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Bloody Nightmares

Chapter 32: The Kimi Code Part I

"Kouji, what are you doing?" Kouichi asked. After his twin quietly dragged him away from the others, Kouichi was at a loss in what was going on. "What are we doing here? I thought that we were going with Takuya and the others."

"Sorry, Nii-chan," said Kouji, shaking his head apologetically. "But I have more important things to do right now."

"Like what?"

Kouji looked over his shoulders as if afraid of being overheard. Then, taking out the old photo in his pocket, Kouji said in a lowered voice, "I have to find her, Nii-san. If I don't, I am going to go insane. I know it sounds crazy but I have to know what happen to this girl. I have to find out where she is right now."

"It's about your dreams, isn't it?" Kouichi asked. "Kouji, if what you said is true, then all of this is in the past. I know that you like her as more than a friend back then but that was history. Why do you suddenly care to know about her now?"

Kouji thought carefully before answering his twin: "Because she was the only person who understood me."

Kouichi looked at the photo and saw how happy the two children were. Kouichi couldn't help but think that the girl looks a lot like Kimi. However, he reminded himself that it's probably impossible as Kimi is a princess and based from Takashi and Masaki's stories, she would have been living in Lusteria years ago while Kouji was still here in Japan. Not to mention that Kouji's dream told him that this girl's first name ended with the syllable "chi" while Kimi's ended with "mi".

They have to be different people, but it was such a strange coincidence that Chi has some similar features as Kimi and Kyochi. It was as if they were triplets rather than twins.

"What about Kimi?" Kouichi asked. "Aren't you worried about her after what happened yesterday? What if Dusk attacks her again?"

"He won't," said a voice beneath them.

Kouji and Kouichi turned to see Lobo and Löwe coming up to them. Lobo was doing most of the walking while Löwe sat patiently on his friend's back.

"Dusk isn't foolish enough to attack in broad daylight," Lobo repeated. "Vampires like him loath the sunlight as it weakens their dark powers and can kill them."

"Even if today was cloudy, Dusk wouldn't risk attacking the princess, not with too many people around her," Löwe explained. "Discretion is one of Dusk's specialties and he wouldn't risk it now just to get what he wants. If he is still determined, he would have waited patiently until night time as well as for the right opportunity to strike."

Kouichi still felt a little bit skeptical. "So you're saying that we should leave her with the others? I don't know about this…"

"She's in good hands," Löwe reassured his master. "Remember your first encounter with her? She isn't your ordinary helpless, little princess. She's safe for now."

"So what should we do?" Kouichi asked.

Lobo paused for a moment to consider the boy's question before answering. "For now, I believe we should find out what happened to Chi." Glancing at Kouji, Lobo continued, "If there's one thing I've these past few centuries is that you should never ignore a repeating dream."

Löwe nodded in agreement. "Dreams are often used as messages by the cosmic forces in order to tell us vital information."

"So you think Kouji's dreams are trying to tell us something?" Kouichi asked.

"More than that," Lobo answered. "I believe that your dreams are telling you something that has to do with this situation that we're in. We may not know how, but I'm willing to bet that there is a connection between all of you and Dusk with that little girl."

"She may be the key in defeating him for good," Löwe exclaimed. Suddenly, he realized something. "This girl in your dreams, Kouji…" he began, "…she may be one of the people who inherited a portion of the Galis Star!"

"If that's true," Kouichi began slowly, "then that means that we have a new mission."

After Kimi's escape from her window, Takuya and his friends raced to the front door.

"C'mon, we can still catch her if we hurry," said Takuya as he and his friends struggle to put on their shoes.

"How can one girl give us so much trouble?" Junpei questioned, accidentally knocking Takuya to the side because there wasn't enough space for them at the doorway. "Seriously? Why are we going through all this trouble for her when she clearly ditched us twice?"

"Because I said so!" Izumi snapped, shooting him an annoyed look. "Look, Junpei! We already agreed that we are not giving up on telling her our side of the story and make her see reason. Especially not without a fight. If you wanna give up right now, then you might as well walk out the door like a coward!"

Junpei gave Izumi a hurt look and when he couldn't find any words to object, he complied by putting his shoes on tighter.

Glancing over his shoulders, Tomoki noticed that Takashi and Masaki weren't in a rush with them. "Hey, aren't you guys coming?" he asked. "I mean, Kimi is your friend, isn't she? Why aren't you going after her?"

"We are," Takashi objected. "But knowing Kimi, I'd rather not have her kick me in the shin if I did catch up to her." When Takuya and his friends gave him a weird look, Takashi raised up both of his arms and said, "Hey, if she can pin Takuya down with kitchen knives, she can totally kick your asses if she gets the chance."

"What kind of a princess is she?!" Takuya demanded. "You're telling me that Lusterian royalties have private training in combat?"

Before Takashi could answer him, Masaki jumped in and said, "I do have a way in locating where Kimi is and where she could be heading."

"How?" Junpei asked. "Last I checked, she was heading towards the busy part of Tokyo, the largest city in the world. If we don't catch up to her now, how are we going to find out where she is in such a large place? It's like finding a specific leaf in a forest!"

"We do it with this," said Masaki, pulling out some sort of device from his backpack that looks almost like an iPad but with touch pen. Turning it on, Masaki explained, "I gave Kimi a new iPhone 4 for her birthday a few months ago, but I also did some modification to it before I gave it to her."

"Okay…" Takuya said as if he's following the boy's explanation but has no idea where he was going with it. "So what if she has an iPhone? We all practically have one, too." He pulled out his own iPhone 4 to prove his statement.

"You don't get it," said Takashi. "Masaki's here is really good with technology and gadgets."

"I added a tracer to Kimi's phone," Masaki said simply. He was still dotting and touching the glowing screen of his pad without looking up at the others. "With this device I created, I think I can locate Kim and find out where she is in this city via satellite. If we're lucky that she has her iPhone in her pocket, I might be able to find her. But there is a catch…I have to go online. Give me a second to connect to Kyochi's internet…"

There was a blip and Masaki smiled with satisfaction. "Found her! It' looks like she's heading for some sort of park north of here."

"Great, let's go find her," said Takuya.

"No wait," Izumi interrupted. "If Kimi sees all of us together, she'll just run again. We'll probably need to approach her in a smaller group."

"Izumi's right," said Masaki. "We'll go into groups of two."

"I'm with Izumi!" Takashi said, raising his hand. "If Kimi sees a familiar face like me, she'll cooperate." Turning to Izumi, Akashi said, "Plus, it'll give us a chance to get to know each other better, beautiful."

Izumi rolled her eyes and gave a small laugh. Junpei and Takuya, on the other hand were annoyed with the red-head's flirting and were about to object when Izumi shook her head.

"How about this instead?" Izumi began to propose. "Junpei will go with Tomoki and you stick with Masaki. I'll go with Takuya."

Before Takashi could complain, Masaki said, "Okay, give me all of your iPhones, you guys. I'm going to add in both of mine and Takashi's contact number in case we need to stay in touch."

The train finally stopped and the announcer called the name of the district. Once the doors slide open, two boys with identical faces quickly stepped off the train followed by an albino German Shepherd that looked more like an arctic wolf and a small black cat.

Once the four of them exited the train station, the younger of the two boys pulled out a small sheet of paper and what appears to be a small map of the area. Taking a quick look around, he gestured his identical companion and the two pets to follow him down a streets.

After turning around a few corners, Kouichi finally asked, "Kouji, where are we?"

Kouji stopped and pointed at a huge house with a green tiled roof and said, "Dad and I used to live there a few years back. This is the old neighborhood that we used to live in around the same time I met Chi."

"So this neighborhood is our first starting point," Lobo clarified.

Kouji nodded. "First, we need to find the place where I first met her. This way."

Kouji took them down several more turns. Kouichi's feet were starting to ache and he began to wonder if they were going in circles. At last, Kouji stopped in front of him when he noticed something. Kouichi turned to look where his brother was gazing and saw a huge space. Based from some of the less than visible paint on the grass, Kouichi could guess that this used to be a baseball field. Now, there was a little shop with a "CLOSED" sign hanging in the window.

"This was it," Kouji muttered. He stepped onto the grass field and picked up a dirty and tattered baseball. Most of it was brown and covered in dirt but Kouji didn't notice.

"This was where I first met Chi," Kouji said. "She was passing by here when she was bullied by those older kids."

"If this is the place, then where's the park you told us about?" Löwe asked. "It should be nearby, right?"

Kouji nodded and pointed to his left. "Yeah, I believe it's this way." Once again, he led all of them down the streets.

By the time they finally arrived, Kouji blinked in surprise to see how much it has changed. Unlike the baseball field, the park was still there but the old swing sets and the jungle gyms were gone, replaced by new ones. Several mothers were sitting at the park benches while their children chased each other on the playset.

Seeing his brother standing so still, Kouichi placed one hand on his brother's shoulder and asked, "Kouji, what's wrong? Is this the right park?"

Kouji didn't answer him. Ignoring the children playing in front of him, Kouji looked around and walked towards a bush and a tree behind a statue of a penguin. Placing his hand against it, Kouji sighed to himself.

"At least these are still here," he muttered beneath his breath.

"Do you feel anything?" Lobo asked under his breath.

Kouji looked down and gave the white dog a small smile. "Nothing much," he said. "It's just that one of my recent dreams showed me this exact same tree and bushes." When Lobo gave him a confused look, Kouji snickered and said, "Before you ask, I only remember this spot as a hiding place between her and me back then."

"Did your dream showed you what you or her were hiding?" Lobo asked.

Kouji nodded. "A sparrow."

"A sparrow?" Löwe asked, confused.

"Yeah, apparently Chi found it and decided to take care of it back then. She showed it to me and we hid it in this bush where it would have been safe while we were playing."

"And what happened after that?"

Sighing, Kouji shook his head. "I'm not sure. I remember taking it to the vet with her in secret."

Lobo and Löwe looked at each other.

"So now our next clue is to look for this vet place," Kouichi said.

Kouji nodded. "I can't remember where that place is anymore. All I know is that it was somewhere in this district."

Suddenly, a rubber blue ball rolled up at their feet. Kouichi picked it up and turned to see a toddler clapping his hand for it while sitting in his mother's lap from across the park. "Let's find out, shall we?" he said.

They all walked towards the woman with the toddler and Kouichi gave her the ball back.

"Arigato," said the mother as her toddler squealed with delight as her ball was returned.

Kouichi smiled back and said, "Excuse me, but we're looking for a vet. Our pets need medical check-up. Do you know if there is one nearby?"

For the second time in a row, Kimi is running away from Takuya and his friends. At first, she was heading towards the park where they all met yesterday but then she stopped. The park is too predictable. If they found her there yesterday after the earthquake, then they'll find her again today. Plus, Kimi had a strange feeling that whatever happened to her yesterday wasn't something pleasant and thinking about it was making her skin crawl.

Kimi reached into the pocket of her skirt and pulled out an iPhone 4 that Masaki gave to her for her 15th birthday a few months earlier. It's been a while since she last used it, but she had to admit to herself that it'll come in handy. Like getting directions around this damn city. First of all, the park is out of the question…so she'll have to go somewhere where they'll least expects her to go. But it also has to be somewhere full of people where she can blend in easily. Suddenly, the shopping district came to her mind.

Using her hands, Kimi slide her fingers over the screen and drew the device closer to her lips. "Where is the nearest shopping district from here?"

The iPhone gave two clicks before a female voice replied, "I FOUND TWO SHOPPING DISTRICTS CLOSEST TO YOUR CURRENT LOCATION."

Kimi selected the top one without a thought and it showed her the direction to get there. Smiling, she turned left and headed towards her new direction.

"Okay, Masaki said she was heading here, but I don't see her anywhere," said Takuya.

Izumi scanned the park with one hand shading her green eyes from the sun. "Keep looking," she said. "This is a huge park. She could still be around here somewhere."

"Let's try calling Masaki again," Takuya suggested. Taking out his iPhone, Takuya only heard it rang once before Masaki's voice was on the line.

"Takuya, I was just about to call you guys," said Masaki on the other end of the line. "Kimi's direction just changed. She's not in the park anymore."

"Don't tell me that she saw us," said Takuya.

"No, I'm guessing she probably realized that that's the park where we met up yesterday and decided to avoid it," Masaki replied, switching his phone to speaker. With his hands now free, Masaki continue to scan through his pad's screen. The screen produced a digital map of the entire city. So far, he traced Takuya's and Izumi's position at the south end of the park via the signal coming from their phones while Junpei's and Tomoki's were at the east end. Takashi was sitting next to him with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face.

"So now where is she?" Izumi asked.

"Um…it looks like she's heading for the shopping district in Shibuya," said Masaki.

"Okay, so she decided to go shopping again," Takuya shrugged. Placing the iPhone away in his pocket, Takuya turned to Izumi and said, "C'mon, let's get moving. Since you know the shops there more than I do, you might spot Kimi better than I could."

Izumi turned to look at the direction of her family restaurant and said, "Um…why don't you go on ahead, Takuya. I'll catch up to you later."

Takuya gave her a look of disbelief and was about to object when Izumi cut him off.

"It's my cousin, Rosalina, remember?" Izumi said. "She's covering for me back at the restaurant. I have to drop in for a little bit to check up on her." Izumi felt a little guilty for saying it, because after what happened that morning, causing more frustration and grief for her friend was the last thing that she wanted to do. Izumi held her breath quietly and hoped that Takuya would understand.

Takuya sighed because Izumi's sudden decision to leave was just another leave of surprise like Kimi, Kyochi, and the twins today. "Fine, meet me in front of that photo-shooting place you've always talked about in an hour."

Izumi smiled and let out a sigh of relief. "Thanks, I promise I'll be back." And with that, she sprinted for the restaurant.

"One order risotto, two lobsters, and four scallops for table twenty-four!" Romano Orimoto cried as he speed read the ticket order.

"Risotto going in!" cried one chef at the appetizer station.

"Firing two lobsters, Chef!" said another chef to Romano.

"We're almost out of scallops, Chef!" said the third chef on the fish station.

Romano sighed and said, "Izumi, where are those scallops you've been shucking for the past half an hour?"

His daughter didn't answer and Romano was about to come over to her station when she slammed two more plates of uncooked scallops at the fish station. Romano shook his head and wondered if placing his daughter in kitchen duty was a bad idea for her punishment. The last thing he needed was to have another kitchen accident.

"She's still not talking to us?" said Teresa.

Romano turned to look at his wife and shook his head. Sometimes he hated this part of his job as a father and a husband. "No, she's still furious at from this morning. When she said that she's never talking to us again, she's definitely trying to keep her word."

Teresa nodded sadly. She had hoped that what she was doing was the right thing, but her rebellious daughter doesn't agree and is taking out her full frustration on not just her and her husband but on the rest of the kitchen staff as well.

"Do you think we should have left her go off with her friends?" Romano asked.

Teresa hesitated before answering, "N-no! That Kanbara boy has brought nothing but trouble to this restaurant. It's best that we keep Izumi away from him and the others for now until things calm down. The last thing our spoiled daughter needs is for us to bend to her demand."

"Even if it means dealing with her sour attitude for weeks?" Romano asked.

Teresa didn't answer that question but instead asked one of her own. "Romano, where is Rosalina?"

"She said that she was upstairs sleeping off from het jet lag," her husband replied. The he frowned. "Come to think of it, when she told us that, she doesn't sound tired at all."

"I'm sure she's just resting rather than sleeping," said Teresa. "Why don't I go check up on her right now?"

"Good idea," said Romano, picking up a plate of fresh lasagna and gave it to his wife. "Here," he offered, "give her some lunch to eat. You know how airplane food taste during a long flight."

Just when Teresa was about to take the plate, Rosalina immediately ran to grab it out of her uncle's hand and raced upstairs to Izumi's room. Surprised and furious, Teresa ran after her, thinking that the girl who had been shucking scallops was still her daughter and not her niece in disguise.

"Izumi, what do you think you're doing?" Teresa cried. She knocked on the door but it didn't open.

Pressing her right ear against the door, Teresa heard some shuffling sound and a muffled voice before Rosalina opened it and gave her a surprised smile.

"Zia Teresa," she said. "Is there something wrong?"

Teresa sighed and shook her head. "I'm sorry, Rosalina, did I wake you?"

"Um…no, I wasn't sleeping. I was just reading some magazine," Rosalina lied.

"Is Izumi in there, I would like to talk to her about her behavior," Teresa pressed the door but Rosalina held it firm in order to prevent her from coming in.

"Um…yeah, Izumi just came in with lunch, but she said that she's still not talking to you and Uncle," Rosalina winced. "If you want, I could talk to her and try to get her to come downstairs again. I guess she wants to have lunch with me."

Teresa sighed. "Izumi, I expect you to be downstairs in ten minutes. You're still not leaving this restaurant, young lady!"

There was no answer but Rosalina tilted her head back towards her room. From the expression on her face, Teresa guessed that Izumi was trying to signal and gesture to her niece and to tell her own mother to get lost.

"Yeah, I think Izumi's trying to say that she'll be downstairs so hold your horses," said Rosalina. "I'm just quote what she's gesturing, Auntie."

"Fine," Teresa sighed and left. By the time she got downstairs, she remembered that her niece's hands smelled strongly of rancid fishy scallops and decided that it must have been from coming into contact with Izumi's hands.

Once Teresa was gone, Rosalina closed the door and sighed to herself. Staring at the plate of lasagna, she quickly dove right in and thought, Izumi, you better get back here! I don't know how long I can keep fooling them.

"Does it taste nice?" said a voice behind her.

Rosalina jumped and laughed when she saw her cousin standing behind her.

"Finally, you're back!" Rosalina said between mouthfuls. Swallowing her last bite, she wiped her mouth and said, "Do you have any idea how suspicious your parents are right now?"

"Relax, I came back for now, right?" Izumi said. "I did promise that I'll drop by every few hours to stop them from suspecting us."

"So how did your mission go?" Rosalina asked.

"Awful!" Izumi replied.

Rosalina winced. "Ouch. So where's that cute brown-hair boy?"

"Takuya? He's waiting for me in Shinjuku," Izumi said.

"So while you're shopping and hanging out in Shinjuku, I'm stuck here shucking clams and scallops," Rosalina stated, rolling her eyes humorously. "Why do I get the feeling that I'm being used?"

"Please, Rosalina, something happened and now Takuya and I and the others are looking for this girl," Izumi pleaded. "I promise that I'll make it up to you somehow."

"Hey, so long as you don't tell your parents that I ran away myself, we're even," Rosalina laughed. "C'mon let's switch clothes again and put on another act for your parents."

Kimi finally slowed to a walk after running for a mile and a half and finally ended up in the shopping and fashion section of Shinjuku. After running for a while, she began to pant and realized how hungry she was.

"Urgh, I guess I should have eaten Kyochi's breakfast this morning," she said to herself.

Suddenly, a sweet and tasty aroma hit her and Kimi turned to see a small cart selling food. The delicious smells beckons and Kimi found herself running towards it. It small food cart stand was selling what appeared to be grilled meat and vegetable shish kabobs and the vendor was a plump middle-age old woman counting changes.

When she noticed Kimi standing there, she said, "What'll be?"

Kimi couldn't help and grabbed one as her stomach grumbled. "I'll take one of everything, please."

Pleased with the order, the vendor cheerfully said, "That'll be one thousand, one hundred and seventy-eight yens."

Kimi was about to reach into her pocket when she realized that she had no Japanese currency on her. "Um…I…don't…have any money?" she said sheepishly.

Furious that she wasn't getting any profit from this girl, the vendor snatched the shish kabob from her. "Then what good are you to me?!" she spat.

Disappointed, Kimi strolled off. "There has got to be some place for me to eat without paying."

Kimi immediately thought of Takashi's house or even Masaki's as their family would love to welcome her as a guest, but then if she goes there, then Takuya and his friends would find out where she is. In truth, Kimi never really needed money as she always had other people taking care of her. Every day of her life was of people attending to her every need from morning to night. While she had been craving for her own independence, Kimi still needed some time getting used to how the world outside her palace works.

Strolling across the streets, Kimi paused and looked up to see giant posters of a fashion model. The labels stated that her name was Rumiko Makino and that she was modeling for some sort of fashion industry. When Kimi saw the name, she scoffed.

"Huh, not as good as Terrwyn's designs," she whispered to herself.

Placing both hands on her hips, Kimi took a look at herself in a reflective glass next to the posters. One of the things that she loved about Takashi's mother's custom clothes for is the fact that they made her blend in with the regular public while staying unique to herself. In truth, she usually detested royal tailor's designs for her family because they just seemed so stereotypical. Being different and unique was what she liked best.

Staring back at the poster, Kimi began to wonder what it would be like for her to be a model. Sure, the attentions from the public is just as big if not bigger, but Kimi preferred getting attention for something that you work hard for, not something of royal lineage.

Kimi was just about to continue down the street when the door of a photo shooting building opened in front of her. An angry fashion model stomped out and pushed Kimi out of her path.

"Out of my way!" she screamed.

Furious, Kimi was just about to grab the girl's wrist and throw her with a judo move that her maternal grandfather taught her when suddenly a man came out of the building.

"Koko-chan! Wait!" he cried. "We can work this out! Just come back to the shoot."

"I told you, I quit!" Koko snapped, turning around the face the man. "You were supposed to be my agent, but you're always ignoring me! It's always, always, always about Rumiko-san. You always give my slot to her!"

"Honey, I promised that I'll change!" Koko's agent cried.

"NO! I have enough of your false promises," Koko said, knocking his hands away from her. "You promised me a photo shot for the teen magazine, but you just gave my slot to Rumiko-san's daughter. That little Ruki brat doesn't know anything about the fashion world. She's a tomboy for God's sake!"

"But Rumiko's an old friend and I was only doing her a few favors and—"

"Shut up! No more excuses," Koko screamed. She tore off her hat and glittering hair pins and shoved them at her agent. "Read my lips, you're fired and I quit!"

Kimi and the distraught agent watched as Koko stormed off. "Looks like she won't be getting a new contract anytime soon," Kimi said to no one in particular.

"Yeah, you can say that again," said a new voice behind her.

Kimi turned around a saw a girl her age wearing a ridiculously frilly pink dress and a hat. Her hair was somewhat streaked and her face shows how uncomfortable she was wearing the stupid attire. Kimi felt a little sympathy for her.

"Nice dress," Kimi said sarcastically.

The girl scowled. "Shut up."

Kimi smirked and said, "What's the matter? Rough time in that tent of a dress? Seems to me, you're itching to bolt out of here like her."

"Wow, so you're psychic, too?" the girl stated coldly.

"I don't have to be to see that you're being forced to do something you don't like."

"What do you know?" the girl snapped. "You know nothing about me."

"And you know nothing about me either."

Before their discussion was about to get more heated, a woman and a man came out of the building. The woman looked familiar and Kimi realized that she was the same model on the posters; Rumiko Makino.

The older woman spotted the fiery-headed girl and frowned, "Ruki-chan, what are you doing out here? I thought I told you to wait inside."

The girl, whose name is apparently Ruki, scorned. "And I thought I told you that I don't want to do this stupid photo shoot, Mom."

"Ruki, is that any way to behave?" said her mother. "You'll never know unless you try. Now you march right back in there and wait for me."

"Whatever," said Ruki with a hint of dread.

"And who's this?" Rumiko asked.

Ruki turned to see her mother eyeing Kimi. "Don't know and don't care," she began.

"My gosh, darling," said the man next to Rumiko. "Where did you get those clothes? They are simply marvelous!"

"From Terrwyn Atsuko," Kimi replied plainly. "Now will you excuse me, I'd better be leaving—"

"Did you say Terrwyn Atsuko?" Rumiko exclaimed surprisingly. "The famous fashion designer?!"

"That explains it," said the man next to her excitedly. He walked up to Kimi and examined the fabric of her top and her gold necklace. "Only she could design something as lovely as this."

"Hey, hands off!" Kimi knocked his arms off and glared at him.

Ignoring her aggressive behavior, the man continued to smile. "But I am curious, this dress hasn't been released in the market yet, so how did you get it?"

"She designed it for me, alright?" Kimi replied, getting a little bit annoyed. "Now will you stop bugging me?"

"Atsuko-sama designed just for you?" he exclaimed, getting more excited. "Well, isn't that fabulous? If it is custom designed then you clearly know a thing or two about fashion."

"I know, why don't we have the two of you together for the photo shoot?" Rumiko suggested.

Kimi and Ruki gave each other surprised looks. "What?!"

"That is a marvelous idea, Rumiko-chan!" said the man, clapping his hands together like a giddy little girl. "Oh, it will just be fabulous with two beautiful girls as stars posing for the camera. The magazine publisher will just love it!"

"But…" both girls were about to object but the man interrupted them.

"I'm Rumiko's agent, and what's your name, dear?"

"Kimi Watsuki, but I don't think—" Kimi began but was, once again, cut short.

"Well, Kimi-chan," he cheered. "Today you and Ruki-chan are going to be stars!"

And the next thing Kimi and Ruki knew, both Rumiko and her agent pushed them passed the doors and into the changing room for the photos shoot.

Author's note: Another crossover but this time with Ruki from Digimon Tamers. Part of this chapter was inspired from the episode where Ruki was forced to wear a frilly dress at a photo shoot where her super-model mom hoped to get her to be more girly. I always wondered what she and Kimi would do in each others' company as they do share similar personalities.

Note: This story will be going on hiatus for now because I need to figure out how this story is going to end, plus, my life is about to get really busy since I'm going to start on my Master's Program at the university. This means that I'll have less time to work on this story. But rest assure that it will get done sooner or later.