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Bloody Nightmares

Chapter 33: The Kimi Code Part II

"Why if it's isn't little Kouji-kun. Oh, perhaps I shouldn't say little anymore," said the old vet when he saw Kouji and Kouichi in his waiting room. "It's been years since I've last seen you around these parts of town. How have you been, my boy?"

"Fine, sensei," said Kouji. "This is Kouichi, my brother."

"What's that? Brother?" the old man squinted through his glasses for a better look. "My, you certainly look the same…by God! You'd never mentioned that you have a twin, Koji-kun."

"It's a long story, sir," Kouichi replied sheepishly.

The old vet laughed and shook the boy's hand. "I'm Dr. Joseph Sato. So what can I do for you? Are you here for a check-up for your pets? Or would you like to have your dog neutered?" Lobo's ears bent and he instantly recoiled.

"No, I'm here to ask you something private," said Kouji.

Dr. Sato stroke his white beard and nodded. His office was empty for now and since he doesn't have another appointment for the day, he gestured them into this office.

Once inside, Dr. Sato sat down and said, "So what is it that you are here for, my boy?"

Kouji took out the photo of him and Chi and gave it to the old vet. Dr. Sato sighed from old age as he adjusted his glasses to see the photo better.

"Ah, I remember her," he smiled. "She used to come in here with you when the two of you wanted me to fix your little sparrow."

"Really?" Kouji asked, trying his best not to show his excitement, although it was getting obvious. "Do you remember her name?"

"I think her grandparents called her Kimchi," said the old vet. Kouji gave him a blank look while his brother tried his best to smother his sudden burst of laughter. If Dr. Sato noticed, he didn't say anything. "I believe the reason was because she absolutely love that dish. After all, her grandmother made the best dish of kimchi around this neighborhood. Whenever her grandchild visits, she would make them."

"Do you know where she lives?" Kouji asked hopefully. "Does…Kimchi…still lives around here?"

"In truth, I haven't seen her since she was eleven years old," Dr. Sato said, shaking his head. "She stopped coming here for years. But if you still want to know her whereabouts, you could ask her grandparents themselves."

"Her grandparents?"

"Yes, the Tairas," said the vet. "They live down the road about a block from here. Taira-san still visit me whenever her cat needs a check-up. You can ask her and husband where their granddaughter is."

"That was more than an hour," said Takuya when Izumi ran up to him at their meeting place. "I was about to leave and join the others in the Kimi Code Chase without you."

"Sorry, but my parents aren't taking their eyes off of me," said Izumi. "I had to come up with another excuse to go up to my room and switch with Rosalina again and…wait, what did you just say?" Izumi blinked.

"The Kimi Code," said Takuya. "Yeah, Masaki came up with it while you were gone. He called it Operation: Kimi Code. At least it's better than what Takashi came up with." Takuya snickered as he thought about it.

"What did red-head boy wanted to call this operation, Mr. Goggle-head?" Izumi laughed and crossed her arms.

"Operation: Save My Sweetheart!"

They both burst into laughing fits.

"Are you serious?" Izumi asked, wiping the tears from her eyes.

"Why don't you ask him yourself?" Takuya laughed. He was later interrupted by a phone ring. "Hello?" he said.

"Takuya," said Masaki's voice. "I've found Kimi again. It looks like her signal is coming from a local fashion district of Shinjuku. Junpei and Tomoki have already started searching the north side. If Izumi's back, tell her that you two should check the other side."

"Right, thanks for the update, buddy," Takuya replied. Turning to his blond friend, he smiled. "So, ready to go to your favorite district?"

"Only if we get to go window shopping, too!" Izumi giggled.

"Not a chance."

"Not a chance!" Kimi scowled, standing her ground. "I refuse to go through this."

"Darling, don't be silly!" the fashion designer insisted. "All girls your age love to be stars. You'll both be on the cover of our latest magazine and every girl in this city will envy you. They'll want to be you!"

"You have no right to address me in such an informal manner!" Kimi retorted. "Nor do you have any right to force me to wear your ridiculous clothing line against my will." Glancing over at Ruki, she added, "Or her, for all that matter."

Ruki secretly smiled to herself. She hates to admit it, but she took this new girl with the long, wavy blue hair wrong. This Kimi really can see through all this pathetic sissy show her mother is forcing her into. I wonder if she can convince my mom to see that this is a lost cause.

"For your information, little lady," the young designer scoffed. "I am a highly respectable fashion designer and I demand to be treated as such!"

"Yeah? Well for your information, I don't respect anyone who forces girls like me or that Ruki girl into wearing the types of clothes you and your kind prefers," Kimi retorted and Ruki laughed. "You adults are all the same. You think you can force your sense of style and what you think would befit girls our age onto us. We never asked for this so stay out of it!"

"Why you ungrateful, bratty, little—"

"Touch me and I shall introduce you into a world of hurt," Kimi warned cooly.

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" a new voice bellowed. All three heads turned to see a young man with blue eyes and silver hair standing with arms folded.

"Riku-san!" said the young designer.

"Himawari, why don't you take the day off?" the man named Ruki suggested, pointing out the door. "I'll handle them."

"Riku, you have no idea what these two girls are like!" Himawari insisted, glaring at Kimi the most and she did not bother to acknowledge her in return. "They have no sense of respect, manner, nor do they have any proper knowledge of the essence of being a fashionable girl in this blasted city."

"Himawari, I know that you're stressing out right now and I insist that you take the day off."

The woman sighed with frustration and nodded. Once she left the building, Riku turned back his attention on them.

"Don't even think about it, Riku-kun," Ruki began. "I don't care if you are in charge here. You can't make us wear those ridiculous frilly dresses!"

"If you as so much put me in those clothes, I will swear to make your life into a living hell," Kimi warned.

"I wouldn't dream of doing so, princess," Riku smirked. Kimi froze when she heard him addressing her as princess. For a moment, she thought, How could he have known? But then she thought better. No, he couldn't have known about me being the Princess of Lusteria. It was just another nickname like the one Kouji gave her.

"What do you mean? Explain yourself," Kimi asked.

"Real fashion isn't about wearing what everyone else is wearing," he said. He went over to the racks and began to file through the dresses and clothing line. "True fashion is about wearing what makes you comfortable. It's about showing the world your sense of style in your own way and inspiring others. And trust me, you two ladies are anything but the fru-fru and frilly kinds that Ruki's mother and Himawari think you are."

Both girls exchanged looks of confusion, unsure of what they were hearing. It was as if heaven have decided to bless them by sending in someone who finally understood them in terms of attires. "What are you suggesting?" Kimi asked cautiously.

Riku chuckled and handed her a new outfit he picked from the rack. She looked down at it and seeing nothing girlish about it, she smiled. "I'd thought you might like it. For some reason, you strike me as the European type…either French or Lusterian?"

Kimi nodded. Riku went back to the rack and finally found something and gave it to Ruki. "And as for the tomboy, I'm sure you would be more comfortable in these rather than that silly dress you're wearing."

"Thank you for putting me out of my misery," Ruki laughed and Kimi couldn't help but giggled.

"Well, now that you're both satisfied with my choices, I'll leave you ladies alone to change," Riku said as he headed for the door. "I'll see you in front of the cameras later."

Left alone in the changing room, Ruki quickly got out of her frilly dress.

"You're really going along with this photo shoot?" Kimi asked. "I'd thought you would hate it."

"I do hate it," Ruki replied, putting on the Capri-jeans, metal-chained boots, and red top that says Whatcha looking at, punk? "But this time I get to be myself in front of the camera instead of the girly-girl that my mom's trying to force on me."

"You'd love to make her miserable?" Kimi asked.

"Not really, I just want to make a point to her that if she really wants me in front of the camera like her, then she can't expect me to do it the way she wants it," Ruki stated. "She has to know that this," she gestured to herself now wearing the tomboyish outfit, "is who I am, and not that sweet, cute little girl in a frilly dress!"

"I envy you, Ruki," Kimi sighed.

"Oh, really?" Interested, Ruki's eyebrow perked up. "How so? You think having a mom who expects you to be girly and a super star model like her is lucky?"

"Trust me, if you were in my shoe, you would consider your current life luckier," Kimi explained. "Let's just say that my dad's really important in politics, and being his daughter, everyone is always scrutinizing me every single day. They expect too much from me."

"You mean you can't wear what you want all of the time? Or go anywhere you please?"

"No and especially not without bodyguards," Kimi seethed through her teeth.

"Don't you have any friends?" Ruki asked, thinking of hers including Takato, Ryo, and the others.

"When you're the daughter of a du—I mean a politician," Kimi stopped herself, almost saying duke, "you don't have any close friends. I only have my brother, but he's too busy working. He doesn't have a lot of time for me. All the other kids are just using me, I know it!" Thinking of Takuya and his friends, Kimi threw the outfit onto the ground furiously. "A few of them tried to get close to me for their own gain these past few days. They don't want to be my friends at all, only the benefit of being seen with me because of my father's position! That's why I ran away!"

"So that's why you were standing in front of this studio?"

"Yes, I was trying to get rid of them," Kimi sighed. Suddenly, she shot Ruki a weary glare.

At first Ruki wasn't sure what this girl's problem was, but then laughed. "What? You think I would be so shallow as those fake-friends of yours? Forget it, I couldn't care less if you were the Princess of Lusteria herself!"

Kimi gave her a confused look, not even sure where this was going. She glanced at the door and Ruki followed her gaze.

"Girl, if you want to leave, be my guest because I won't stop you," Ruki said. "But if you're trying to ditch your bodyguards and all of those people who are driving you crazy, you can take a chance to blend in as a model with me by putting on that outfit."

Ruki picked up the outfit and gave it to Kimi. "Trust me, Kimi. I think I know what it's like to try and run away to find peace of mind. And it took me awhile to realize who my real friends are. I don't care who you are, but I think you got spunk and attitude and I like that. So, you wanna go out there and model with me like the bad girls we are?"

Kimi didn't know what to say but she recognized this tomboy's genuine gesture of kindness and she like it. Kimi laughed and accepted the outfit.

"Are you sure about this?" Kouichi asked.

"I told you, Nii-san," Kouji nodded. "I'm determined to find out where Kimchi is or else my dreams will continue to haunt me."

"It looked like this is the place," Lobo said, glancing at the huge Japanese style mansion in front of them. "I can sense an air of tranquility here."

"A very nice change in mood after all that's been happening to us," Lowe noted.

Kouji ignored them and rang the doorbell and a female voice rang in through the inter-com a few seconds later. "Hello, who is this?"

"My name is Kouji Minamoto and this is my brother, Kouichi Kimura," Kouji replied. "We're here to see the Tairas. I must speak to them about something important."

The voice paused for a moment before replying, "Lord Taira isn't here today, but his wife and I are. You may come in through the gate and join us for tea."

The estate was huge and beautiful in a serene way. The manor may not be as large as Clairebourne Manor, but it was certainly bigger than the twins' father's home. Based on the design of the house and the breathtaking zen-garden, the two brothers and their Guardians could only assumed that whoever lives here love the traditional culture of Japan.

Finally, they all arrived at the front door and saw an elderly woman trimming a small bonsai. She looked up at them in surprised, "Oh, company?"

"Hai, Taira-dono," the older twin bowed respectfully. "I am Kouichi Kimura and this is my brother, Kouji Minamoto."

The elderly woman smiled. "I am Kohane Taira. It is lovely to have guests around here. My husband and I do get lonely here at times since we don't get to see our grandchildren that often."

"Apologies for disturbing you, but my brother is here to ask you some questions about someone."

"Of course, I'll be happy to help you," said Mrs. Taira.

Kouji took out the photo and handed to her. "Do you know this girl?"

Mrs. Taira took the photo gently and squinted at it through her old eyes. She gasped, "Oh, my. It's my little Kimchi-chan. My dear boy, where did you get this picture?"

"I'm the boy in that photo with her," Kouji replied. "I'm looking for her."

Before the elderly woman could reply, the door opened and a young, teenage girl's voice spoke from behind them.

"I think I can help you," she said. "Why don't we invite them in, Grandma?"

Kouichi and Kouji stared at her in surprise for the girl was around their age and she looked almost like the girl in the photo but older and more tomboyish.

"Kimchi?" Kouji asked.

"I'm telling you, the signal is coming from that direction," Masaki insisted on Takuya's iPhone.

"Masaki, we don't see her," Takuya complained.

Izumi continued to scan the area, but it was quite difficult in the shopping district since there were millions of people. "It's like finding a single leaf in a forest full of them!"

"Don't worry, according to my scans, Kimi is currently in front of you only twenty-five meters away," Masaki said. He guided them towards a building that appeared to be part of a fashion magazine company. "Right there! Now my scanners say that she's only a few feet to your right."

"We don't see her, Masaki," Izumi said, grabbing Takuya's phone. "The only people here are shoppers and photographers."

"You don't think she's inside this building, do you?" Takuya asked. He was looking at the giant photo of Ruki's mother and realized that they were at a photo shooting studio.

"We'll, I have to admit, that was fun," Ruki said with satisfaction. Thanks to Kimi's idea, both girls weren't wearing frilly, sissy, dresses. Much to her mother's displeasure, Ruki felt more comfortable in front of the camera and she and Kimi tried to promote the "tomboy" styles with their sense of fashion. "Well, not much the photo shooting part," Ruki stated when she noticed Kimi giving her a smirk, "but I do enjoy making my mom crazy by not going with her idea of being fashionable girls."

Kimi wasn't listening to her. Something suddenly caught her attention at the corner of her right eye. She turned towards the window to the outside and saw…Takuya and Izumi.

"Damn it!" she swore.

"Hey, what is it?" Ruki asked.

"Sorry, but I have to leave immediately," Kimi replied. "Is there a back door?"

"Takuya, only models and photographers are allowed in," Izumi noted, shaking her head. "If you wanna get in, you have to have a special pass as a guest. There's no way she's in there."

"Yeah, well according to Masaki-kun," Takuya smirked. "The signal coming from Kimi's iPhone says that she's in here somehow."

"Fine, we'll go in and ask and then you'll see that I'm right," Izumi shrugged.

They both walked into the building and were greeted by a receptionist. The woman seemed to be bored out of her mind because she was paying too much attention on texting to her friends.

"Excuse me?" Izumi said.

"Hello, and welcome, honorable guests," replied the receptionist. "Are you the two o' clocks?"

"Excuse me?" Izumi asked, confused.

"It says here on my list that there are going to be two teenagers for the two o' clock appointment for the photo shoot. You're both here for that, right?"

"Oh, sorry, no," Takuya replied. "We didn't make an appointment."

"If you have no business here then please leave the building," the receptionist replied rudely.

"Look, we're just here looking for our friend," Izumi explained, trying not to pay attention to the woman's rudeness. "Her name's Kimi Watsuki. She's a girl about our age with long blue, wavy hair and blue eyes—"

"And with a snobbish attitude, right?" the woman finished Izumi's sentence before she could finish while still texting.

"No way! She's really here?!"

"Ha, told ya so!" Takuya gloated, but Izumi decided to ignore him.

"Yeah, she's somewhere in the back."

"C'mon, let's go!" Izumi cried and pulled Takuya behind her.

They both passed through doubled-doors and came upon a tall man. His name tag said "Riku" and he looked down at them with a pair of combs in one hand.

"Can I help you?" He asked, crossing his arms.

"Yeah, um…we're looking for our friend, a girl named Kimi about this yay high," Takuya gestured, holding up a hand to symbolize whatever he was talking about. "She's around our age with blue eyes, dark blue wavy hair, and kinda hot looking—"

"Ahem!" Izumi cleared her throat. Takuya laughed sheepishly, feeling embarrassed.

"What my friend is trying to say is, a friend of ours came through here. Have you seen her?" Izumi explained.

"In the back," Riku rolled his eyes, shaking his head. "But I don't think you should—HEY!"

Takuya and Izumi took their chance and ran for the door into the dressing room. Instead of finding Kimi, they found another angry girl with brown hair in a punk-ish outfit consisted of jeans and a leather jacket with chains.

"So where is she?" Izumi asked.

"Don't tell me she ditched us again," Takuya complained.

"If you two are done bickering like a married couple, I suggest you get out or I will throw you across the room," Ruki sneered, folding her arms in annoyance.

Before Izumi could retort to her rude comment, she noticed the back door swinging slightly. She ran to open it and noticed a figure with dark wavy hair turning a corner at the street.

"She's gone!" Izumi cried.

"Oh, not again!" Takuya shook his head. "How the hell did she know we were coming?"

"It doesn't matter, let's just keep going!" Izumi insisted, dragging Takuya out of the back door and leaving Ruki alone in the dressing room.

Riku opened the door and looked around. "What happened to all of your friends?" he asked.

Ruki shook her head and shrugged. "Beats me."

Author's Note: It's been over a year since I've last updated this story. Sorry, but my life has been going around a turn lately. Not only that, but I've found myself unmotivated to continue this story. With no more Digimon seasons, I haven't been compelled to draw or write anything Digimon related. So this will be the last full chapter. However, this doesn't mean that I'm stopping. I'd hate to leave you all hanging so in the next chapter, I will write a full synopsis telling what will happened to the characters for the rest of this story. This way, you'll know what will happen and I can finally bring this fan fic to an end.