Case of the Mary Sue

Disclaimer: I own nobody.

Author's Note: This story is making fun of Mary-Sues. I love writing these kinds of stories. They're surprisingly fun to write.


On a beautiful sunny afternoon, lady mouse walked down the streets of London. Her golden hair and pure white fur dazzled eyes and turned the heads of every male mouse on the street in her direction. Her bright blue orbs twinkled as she smiled, enjoying the attention. A perfect blue silk dress line with gold, fitting her in all the right places, accented her perfect figure.

She was Marie Susan Victoria D'iana Raven Tierra Moustoria, the richest, most beautiful mouse in all of London. Her mother, who just happened to be Queen Moustoria, allowed her to mingle with commoners, so that they could admire her beauty. Everywhere she went, people commented her looks and street venders offered her handouts, free of charge.

"Would you like a blue diamond necklace? Free of charge for one as beautiful and perfect as you," A street vender told her, holding out the necklace.

"Why thank you. This would match my flawless dress and beautiful eyes perfectly," She said, taking the necklace and putting it on. As she continued her stroll down the road, she saw an arm sticking out of an alley, a bloodied dagger inches from its curled in fingers.

Marie Susan, being ever curious, went over to examine a bit more closely. When she saw that the arm wasn't connected to anyone, she gasped, her blue crystal eyes widening. She stepped back slightly.

"Even though I have brains as good as my looks, I must go get a cannon character to help me so I can make them fall in love with me, even though it go against cannon," She said to herself, turning and walking to Baker Street.

"Hello? I just found a murder scene and know who did it just by looking at it, but I still need your help because I need a cannon character that I can make fall in love with me," She said quickly, pounding on the door.

"Hello dear," Mrs. Judson greeted, opening the door and smiling warmly at her. "I take it you're here for Mister Basil."

"Mister Basil?" He sounds like perfect boyfriend material. Okay, take me to him," Marie told her, following Mrs. Judson to the living room, where Basil sat in his chair.

"Hello Mister Basil," Marie said, getting really close to him and fluttering her long eyelashes at him. "I need your help with something."

Basil cleared his throat, gently pushing her away. "You need help with a murder no doubt. Everyone comes to me for that," He told her, standing up.

Um…yeah. I can show you where the murder scene is," She said. "Just follow my lead."

As they walked to the murder scene, Marie constantly flirted and made suggestive comments to Basil, who stared ahead, trying to ignore them the best he could.

I also won the Greatest Hair of the entire Victorian Era Award, and-we're here!" Marie exclaimed, pointing at the arm.

"Hmm, This arm looks like it-" Basil started, but Marie cut him off.

"Belonged to a street vender who accidentally sold some bad fruit to a slightly deranged customer who killed him, cut off his arm, and threw it and the knife he used to do it with in the alley here right before Scotland yard came in and arrested him," Marie said quickly, taking the spotlight and solving the case even though the Cannon character should've done it like they're supposed to.

"You're so smart. I love you! Let's get married!" Basil said, turning out of character and hugging Marie tightly.

"But first we have to share a electrifying, smoking hot kiss," She told him.

"Okay," Basil agreed.

After the electrifying, smoking hot kiss, they ran off to the nearest chapel, had a big, perfect wedding despite of the last minuet decision, and lived happily ever after in some beautiful city like Paris or Rome.