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Chapter One: You're staring


He couldn't help but stare. Lately, it was the only thing he could do. He couldn't explain it but every time he looked at her, or whenever she came into the room, his heart would skip a beat, he couldn't talk or breathe and he just felt tingly all over. What's happening to me?


He sat up as he felt the sharp end of the pencil make contact with his arm.

"That's the third time you've poked me!" Athrun rubbed his arm.

"Well if you didn't space out so much I wouldn't have done it!" Kira shot back.

They were, as usual, sitting class, passing some time before they were dismissed.

"Well don't poke me with a pencil!"

"Why not?"

"It hurts!"

"Would you two shut up," Cagalli snapped.

Athrun shrugged and pretend to listen again to the professor's teaching but Kira argued with her. Hoping she wouldn't notice, Athrun watch Cagalli from the corner of his eye.

"Mr. Genius, stop it," Dearka said noticing the look on Athrun's face.

"Stop what? I wasn't doing anything," Athrun replied innocently.

"You're staring." It came from behind Athrun, he look back and saw Dearka grinning at him.

"To whom?"

"You were staring at Cagalli."

Athrun chose to remain silent but he could tell that she was watching him. He could feel her eyes burning into him. He tried to look busy. He opened a book and scribble on it.

'What is with you,' he thought. 'You're being a total weirdo right now!'

After a while

Finally, to everyone's delight, the bell rung. Athrun quickly grabbed his things and went ahead to the class exit.

"Hold it," Cagalli said before he could take go.

"Uh, hey Cagalli," Athrun replied calmly. "What's up?"

She moved closer and closer until their faces were only inches apart. Athrun slowly moved away.

"Kira, Lacus and the other gang were going out, you wanna come?"

Athrun couldn't speak. She was so close. He tried to open his mouth but it remained shut as if his jaw was locked. 'God! What's happening to me!' he painfully thought. Getting impatient, she put her hands on her hips.

"A response would be nice," she scowled. She impatiently taps her feet to the floor.

"Um, I think I-I can't," he stammered. "Maybe next time." He show his one of his genuine smiles.

"So it's a promise?" She asked him. "Next time?"

"Sure." Athrun smiled.

"OK! It's a promise then," and with that she was on her way. "Catch ya later!" She yelled back at him while waving and went to her own business.

Athrun let out a sigh of relief before taking off for his house. Once inside, he work on his assignment and other necessary things to do.


Late that Day


Ding Dong

The door bell rang making Athrun to be teared away from his kitchen, he just finished dinner, and went to the hallway to open the door and check who is it. He was surprised to see Kira and Dearka waiting for him outside the house. They look awfully tired and angry? What happen to the two with Lacus, Miriallia and Cagalli?

"Hey guys," Athrun greeted them. And allowing them to enter the house. The three went to the living room and talked.

"God! Those women almost have eaten my month's allowance." Kira complained while he positions himself in Athrun's soft sofa. Beside him the exhausted Dearka who's drinking a glass of water that Athrun brought to them.

"I can't believe they almost wasted our money in the arcade and karaoke!" Dearka huff as he finished drinking water. And massage his ears. "My head hurts."

"Really?" As Athrun seated in the chair facing them. "Tell me about it." With his chin in his hand. And crossed his legs expecting some good stories to laugh at them.

"Geh! My sister drags me around like a dog and pointing things to buy!" Kira explains irritably. "When I say no, she beats me or punching me hard!" He slam his right fist with his other left palm, heatedly.

"Not to mention, the riot she made in the arcade house!"

"What riot?" Athrun became more interested. He switches his position to get more comfort.

"She destroys an arcade machine," Kira shook his head. "Cause she can't win."

"She kicks it with passion and when we got scolded by the management, she went berserk and picks a fight with the manager and we got lash out of the arcade." Dearka gently massage his temple. What a horrible day.

"Now we can't go back there anymore." Kira sinks even deeper in the sofa.

Athrun burst out laughing from his sitting. "Just like Cagalli."

"Hmph!" The two cross their arms at the same time. Dearka remembered something and seated properly. And look at Athrun.

"Oh by the way," Dearka grin mischievously at Athrun.

"W-what." He furrowed his eyebrows.

"I saw you're staring at Cagalli during our class." Dearka grins slyly.

"I don't know what you're talking about." He denies.

"Come to think of it." Kira said thoughtfully. "You're always with Cagalli. Actually you look very happy when you're with her." Hesaind in a as-a-matter-of-fact voice.

Dearka look suspiciously at the quiet Athrun. "Ehhh?"

"Are you hiding something?" Kira questions Athrun. He gazes at Athrun at his some kind of a criminal. Up and Down looking at him for signs of, lying.

"Hmmm…" Kira is thinking. Then a question pop up. "Is Cagalli your girlfriend?"

Athrun nearly fell over from his seat. "I'm sorry, what?"

"She's your girlfriend right?" Dearka asked for Kira.

Athrun blushed. "No! I have no clue what you're talking about."

"Then why you're staring at her?"

"Hell no!" He waves his hands furiously. "Like I'm gonna be, she can never be interested to a guy. And she's a violent person, definitely NEVER!" Athrun flutter. "And what made you think I like Cagalli?"

"Well she's always with you."

"That's it?" He crosses his arms across his chest and curse. "She's just a friend, just that, nothing all."

"Ooookkkkaaaayyy" the other two agree at his statement, but they know better than that.

'Mr. Denial.' They both thought.

"Do you like her," Kira asked, as he pressed on the question on the blushing Athrun.

"Yes, do you like her?" Dearka second on Kira's question. They went closer to Athrun. Oh how they love make fun of the once cold iced hearted Athrun that who was now blushing madly. Their enjoying the scene, it wasn't an everyday sight. They should have camera with them.

"Um… I uh, I don't— Stop asking me stupid questions!" Athrun said annoyed.

The two only grinned and began to dance around him, chanting, "Athrun likes Cagalli." He tried to get them but they avoid his grasp.

They continue to chant.

"Athrun likes Cagalli!" they taunted him.

"Grr! So what?" Athrun snapped.

The two became quiet. Then burst out laughing. Athrun glared at them. So what if he liked Cagalli anyway? It wasn't that funny. In fact, it wasn't funny at all.

"Now guys go home now, it's late." Athrun quickly said. He wanted to kick them out of his house immediately. Or he will die in embarrassment.

"So, is she your girlfriend then?" Kira asked again.

"No. I'm never asking her to be my girlfriend," Athrun replied.

"Why not? She's fun!" Dearka countered. "Sometimes if she's in a good mood."

"Even so, no way. Now why don't—"

"But Athrun," Kira interrupted, "if you don't ask her out soon, someone else will."

"Let them," Athrun replied. "No."


"Come on guys, get out. I have work to do." As he pull the two to the hallway and force them to let his house.

Disappointed, the two went out the door. Athrun shut the door and looked at his reflection in the mirror near the door. What would he do if someone were to ask her out?

"Why do I care, I just like her, I'm not in love with her," he told himself, "and besides, who'd want to ask her out anyway?"

Laughing, he went up stairs and he took out his books and began to work on his homework.




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