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She stared out into the darkness, her eyes half-closed. From the front, maybe even the side, the girl looked as though she was half-asleep. But for those who watched carefully, from the front, the hopelessness in her eyes was evident.

How much more pain? How much more loss?

She resisted the urge to allow a tear to roll down her cheek. She didn't cry. Ever.

Not even when the possible love of her life was lying dead on the pavement.


What a final word.

Only for Existings, for people who exist in the Black Dimension. He will never truly die. I will never truly die.

But staring down at the boy, crumpled and limp, she felt his death. Felt it more than ever.

And she let herself verbalize the pain in five words.

"I loved you, Fuji Syusuke."

She stared blankly into outer space. Somewhere, high above the earth, lay six little stars joined into a formation that was Lyra. Somewhere. Somewhere where there was a Lyra that could look down at the world without sorrow.

A different Lyra. A wiser Lyra.

One who hadn't lost the two people she loved most in the universe.

They had been fighting. Over her.

And now, as both life-forces floated away into the air, she knew she had been a fool.

And she knew something else.

"I loved you, Marui Bunta."

"I loved you, Oshitari Yuushi."

She shook her head disbelievingly.

She couldn't believe that this was happening. Not to her, not right now.

Havi was not a believer in resurrection.

Havi didn't believe in anything.


But as she felt his life-force fade away, she began to believe.

Believe in hope.

"I loved you, Ibu Shinji."

She wasn't one given to fact or reason.

She was governed by her heart.

So when she saw him, impaled by a sword, she shouldn't have felt sorrow at his loss.

She shouldn't have cried.

But she did, anyway.

And she whispered the words that she had said so many times before, never meaning them as much as she did then.

"I loved you, Tezuka Kunimitsu."

She wiped away the tears.

Tears were silly.

She wasn't silly.

She was a fool.

She had won the heart of the one person everybody wanted.

And she had lost his heart, lost it when it had stopped beating.

She had lost everything.

So she refused to cry.

She only spoke rationally… and emotionally at the same time.

"I loved you, Atobe Keigo."

She was a creature of logic.

She may not have been Vulcan, but she was logical.

She knew that he would return.

Of course he would return.

Then why was there still sorrow at seeing his bloody face?

At feeling his still chest?

Why did she want to weep?

And why didn't she?

"I loved you, Sanada Genichirou."

She was already dead.

She only saw him in her soul's memories.

But as her time of return grew nearer, she began to feel the pain.

She began to miss him.

And for the first time, she…

She did something he never would have predicted.

She made a confession.

"I loved you, Kevin Smith."

She gazed down at his lifeless body.

She wanted to cry, but the whoops of joy in the background as the author celebrated were too loud.

Instead, she chose to hide.

Tamar was after her.

And as she died, she muttered a few words no one heard.

"I loved you, Kisarazu Ryou."


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