with a snarl on her face, her pale skin ghostly white in the faint light coming from the lamp on her bedside table. Dr. Drakken hurried to her side and sat down in his chair, grabbing one of her hands.

"How are you feeling, Shego?" he asked, hoping she wouldn't snap at him.

"Awful," she answered, closing her eyes and sighing. She made to touch her head, but realized he had her hand and he wasn't letting go. He had never done that before, never in all her history of being his assistant.

"You're pretty worried, huh, Dr. D?" she asked softly, trying to make out his face. Shego made to sit up, but he pushed her back down gently.

"Yeah, I was," he answered just as softly, never making eye contact with her. "This was the first time you've collapsed."

"No, not the first time," Shego said carefully, "There have been other times. I've just never told you."

"But, you always helped me pick up after the mess Kim Possible always made. You never looked-"

"You've never been here before, in my room," she interrupted. "I can tell you how many times I've come back here and collapsed. I've always taken care of myself; you don't need to do anything for me."

"No, you're wrong," Drakken said, flinching at her sharp tone she had taken with him. "You need me to help you. You need me to tell you-"

"What?" snapped Shego, trying to sit up again, yanking her hand from his scornfully. "I need you to tell me what to do, where to go? What I should say? I don't need you to tell me anything!"

"Yes, you do," Drakken said softly as he got up and walked toward the door, not wanting Shego to hurt herself anymore at his expense.

"I need you to tell me what?"

"That I'm sorry I didn't think of you first after the lab was destroyed."

Shego softened and leaned back against her headboard, looking at the green covers on her bed and wrapping her fingers around the fabric.

"Oh, I guess... I- Apology accepted."

Drakken walked out of the room, closing the door behind him softly, the three words he wanted to say to her getting stuck in his throat, his own inner turmoil pulling them back. Drakken had a lot of work ahead of him.

And a lot of choices to make.


Thank you so much for putting up with the randomness of this chapter! I wasn't even sure I was going to write another chapter or leave it as a one shot, but another chapter should be coming up in about a week or two, okay? Thanks so much for reading and please leave me some helpful critique, if possible! Thanks again!