AN. This story was written for the fanfic100 challenge on LiveJournal, with the prompt of death. References to another Bones series. Reviews appreciated and eaten with gusto.

Commoner Cartoons

At that very moment in time, Tamaki Suoh wanted to hit the stop button on life itself.

"This is horrible, absolutely horrible. He deserves to die, not her."

Kyouya closed his eyes and rubbed the bridge of his nose, as not to take in the sight of his best friend, quote unquote, on the verge of a breakdown. "You brought this unto yourself. You knew it was going to happen. Your grief can only be blamed on yourself."

"And that heartless animal. Kyouya, sympathize with me! A life has been ended before it even began! And in such an atrocious way, in such a cruel scene, all in vain, all in vain!" Tamaki replied, shocked at Kyouya's indifference at the situation at hand.

Kyouya raised a brow. "If it's such a horrible, heartless, atrocious, cruel scene, why do you keep on rewinding it?"

"Because, Kyouya!" Tamaki began, tears rolling down his cheeks. "It still hasn't sunken in. I still can't believe it. HOW CAN SOMEONE USE FORBIDDEN ALCHEMY AND TRANSMUTE A CHIMERA USING HIS OWN DAUGHTER?" He sighed, shuddered slightly. "That kind of heartlessness is beyond me." He said, as he hit the play button again.

Kyouya sighed and walked out before the waterworks began, writing a memo to himself to tell Haruhi to never introduce the Lord to these "commoner cartoons".

"Tell me this: Where have Alexander and Nina gone to?"

"I hate prodigies like you, Ed, too damn perceptive."