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Bloody Nightmares

Chapter 34: The Kimi Code Part III

Kimi was out of breath again but she kept running and she hated it. One moment, she was enjoying herself with that Ruki girl and the next thing she knew, she heard voices. When she saw that Takuya and Izumi had stumbled into the photo shooting studio, Kimi knew that it was time for her to escape once again.

"Urgh, why can't they just leave me alone?" she demanded to herself. She turned another corner and looked around. People were walking pass her, not paying any attention. Suddenly, she heard voices again.

"I think she went this way!" said Takuya.

"Are you sure?" Izumi asked.

"Positive! We'll catch up to her in no time!" Takuya grinned.

Curses! Kimi thought. "No, they're getting closer!"

Kimi looked around frantically. She needed another place to hide…someplace that no one will go into…yes! Kimi spotted a shop with dark windows to her right. It was closed but the door was unlocked. Not bothering to wonder why, Kimi ducked inside quickly and hid beneath a tablecloth. Peeping through a small slit in the fabric, Kimi could see Takuya and Izumi through the shop's window as they looked around.

"Where did she go? Dammit!" Takuya swore.

"I thought you said that you were sure, Takuya!" Izumi complained.

"Yeah, of which direction she was going," Takuya replied. "But now she disappeared again. C'mon, Kimi couldn't have gotten far. Let's keep going."

Kimi didn't realize that she was holding her breath until she was sure that those two were out of sight.

Slowly, she crawled out from under the table and looked around. The entire place was dark save for a few dimly lit lamps at a soda bar. There were tables and chairs everywhere, and Kimi realized that she was in a deserted restaurant. And not just any restaurant…there was a small stage with a piano and a mic! It looks like one of those restaurant where they can hire a band for live music!

Kimi sighed and slowly made her way towards the piano. Her fingers were itching and she played a few simple notes as she began to think to herself. It looks like she'll be staying here until the coast is clear enough for her to sneak back home before Kyochi returns from the hospital.

Why can't they leave me alone? She thought, striking the C, D, and A keys. She thought about Ruki, the girl she met at the photo shoot. They were having so much fun being themselves and for once Kimi felt what it was like to have a friend who shares the same philosophy as her. Before Kimi left, Ruki had talked to her about her friends named Takato and how annoying he was. They she told Kimi about a boy named Ryo who reminded her of Kouji. If Kimi didn't know any better, Ruki might actually like this Ryo boy enough. For a short hour, Kimi felt that she could be free to be her new self as Kimi Watsuki rather than Kimberly Clairebourne. Things were going great until Kimi saw Takuya and that Orimoto girl talking to the receptionist.

As Kimi sat alone in the empty restaurant, she began to wonder about Takuya and his friends and why they were so persistent. Why couldn't they understand that she wants nothing to do with them after yesterday?

Suddenly, she began to think of her brother and Takashi and Masaki and wondered if they were being coerced by Takuya and his friends as well. Why can't those kids like her for who she is rather than trying to know her because of her heritage? Thinking about it all was giving her a headache. Not wanting another one, Kimi decided to calm herself by humming a tune. The quiet humming slowly transitioned itself into words as she sang to herself. Kimi had always liked singing, but for some reason her hateful Lusterian grandmother finds it improper. Music was too passionate for a lady, she claimed and Kimi knew that she couldn't sing or play the piano much back in Lusteria, especially whenever her grandmother's around. But here, in this lonely, empty restaurant thousands of miles away from the Royal Crystal Palace, Kimi felt that there was no one to stop her. She was wrong.

Kimi was unaware that there are currently two people in the restaurant but they were both upstairs arguing about their plans that night. An older girl named Yoshino Fujieda was having a discussion with the owner, an old friend of hers and it looks like he's panicking as he shuffles through the list of phone numbers.

"Darn it!" he cried, turning the phone off after ending the conversation. "That's the seventh singer who can't make it here already!"

"Calm down, Suzuki-san," Yoshino said. "I'm sure we'll figure something out for tonight."

Suzuki looked up at her, his hands still shaking from anxiety. "How can I calm down? The restaurant will open again in less than an hour! And we already advertized about having a great performance tonight! Oh, why did that Neon boy had to drop out on us at the last minute?!"

"I'm sure that Hitoshi has his reasons," Yoshino suggested. Her childhood friend, Hitoshi Hanamura, stage name "Neon" is currently a famous pop-singer and he was supposed to be performing tonight with Yoshino at the piano. Being his best friend since they were kids, Yoshino was able to book a private gig with him for another friend's business, hoping that his performance will attract younger customers. Unfortunately, Hitoshi called earlier that day, telling her that something came up and he couldn't perform. Yoshino and Suzuki had been on the phone all morning trying to look for a replacement. As bad luck would have it, none of them could make it.

"I'm ruined, Yoshino!" the man cried, grabbing his hair. "I'll be the laughing stock of this whole plaza and no one will ever eat at my place again!"

"Oh, come on, don't talk like that," Yoshino assured him. "At least you still have me."

Suzuki sighed and gave her a defeated smile. "You're an angel and a reliable friend, Yoshi-chan, but without a singer, I'm afraid we won't be as a big hit as I hoped."

"I could call in Masaru-kun and Tohma-kun," Yoshino suggested. "Maybe they could help."

"I don't know, Yoshi-chan," Suzuki pondered. "Those two boys don't exactly get along so much…I mean all they do is argue. And can any one of them really hold a tune?"

"Well, what exactly do you have in mind?"

"I need someone with natural talent," Suzuki said. "Someone who can hold a tune like…" he paused for a bit, trying to find an example. For some reason he couldn't, especially not with that music coming from downstairs. Yoshino was the first to notice it.

"..Kono mama ja dame nan da to…

"Tomadoi kizutsuki

"Dare nimo uchiakezu ni

"Nayandeta sore mo mou…"

Yoshino smiled. "You mean a tune like that?"

Suzuki nodded and then realized that the sing was sweet-sounding and it was really close.

"What's going on?" Suzuki got up, knocking his chair over.

"I think there's someone downstairs," Yoshino pointed out. "Did you forget to lock the door again?"

Yoshino and the owner quickly but quietly rushed downstairs and sure enough, they saw Kimi sitting at the piano playing while singing. Kimi didn't seemed to notice them as her back was turned and she was too concentrated on her singing.

"Ari no mama no sugata misery no yo

"Ari no mama no jibun ni naru ro

"Nanimo kowakunai—"

Yoshino and Suzuki exchanged looks and knew instantly that they have found their replacement. They both clapped in awe. The applaud, naturally, woke Kimi up from her daze and she stopped singing. She turned around to see them with an expression of shock on her face. She gasped and got up quickly, trying to bolt for the door but Yoshino stopped her.

"Wait!" Yoshino cried, grabbing Kimi's wrist. "Don't go! Sorry, we didn't mean to startle you."

"Let go!" Kimi said, snatching her arm away. "What do you want with me?"

"Nothing really," Yoshino explained. "We were just talking upstairs and suddenly we heard someone singing and then we found you here."

Kimi lowered her head to stare down at her new boots. Her old clothes were left behind at the photo shooting studio after her last escape. "Sorry, I shouldn't have come in here."

"But we're glad that you did!" the owner beamed, coming closer to shake Kimi's hand. "My name is Takeshi Suzuki, the owner of this restaurant and café. And this is my friend and pianist, Yoshino Fujieda. I have never heard such a lovely song before."

"Your song," Yoshino complimented, "It's such a beautiful ballad. Where did you learn to sing like that?"

Kimi blinked, unsure how to answer at first. "I supposed I always knew how."

"What is your name?"

"Watsuki…Kimi Watsuki," Kimi replied carefully.

"Well, Kimi-chan," the older girl smiled. "Would you like to perform with me later?"

Kimi blinked, clearly confused. "What?"

Suzuki cleared his throat. "We're holding a live performance later today but Yoshino's friend canceled on us and now we don't have a singer until you came in."

"It must be a sign because you walked in here," Yoshino explained. "We would be honored if you could sing a few songs today."

"I…I…don't know," Kimi replied, hesitantly. "I shouldn't be here, I don't think it's a good idea for me to be singing in front of people."

Kimi was about to turn around and walk out of here and the two people were about to beg her again until another sound erupted. Kimi blushed and realize that her stomach was grumbling. She hasn't eaten all day and she was starving. Quite ironically, she's currently in a restaurant.

Yoshino and Suzuki laughed and decided to offer her a deal.

"Looks like someone's hungry. How about this?" Suzuki offered her his hand and guided her to a table. "If you agree to sing a few songs for us, we'll give you a few free meals. You can have anything you want on the menu."

"What do you say, Watsuki-chan?" Yoshino asked again, hoping that the younger girl would agree.

Kimi thought for a moment and decided it was not such a bad idea. At last she could just be herself and people wouldn't know about her background. She'll be hidden in a crowd and Takuya and his friends will never find her here. Plus the offer of food was enticing.

Kimi nodded. "Do you serve kimchi here?"

Kouji couldn't stop staring at the dark hair girl who's now serving him and his brother tea. They and their Guardian Knights have been invited into the Taira's mansion and are currently sitting in a traditional Japanese styled living room, waiting for the master of the house to return. His wife, the elderly woman whose name is Kohane Taira, is sitting across from them on the other side of the table. She was looking through an old family album filled with black-and-white photos as well as the colored ones.

When they were walking in, Lobo whispered to Lowë, "I don't understand. I thought Kimchi's last name was Kishimoto, not Taira."

"I know, this entire mystery is getting more confusing," Löwe agreed. "Do you think that's really her? Kouji can't take his eyes off of that girl."

"Only one way to find out," Kouichi whispered. Turning to the girl in front of them, he smiled when she offered him some tea. Her hair was wavy like Kimi's, but until hers it was shorten into a bobcut at chin-level and she has a red streak on one side.

"So tell me your names again?" said the girl, smiling.

Kouji didn't answer, unsure of what to say. It looks like it was up to Kouichi to break the silence as he cleared his throat. "My name is Kouichi Kimura and this is my brother, Kouji Minamoto."

"Twins?" the girl asked. The boys nodded. "Why do you have different last names?"

"Our parents divorced," Kouichi stated.

"You're…not surprised?" Kouji asked, finally speaking up. He was hoping that she would say something like, "I thought you told me that you're an only child, Kouji."

She didn't. Instead, she just nodded to one side. "Should I be surprised?"

"You're…not the one in the photo, are you?" Kouichi asked, pointing to Kouji's photo which is currently lying in front of Kohane Taira as she took out another photo and placed it next to each other. The photo she took out was also of "Kimchi" Kishimoto, but she's wearing a different frilly dress.

The girl shook her head. "I'm sorry but I'm not Kimchi-chan," she gave Kouji an apologetic look. "My name is Kimie Kishimoto and the girl that you're looking for based from this photo," she grabbed Kouji's photo and her grandmother's photo, "…is my cousin. We used to call her Kimchi-chan because that was her favorite dish."

Kouji sighed with great disappointment. Of course it's not her! Kouji thought angrily to himself. I should have known it.

"If you're not Kimchi, then why do you look like her?" he demanded.

"My hair? I copied it from her since we were little. Although, I haven't seen her in a long time, especially now that she's living in this city and—"

The last part of the sentence made Kouji widen his eyes. He slammed his hands on the table, startling Kimie.

"She's here in Tokyo? Where? What's her real name?!" he demanded.

"You really want to know, don't you?" Kimie asked hesitantly. "Why? Is she that important to you?"

The look in Kouji's eyes tells her all and she smiled. "Very well, then. My cousin's real name is Ki—"

"THAT'S ENOUGH, KIMIE!" a voice boomed behind her. They gasped and turned around to see an elderly man walking in. He was wearing a traditional Japanese martial art outfit, the entire thing in black. His white beard contrasted against it nicely, making him appeared like a grand master. Kouichi could tell that this man has aged gracefully, since there was a wedding photo of him and his wife on the wall to their left. Kouji, on the other hand, felt as though he had seen an image of this man somewhere before…but where?

"Anata!" Kohane gasped. "We didn't hear you come in."

"Grandpa!" Kimie blinked, then bowed to him respectfully before glancing at the twins. "This is Kouji and Kouichi. They're here looking for Cousin Ki—"

"I said that's enough, Kimie! You are NOT to say her name out loud in front of these boys," the old man warned. Kimie gulped and nodded.

The old man scrutinized the twins, mostly at Kouji. Kouichi glanced nervously at Lobo and Löwe as the tension in the air thickened. Kouji, undaunted by the intimidating presence of this man, returned the glare.

The old man pointed his walking cane at him, "I want you and your brother to leave. Don't ever show your faces around this neighborhood again and stop looking for my granddaughter."

"But dear, please be reasonable," his wife assured him. "I'm sure that these boys don't mean our family any harm."

"That's what they all say, and I am not taking any chances," the old man snapped harshly and turned around to leave. "Please let yourselves out and take your photo with you."


The old man stopped but he didn't turn around. "What did you say?" he asked.

Kouji glared at the old man and stood his ground. "I won't stop looking for Kimchi. You know where she is, don't you? Tell me! I need to find her!"

The old man turned around, the expression in his eyes was dangerously cold. "You will stay away from her, do you hear me, boy?! I will not have a teenage brat like you snooping around here and disturbing my family. Now leave or I'll throw you out!"

Kouji clenched his fists, turning his knuckles white in the process. "No, I am not leaving until you tell me where Kimchi is! You know something about her and I want to know wha—"

Kouji didn't get to finish his threat when the old man swiftly turned around and grabbed one of his arms and threw him across the room. The move was very graceful and poetic like an Aikido master.

"Kouji!" Kouichi cried, running over to his twin to check if he's alright. Lobo and Löwe were right by his side instantly and the white dog instantly growled at the old man. Kouji didn't hit his head since the room was huge, but what's an even bigger surprise was the unexpected throw.

"What the…?" Kouji held his spinning head, trying to clear his vision. Once it was cleared, Kouji looked up at the old man and realized something. That move. I know that move! He thought. He could just kick himself for not recognizing the old man earlier.

"Wait…you're…Kyosuke Kishimoto aren't you?" Kouji stated. The old man intensified his glare, confirming that Kouji was right as he got up to his feet.

"Kouji, who is Kyosuke Kishimoto?" his twin asked.

"He's the legendary master who perfected over twenty different styles of martial arts, including Kendo," Kouji stated. "Even my Kendo sensei trained under him once. I'd never thought I would be thrown by the master himself let alone find out that he's Kimchi's grandfather."

"Hmph! You're a clever brat, I'll admit," Kyosuke commented.

"I…I don't understand," Kouichi stuttered. "Why would the Kishimoto change their names to Taira?"

"You two know too much!" Kyosuke stated. He went over to his wife and took one of the photos out of her hands and gave it to Kouji. It was his photo that he brought with him. "Leave now! This is my last warning. Don't ever show your faces around here again!"

"No, I don't care if you're the great Kyosuke. You know something about Kimchi and I need to find her." Looking down at the photo sadly, his voice began to quiver, which was unlike him at all. "She's important to me…my first real friend. I need to find her before I go mad."

Kyosuke studied the younger twin again and sighed. This time, his tone didn't seem so harsh, but he does sound tired and sad. "I sense that you have a very noble heart, little boy, but the answer is still no. Now leave with your brother and your two animals."

Not wanting to make the situation worse, Kouichi quickly grabbed his twin's arm and dragged him out after bowing to the family respectfully.

"I'm so sorry, Kouji," Kouichi apologized once they were outside. "But I don't think he'll ever tell us anything about your first love."

Kouji looked down at his photo. The two kids looked so happy playing together. The sweetness of her face in the picture is making him dread the fact that perhaps, he'll never see her again.

"I…I'm at a dead end," Kouji muttered helplessly. Turning to his Guardian Knight and his brother, Kouji sighed sadly. "What am I going to do? I'll never find her now."

Lobo and Kouichi gave each other looks that was filled with helplessness. They both hate seeing Kouji this way and they hate it even more knowing that they can't help him.

"I'm so sorry, Kouji," Kouichi repeated. Placing his hands on his twins shoulder, the older brother did his best to comfort him. "I'm sorry that things didn't turn out the way you hoped. But maybe it's for the best to leave things in the past."

"But Nii-san, what if the dreams don't stop?" Kouji replied sadly. "I can't stop thinking about her…"

"My cousin's really that important to you, isn't she?" said a familiar voice behind them.

The two brothers and their Guardian Knights turned around quickly, realizing that they let their guard down. Once they realize it was just Kimie, they relaxed.

"What are you doing here?" Kouji demanded. "Didn't your grandfather tell you to stay away from us?"

Kimie shook her head, smiling. "He told me not to tell you my cousin's real name. But that doesn't mean that I still can't help you find her."

Kouji blinked, surprised at the girl's offer to help him and for a quick moment, his heart was light again. At the same time, he didn't want to hope too much, not what just happened to him earlier.

Kimie gave him a piece of paper and said, "Listen, I can't tell you Kimchi-chan's real name but I hope that this would help."

"What is it?" Kouichi asked.

Kouji opened up the letter and realize it's an address to…

"A cemetery?"

Kimie nodded. "To a very specific tombstone. In two days, my cousin will be there bringing flowers to that very spot around noon. If you're lucky, you can catch her there."

Kouji didn't know what to say. This was exactly what he's been looking for since the haunting dreams and now he's that much closer into finding his first love.

"I shouldn't be here," Kimie said. "I have to get back. Good luck."

"Wait!" Kouji spoke, grabbing her hand before she could leave. Kouji gulped, hoping not to chock on his words this time as he said, "T-thanks. For everything."

Kimie smiled and said, "You're in love with her, aren't you?"

Kouji blushed and instantly let Kimie go, making her and his brother giggled. "Don't worry, I won't say anything. But it's good to know that there's someone out there who still cares for my cousin this much, especially someone who stood up against my grandfather."

"Takuya, we've been going around in circles for over an hour already!" Izumi complained.

Takuya sighed. "Well, it's not my fault since we're depending on Masaki's guidance system. Does that kid even know what he's doing?"

"I'm sure he's trying his best," Izumi shrugged. "But I'm more concern with you."

Takuya stopped and turned around to face her, an eyebrow arched up. "What does that mean?"

"You've been saying that you know where you're going but so far, we haven't even caught up to Kimi yet. I'm starting to think this is a lost clause with you in the lead."

"Well if you're so sure of yourself, then why don't you take the lead?" Takuya snapped.

"Maybe I should!" Izumi retorted, getting all defensive again since Takuya is starting to annoy her like the old days. Suddenly, Izumi's stomach growled. "Darn it!"

"Don't tell me you're hungry again," Takuya laughed. Suddenly, his stomach growled, too. They both gave each other looks of disbelief before bursting into laughter.

"How about we both take a quick break for lunch?" Takuya offered.

"It's already ten past five, Takuya," Izumi noted. "How about pre-dinner instead?"

"Okay, a quick break and then we'll resume our search. So where do you want to eat?"

Izumi looked around the shopping plaza and noticed a large crowd going in and out of a restaurant-café. It was the one that they passed by about two hours earlier when it was still closed. From the looks of it, a lot of kids and teenagers are having a great time. Not only that, but there was a sweet sound of music and a cheering crowd.

"I'd never noticed this restaurant before," Takuya commented. Glancing at Izumi, he said, "So you wanna give this place a try?"

Izumi nodded. "Sure, why not?"

The inside of the café was crowded, alright. Most of the tables and eating booths were filled up and the soda bar was packed. But the most crowded place was near the stage. There were so many people standing and cheering, that Takuya and Izumi couldn't see the pianist and the singer.

A waitress smiled and greeted them respectfully before showing them to a table by the window and handing them their menus.

While waiting for their food to come out, Takuya laughed sheepishly… "Hey, just to be clear, we're not on a date, right?"

Izumi blushed and shook her head furiously. "Of course not! We're just two hungry people trying to grab something to eat! Oh, gosh, if my parents see me with you, they're going to ground me to infinity."

"Hey, so what's the deal with your parents this morning?" Takuya asked. "I mean they never had any problems with me before, especially since I've already caused them a few accidents."

Izumi sighed sadly. "I don't know. Yesterday they were fine with us hanging out, too, even after Rinaldo's murder…but after that…" Izumi trailed off.

Takuya blinked and suddenly realized something, "You don't think it was that earthquake that finally broke the camel's back, do you?"

"I guess so. My parents freaked out when I got home last night."

"Hey, you're not the only one, Izumi-chan," Takuya reassured her. "My dad started giving me the third degree when I got back."

Izumi nodded. Right, Takuya's dad is a homicidal investigator. "Your dad was interrogating you? Why?"

"Because of Dusk's attack on Ami and on Rinaldo," Takuya folded his arms. "You know what? This is all Dusk's fault! Because of him, our parents are starting to become aware of the connection between us and the victims."

Takuya sighed, unsure what to say himself but without knowing it, he instantly reached out and grabbed her hands. "Hey, don't worry. Maybe things will turn out okay in the end. Who knows? We'll find a way to convince your parents to change their minds."

Izumi looked up at him, looking a bit unsure. "How? Look at us sitting here. If we can't convince Kimi then how are we going to convince my parents?"

"C'mon, where is the Izumi in our group who's always determined to help others? You're the one who suggested that we get through to Kimi in the first place and now you're having doubts?"

Izumi laughed a little bit. "You're right. I guess I was just scared and…after what's been happening to me…to us, I'm just worried. I guess all the anxiety is finally catching up to me now that I'm sitting here waiting for our food."

"Well don't be because once we're full, we're gonna plan our next move!" Takuya reassured him.

At that moment, the waitress brought out their dishes and bowed before leaving. They both gobbled down their sustenance with gusto.

"Wow, I have no idea that this place has just a great atmosphere!" Takuya complimented. "I never knew that kimchi could taste this good."

"Oh, come on! You wouldn't even try any new dishes when you're at my place!" Izumi teased.

"Well, you gotta admit that they're doing a pretty good job—"

Wrong thing to say because Izumi was giving him a sour look since her family's restaurant is currently getting a bad reputation due to the recent murder.

"I mean the entertainment!" Takuya corrected himself. "I mean live music isn't such a bad idea."

"Tomadoi kizutsuki

"Dare nimo uchiakezu ni

"Nayandeta sore mo mou…"

Takuya and Izumi finished their meal and started to notice the singing more and more. They turned their attention towards the crowd listening and cheering near the stage.

"I gotta admit, that is some voice!" said a boy to his friend. "Right, Yuu-kun?"

"I guess, even my sister isn't that great in singing a ballad," the boy, Yuu admitted to himself. "Don't tell Nene I said that, Tagiru-kun."

The boy, Tagiru, grinned. "My lips are sealed."

Next to them, two older boys were watching their friend on the piano. One of them was shouting at the top of his lungs. "You go, Yoshino!"

"Masaru, this isn't really a rock concert, you know," said a boy with blond hair. Oddly enough, Takuya and Izumi noticed that his voice sounded a lot of their friend, Kouichi. Creepy.

"Oh, come on, show our friend some sign of support, Tohma," Masaru glared. "You're such a stick in the mud."

The blond teen, Tohma shrugged. "I will admit that I was getting worried about Yoshino-san at first. I'm glad that she found a talented replacement at the last minute. I have never heard someone singing like that…"

"Hey, did you catch the singer's name?" Masaru asked.

Izumi wanted to get up and move closer until she notice that Takuya was staring at her bag. "What?"

"Um, Izumi…your bag is glowing." Takuya pointed at her bag and sure enough, he was right! Both of their eyes widen as Izumi quickly opened it to find one of the bracelets glowing.

"Isn't that…?" Takuya asked hesitantly.

Izumi nodded. "It's the same bracelet I told you about!"

Suddenly, a thin blue line of light emitted from the bracelet and went straight towards the stage. Takuya and Izumi panicked at first as the latter quickly stuffed the glowing bracelet into her bag so that no one can see it. The light was still beaming through the bag's fabric and pointed straight towards the stage. To their surprise, no one seemed to notice the light. They realized that Kaze must have put a spell on these bracelets so that only Takuya and Izumi could see the glow.

They paid for their meal and quickly made their way towards the stage, but first they had to get through the crowd. The singing stopped and the people clapped. At that moment, the owner, Suzuki walked towards the stage with a microphone in his hand. "Ladies and gentleman, please give another warm applaud to our performers. Yoshino-san on the piano!"

Takuya and Izumi were almost at the front until Takuya's iPhone rang. Takuya sighed and picked it up. "What is it Masaki? This has better be important."

"Of course it's important!" cried the boy genius on the other side of the line. "I've been trying to get in touch with you and Izumi for half an hour!"

"Sorry, I guess there was no signal where we were sitting in a few moments ago," Takuya said.

"Whatever. Anyway, my screen says that Kimi is two meters in front of you. Are you talking to her right now?"

"Wait what?!" Izumi blinked.

"And give it up for our singer, Kimi Watsuki-san!" Suzuki smiled and the crowds around them burst into a bigger applaud.

Takuya and Izumi eyed each other in surprise. "WHAT?!"

"You mean to tell me that she was a few feet from us this entire time?!"

Takuya hung up the phone and quickly pushed himself towards the front, much to a few people's disgruntling. Sure enough, Kimi was standing on stage as she bowed. She looked up and suddenly noticed Takuya and Izumi staring at her. She froze and didn't take any notice of Yoshino standing next to her and congratulating her.

"Found you, Kimi!" Takuya cried.

"Fantastico! I didn't know that you could sing!" Izumi beamed.

Kimi gasped, surprised to see that they had caught her in the act. Desperately, she scanned the room for an exit and spotted a backdoor behind the bar. Without any more hesitation, she bolted for the door, leaving Yoshino, Suzuki, and the audiences confused.

"Kimi, wait! What's wrong?" Yoshino cried.

"What's the matter with her?" Suzuki asked, clearly puzzled himself.

"After her!" Takuya exclaimed, trying to catch her arm but missed.

"Kimi, come back!" Izumi pleaded. "We just want to talk!"

"You can't run away like this forever!"

Kimi tried her best to ignore them as she pushed her way towards the exit. The door led her to a back alley that leads to a few other alleys. It was like a maze but Kimi didn't have time to ponder about this as she randomly picked a route and ran.

How did they find me? Kimi thought as she took several random turns. Suddenly, a thought hit her. Kimi stopped to catch her breath and took out her iPhone 4, the one that Masaki-kun gave to her for her birthday a few months ago. Even in the dimmed light of the evening, Kimi spot something and peeled it off to see what's under it…it looked like a tracer! A very thin tracer hidden on the back! There was no doubt in her mind that Masaki put it there. He's been helping the others tracking her all day!

That little brat! Kimi thought furiously. She threw the phone onto the ground and made a quick dash for the crowded street. Masaki and most likely Takashi as well have betrayed her. Why can't any one of them leave her be? Her life was just too confusing and when she finally found a few moments to discover herself, those kids show up! What do they want with her? Why can't they be a bit more respectful to her privacy like—

"Ah!" Kimi cried, bumping into someone. She had been so busy trying to get away that she wasn't paying attention to where she's going.

"Hey, watch it!" cried a voice.

Kimi was about to retort when she realized that she heard this angry tone before. She looked up to see Kouji Minamoto. Apparently, he was a bit surprised to see her, too, once he realize who he had just bumped into.

"Kouji! Are you alright?" Kouichi helped his brother up and turned to offer her a hand. He gave a small bow to her respectfully.

"Princess? What the hell are you doing here?" Kouji asked curiously. "Shouldn't you be at home with your brother?"

"What about you?" Kimi asked. "Why are you here? I thought you guys have other important things to do."

"Hey, I asked you first," Kouji pointed out.

Before they could get into another argument, Kouichi decided to interrupt them by changing the topic. "Kimi-san, you don't look so good. Are you alright?"

Kouji observed Kimi and nodded. "Yeah, you looked like you've seen a ghost…"

Suddenly, the twins realized that it's already dark and Kimi's alone. They gave each other knowing looks because they suddenly remembered that Dusk was still at large. Lobo and Löwe quickly sent out their senses to see if Dusk was nearby. After what he did yesterday, they were not taking any chances in leaving Kimi alone again. So far, they sensed nothing.

Cautiously, Kouji grabbed Kimi by the arm so that she wouldn't run away and asked her, "Kimi, what were you running from? Is something chasing you?"

"Your friends, who else?" Kimi replied. "I've been trying to get away from them all day but that boy with the goggles and the blond girl kept finding me! Why can't your stupid friends just leave me alone?"

"Hey, they're my friends and they're not stupid," Kouji defended them. "If anyone's having problems around here, it's you, Kimi."

"What does that mean?" Kimi asked wearily.

"You're running away from Takuya and the others!" Kouji pointed out. "Why?"

"Because your friends are manipulative and are only interested in me for personal gain!"

"Liar!" Kouji snapped, causing his own brother and Kimi to hold their breaths.

"What did you call me?"

"You heard me, princess," Kouji confirmed. "You're lying. You don't think Takuya and the others are like that. Deep down, you're afraid because you're being thrust into the outside world beyond your castle too quickly and after what happened to you yesterday—"

"Kouji, stop!" Kouichi interrupted, pulling his brother aside. "Don't remind her about Dusk's attack on her yesterday. She'll freak."

"Don't worry, Nii-san, I won't," Kouji reassured his twin.

"What?" Kimi asked, her voice trembling a bit. Kouji looked up and knew that he was getting to her. "What do you mean by after that earthquake?"

Kouichi relaxed, knowing that Kimi still didn't remember her encounter with Dusk the day before.

"You're overwhelmed," Kouji pointed out. "Clearly things were too much for you and you were just looking for an excuse to run away. That's why you're accusing the others and you're not listening to them."

"No-no! That's not…" Kimi gasped…she looked down to see Lobo and Löwe staring at her. For a moment, it felt as if they could understand what she's going through and their eyes were full of wisdom and they're telling her to stop denying the truth. She looked up at the twins and from the kind but sad expression on Kouichi's face and the firm and stubbornness on his brother's, Kimi finally relented. "True…it's true…"

"Kimi, Kouji's right," Kouichi spoke up, his tone gentle. "I don't think you can run away from your problems."

"Then what should I do?" Kimi asked, her blue eyes seemed lost for the first time.

"You want my advice?" Kouji fold his arms. "Turn around and listen to what Takuya and the others have to say."

Author's Note: Originally, part three was supposed to be longer, but it got way to long so I am going to have to cut it here.

Anata - "Dear/sweetheart" in Japanese. Often used between spouses.

Aikido - A Japanese self defense martial art that mostly emphasizes the art of grappling and throwing your opponents. It's more harmonious and less violent as it was created to defend both the attacker and the defender.

Yes, Yoshino from Digimon Savers does know how to play the piano.

Hitoshi Hanamura was that singer guy in Digimon Saver who used a Digimon to boost his popularity as a pop singer. Yes, he was a childhood friend of Yoshino.

I've decided to add in Tagiru and Yuu from the third arc of Digimon Xros Wars in here, too. Yes, Digidestined from other seasons are there, too, even though they were not mentioned.

The song that Kimi's singing is the Japanese version of "Let It Go" from Disney's Frozen. Yeah, the lyrics seemed to fit her turbulent life somehow.