Hi Guys! Its been a very very long time. So how many years did it passed since the last time I've attempted to write for Gundam Seed. Athrun/Cagalli is still in my heart and it will never change. I've been re-reading my own story. I want to re-write it once I find time. Off work or On work. hahaha I will find time. I swear! :)

Please keep our community alive especially Athrun and Cagalli Fans. I still keep on wishing that there will be another chapter or series added under Gundam Seed Trilogy. Where's the promised movie for Gundam Seed again?

I want to thank you again for those who reviewed, read and followed my story. If they are still alive. Advance thank you for those who will read this little fanfic of mine. AsuCaga Fandom will never die! :)