Bloody Nightmares

By Galistar07

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Note: This is a revised version. This story is rated T for bloody violence, combat violence, a few coarse languages and minor sensualities.

Bloody Nightmares

Prologue: The Curse of the Vampire's Red Moon

"Where there is Light, there is Darkness,

Where there is Darkness, there is Light.

I sense it in his soul, I see it in his eyes,

I know it in his mind, I feel it in his heart.

Much that was once love is now gone,

For only hatred, jealousy, and darkness linger.

The moon is bathed in crimson blood,

The Beginning of Darkness…The Beginning of a Curse,

The Beginning of it all…

Blood…so much…blood. There was blood everywhere.

My hands are stained with dark, crimson blood. But they're not just anyone's blood. Although my hands are red, the blood was not of my own. No. My hands…they were stained…with the blood of my own brother. No, I didn't try to stop the bleeding at the time. I didn't try to save him. I didn't try to help him. Instead of helping my brother, I tried to kill him. Yes, I tried to kill my younger brother. My own twin.

The celestial night sky was darkened by white, wispy clouds as they blocked most of the stars, preventing them from shining in the night. With the stars out, we only had the large moon disk lighting the earth, but unlikely before, the moon was bathed in a crimson red color. It was if the moon was a giant drop of blood floating in the heaven above us, mocking the two of us while the trees whisper to each other in the night. I kneel in front of the tombstone of my deceased mother, clutching my younger brother's injured, bleeding body in my arms.

As I sat there with my brother, his blood continued to stain my hands and robes. A knife was stabbed into his chest, its blade inches away from his heart, desperately beating furiously as it tries to pump enough blood for him to survive. The pain caused him to gasp air into his desperate lungs, forcing him to cough up blood. Because my cruel action, my brother had suffered the piercing blow of my treachery. But despite all of this, it felt as though it is my heart that was the one pierced. Pierced by my own evil. My inner demon. My dark entity.

As I looked down at the pitiful form that is my brother, he smiles weakly at me. It caught me off guard instantly. Why is he smiling? I wondered. How can my twin be smiling at me after all that I had done? How could he smiled at me like that after all the terrible crimes that I had committed?

My brother coughs again and blood continued to spatter on my shirt. The coughing fits broke that previous smile of his on his face as a series of painful expressions took over. As I looked down at his now pitiful form, I wept. "I am so sorry. It's my fault. If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't be like this. I am so—"

His fingers touched my lips before I could continue. When he let go, I could see my brother stilling struggling to smile weakly at me. It continued to surprise me. After all the pain that I had caused him, he had forgiven me so easily.

"Big brother…" he said weakly, his voice barely a whisper. "It's n-not your fault. S-so p-please…don't cry."

"No! Don't talk, Ja—no, little brother, please hang on! I can't lose you!" I sobbed pathetically, but my brother kept smiling at me and touched my hand with his. Oh, how his simple gesture of forgiveness pierced my heart even more. Normally, my twin ever smiles as gently like this. It just wasn't in his character to do so, especially not around others. The only time he had ever smiled so sweetly was when we were alone, on our first birthday together after so many years of being apart. I can remember it as though it was just yesterday, but still, I can't help but knowing how much it hurts now. My brother, please don't leave me again. Not now…not after all this time. Not because of this!

For a moment, there was a deadly silence all around us, saved for the wind dancing between the whispering leaves of the dark trees. Here we are in the village's main necropolis. The castle and the village glistened silently and mildly a few miles away, but here it was dark and deathly. But we are not entirely alone. Around us were the pale ghostly figures of the dead. Among them were the sad and somber faces of my fiancée, the princess; my ancestors, including my deceased grandmother; and the poor victims who had fallen victims to my cruelty and laid dying at my feet not many days ago. The pale spirits of this graveyard whispered all around us, discussing of my evil doings in hushed whispers. I could sense their anger and their pity even though I could not hear what they're saying. Some of the faces that I knew, like my fiancée, and the queen, looked at me sadly in death. Some were being pitiful as they got closer, saying that it won't be much longer until my twin joins them. Until he goes with them, they said. As they linger a bit closer, I held my injured brother closer to me, backing away against my mother's grave.

"NO! Stay away!" I shouted at them as though my command would drive them away. It did a little, but only so. I leaned over my brother protectively to guard his spirit from their grasp. But in my heart, it knows that it will not be of any help, for it knows that these pale ghosts aren't powerful enough to lure my brother's soul to the other side of the Bridge.

My eyes darted from ghost to ghost until it rested on one that is truly not transparent. Not anymore. I can see him now. That monster, that creature, that dark entity to blame for all of our sufferings. It's that demon!

"Dusk!" I hissed coldly as though the taste of that damn name burns my tongue with its bitterness and hatred. "Dusk, you bastard! This is your doing. It's your fault! You made me hurt my own brother!" I spat.

In the crowd of the gathering spirits, one figure was dark; a sharp and violent contrast from the other pale, white ghosts. His name is Dusk, the Vampire of the Red Moon. He stepped forward and out of the crowd with a sickening smirk of satisfaction on his face even though his prey was nearly lost.

"My fault?" Dusk whispered in a cold and sickening voice that freezes my courage to nothing but stone. "No, my dear boy. If it's anyone's fault, it's yours and only yours. It was you who made the choice and went along with it. What I've done was what you agreed. And nothing you can do know can stop me. No one can. Not your little friends, and certainly not that witch of a woman who dared to call herself the Oracle." He licked his lips devilishly as he slowly glided ever so closely to us.

"No!" I cried, holding my brother's fragile form ever closer. He winced in pain from the movement, but I was too busy focusing on the approaching monster. I can't let Dusk lay a fang on him. "Don't come any closer! Stay back!" But Dusk only smiled his evil smile and laughed at my attempt to resist him. With each step he took, my heart beats faster and faster with anxiety and fear. No! I can't…I won't let him have my brother!

But it was no use. Dusk was getting closer and closer with every second and there was no place to run nor hide. I searched desperately around, but there is nowhere to go. Even if I can flee, I wouldn't be strong enough to fully carry my brother to safety. Nor can I outrun Dusk, a vampire who possesses such great feats of strength and speed and for God knows what other powers he possessed.

"The moon is now red and crimson as blood, my favorite," Dusk taunted in his horribly quiet, calm voice. "And once I drink the last drop of your precious brother's blood, my life will be secured and my power will rise to heights as you have never imagined. And no one, absolutely no one, not even that witch of an Oracle can stop me. This will truly be a night of high feasting for me."

The wind blew and whispered secrets and plea for me to escaped. As I complied, I was able to drag myself and my brother to the base of a nearby oak tree. I sat there with his near-lifeless body in my arms. This is my entire fault. I couldn't protect him. I couldn't protect my brother.

I sat there and wept, and yet, my brother was still smiling at me sadly and painfully. It only stops every time he winced from the searing pain of his injuries. I only wished that there was some way to ease his pain. As a reflex, I reached out and brushed a part of his hair from his face and ran my fingers through them as he and Mother would have done to me before.

"Little brother, I am so s-sorry," I whispered, my voice choked up through tears as they came down and brushed my cold cheeks. "I'm sorry that I couldn't protect you. I'm…I'm just not strong enough. I—"

I stopped as my brother placed a finger between my trembling lips. "It's not your fault, big brother, so p-please…d-don't cry…" his voice was so faint that I could barely hear him. "Stop blaming were blame for any of this...if it's anyone else, I'm...also...guilty as well..."

"How very touching, but I believed that his time is almost up," Dusk laughed.

I looked up to glare right into his cold, red eyes, determined not to show him my fear. My eyes were burning with venomous hatred for this demon. How I want to kill him. How I just want to run my dagger across that disgusting smiling face of his and cut the rest of his limbs apart and discard them for the dogs to eat. I wanted him gone. I wanted him to die on the spot and leave me and my brother here in peace. But that could never happen.

"Ah, can you smell it, boy?" Dusk said as he took in a whiff of the air, his voice as cold as his black heart, but I could only hold my brother closer as he approached us. He red eyes were laughing as his face displayed a sign of savage pleasure. "That's the sweet smell of fresh royal blood…and soon, it will run through my veins and I will live another century more. And it's all because of your help."

I growled viciously, curling up over my brother. "Go to hell, you bastard!"

Dusk didn't seem to notice my cursing as he continued to speak. "I must thank you for helping me for the past few weeks. Without you, I would never have achieved my goal." Dusk licked his lips like a hungry lion who's about to pounce on its prey. "Now, if you don't mind, I'll be finishing my meal."

"Fine!" said my brother, trying his hardest to sit up. It was painful doing so, I could see that he was still breathing heavily as he coughed up more drops of blood, staining not just my clothes, but his as well. But at this moment, none of us could care less.

"No, brother!" I gasped. "Please, don't move!"

But my plea did nothing as my twin gave Dusk a menacing glare in vain as an attempt to challenge him. "Do what you want with me but leave my brother out of this!"

This only gave Dusk more delight as he laughed maniacally. "Foolish boy," he replied. "I believed that you should be more concern for yourself rather than for your dear brother, as he is of no use to me anymore." He paused. "But then again…"

The vampire stopped right in front of us, bending down to run a finger through my brother's hair and pale cheek seductively. This gesture of his only infuriated me even more as I tried to shove his hand away. Dusk looked at me with those cold, red eyes of his and laughed again. They were as stone cold as the darkness that lurks in his black heart, chilling my bones and making my skin crawl. "But then again, perhaps there is something here that I could keep alive."

Suddenly, Dusk had his hands around my brother's neck. Automatically, my twin tried to pry loose his perpetrator's hands as he began to choke, coughing up a few drops of blood in the process, this time, staining the grass as well.

"Hold still, boy," Dusk hissed. "This won't take very long. Might as well say good-bye to your brother for this is the last time that you'll ever see him alive. After this, he shall become my personal slave. Now give me your blood and the Galis Star!"

I couldn't sit there and watch this demon kill my brother! I tried to pry Dusk's hands off of my brother's neck, but Dusk was just too strong for me. For only a second, he let go of one hand and knocked me away with such strength that it sent a shock into my bones. I tried to get up but couldn't as a searing pain shot up on my right ankle. To prevent any further attempts of interference, Dusk had made sure to break my ankle the seconds his hand was free. I couldn't move. I couldn't do anything. I could only lay there helpless while watching Dusk choked my brother to death.

"No! N-no, please, let him go!" I begged pathetically.

After a few moments, I continued to sob and tried to stand, but my broken ankle prevented me from doing so. Seconds ticked by as I lay there meters away helpless, watching Dusk taking pleasure in torturing us. Suddenly, he stopped choking my brother and my brother stopped trying to fight back and lay there, his body motionless.

"Brother!" I cried, terrified that he wouldn't answer me. "Please, say something!" I turned to face Dusk, but I wasn't humiliated to let him see me cry in desperation. "He's not…dead. H-he can't be dead…"

"Of course he isn't, boy. At least not yet," Dusk replied coolly. "I like to drink from my prey fresh. After all, clotted blood is entirely unappetizing. Now say good-bye forever, boy, for soon the royal blood will be mine as well as the Galis Star!"

Taking out a finger, he picked a vein that became visible as soon as both skin and nail made contact. Dusk gently ran his finger around it as he aimed in for the kill. He bent slowly, his white fangs bared, ready for digging them into my brother's exposed neck. I couldn't move, I couldn't interfer...couldn't help, I couldn't free myself and my brother from this bloody nightmare. My heart kept hoping that our friends and guardians will appear to rescue us, the way they always had, but my heart knows that it was hopeless. They are just as much victims as we are now.

I couldn't stop the fangs from sinking into my brother's throat. I couldn't stop them from stealing away his precious blood that gave him life…from killing him. I couldn't stopped this monster, the demon that I foolishly trusted, and soon I will be forced to serve him myself to atone for my sins.

I couldn't do anything.

Suddenly, there was a nudge between my fingers. My hand touches something cold and smooth in the grooves of the tree. It was a handle of a sword, finely forged in silver, its handle shaped like a wolf's head. A silver wolf—Lobo! This sword…it was a gift from him, planted here for us to find? To fight with? It sounded like something that he would do.

But then's too late now. Dusk stood up triumphantly while my brother had already stopped breathing...My brother…my twin…he's gone.

I'm sorry, brother…

I'm so sorry…

But I'd rather die than become a slave to the Darkness…

I'm sorry for the confusion, but I tried to clear things up and straightening this story from now on. Please enjoy.