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Chapter 1

Slowly opening his eyes, Vegeta came out of his dark slumber to the burning fluorescent lights of the Capsule Corp. Infirmary. "What the hell?" Vegeta wondered, "How did I end up here?" The last thing the prince remembered was training in the gravity room, as usual. He had no recollection of the explosion or a frantic blue-haired woman coming to his aid.

Vegeta winced as the pain began to register. Suddenly he caught a glimpse of blue, "Bulma…?" He stared in disbelief at the young woman sleeping in the chair next to his bed. "What is she doing here?" Her presence brought warmth that he had never felt before. Deep down the prince was touched that she had waited by his side. At the realization of this, Vegeta growled at his weakness and began to rip off all of the silly bandage contraptions the silly "earthlings" had put on him. "I can not let this planet influence me any further!" Vegeta got up from the bed, ignoring the pain that seemed to scorch his entire body. He put his hand on the doorknob and although something told him to look back at her- he did not.

Meanwhile Yamcha had been sitting in the Brief's main living room pouting. "I can't believe she just ran after him like that! And then she fucking held him in her arms close to her- ugh!" Yamcha groaned even at the thought. For the past few hours the exact same thoughts had been going through his mind. However, what bothered him the most was that she insisted on staying with the Saiyan Prince. Yamcha had been hurt many times before and never had she wanted to stay by him. Then again she had never run after him like that! "Who cares if that jerk dies!? He is a mass-murderer for goodness sake!"

Yamcha had never wanted Vegeta to stay at Capsule Corp. in the first place. In the beginning, it was because he feared for Bulma and her parents' safety. But slowly his fear for her safety melted away into jealousy. She was constantly fixing Vegeta's training bots or the gravity, working late into the night. She started cancelling dates because she had to finish something for Vegeta. She even flaunted sex dreams about the Prince in front of him! However, whenever Yamcha brought the subject up to Bulma she became furious reminding him how much she fought with Vegeta and that she couldn't possibly feel anything for "That Monkey!" The ex-bandit tried to put the thought out of his mind but he knew Bulma Briefs and her love for a challenge and a bad boy. "She always told me that is what attracted her to me from the beginning…" But this scarred man was no longer a challenge to Bulma and was definitely no bad boy. Yamcha often misinterpreted "bad boy" and "play boy" to be the same. Yamcha's escapades with other women had only repelled the heiress. Bulma was not attracted to a fickle man. She was attracted to a strong independent man that could match her in wits and looks. Yamcha had never been able to keep up with her, never putting up a real fight. Bulma definitely wore the pants in this relationship.

"I'm sure if I just asked her she would give me a good explanation for her behavior," or at least one that would let his horrible feeling in his stomach disappear. Yamcha dragged his feet to the CC Infirmary where he found, to his dismay, a sleeping Bulma next to an empty bed. Yamcha tried to swallow his jealousy and gently nudged her awake. "Bulma," Yamcha said quietly, "Bulma, wake up."

Bulma rubbed her sleeping eyes in a daze, "Huh? Vegeta?"

Yamcha gritted his teeth, "No, it Yamcha."

"Oh Yamcha," she yawned.

Yamcha turned his back to her, trying to hide his hurt feelings, "Bulma, we- I mean I, I need to ask you something. It's about what happened this afternoon-"

"Vegeta!" Bulma yelled finally noticing the empty bed. Yamcha's heart sank as he noticed her frantically rise and scan the room for any traces of the warrior. "Where did that dumbass go!? I swear if he is training again I'll kill him myself! I'm sorry Yamcha I have to go find that idiot!"

"But Bulma-" But it was too late, the young woman was already through the door.

He could faintly hear her yell, "It will only take a minute!" as she ran down the hall.

Yamcha sat down, defeated, in the chair he had found her sleeping in.

"No it won't… You have forgotten all about me."

Bulma raced down the hall to her lab where she could use the security camera to see inside each gravity room (one had blown up but of course there were spares!). Sure enough as soon as she switched on the screen the muscular figure of the Saiyan Prince appeared before her. "Idiot! What is he doing!? Does he want to die!?" Bulma screamed inside her head.

Vegeta was in the middle of push-ups when he saw "the woman" appear on the screen above him. "Damn it…"

"Vegeta! What the fuck are you doing!? Why aren't you in bed!? Do you want kill yourself!?" Bulma screamed.

"Shut up woman! Can't you see that I'm busy! I don't have time for your ridiculous banter!" Vegeta roared.

"You almost died today you creep! I did not carry you to the infirmary for you to blow yourself up again- Now get back in bed, asshole!"

Vegeta suddenly stopped and looked shocked down at the floor. "Carry me to the infirmary? What in the hell happened when I blacked out!?" Vegeta again felt that same warm "touched" feeling deep in his cold heart. Sickened by that annoying and unfamiliar emotion he turned to the screen and smirked.

Bulma knew this face and braced herself for the harsh comment that was coming.

"Well finally the little bitching slave has learned her place. Masters should always be carried by such pathetic creatures!"

"You ungrateful bastard! I hope you do kill yourself!" Bulma screeched and slapped the off button only to feel a tremendous pain in her palm. Bulma yelped in agony and looked down to see she had burnt her hands on the hot rubble of the gravity room while looking for Vegeta. "A lot of good that did!" She felt the tears of hurt and frustration run down her face.

"Why does he have to be like that?" Bulma thought as she walked up to her room. Having collapsed on her bed, she began to cry softly after going through such a stressful day. She finally had admitted to herself that she did care for Vegeta a great deal while she desperately searched for him under the debris. She had been repressing such thoughts since the prince arrived but knew that she could no longer lie to herself. The shear terror she felt when she knew that the GR had exploded left no doubts in her mind. The love she and Yamcha once shared had disappeared a long time ago. The countless times she had seen him with different girls and their constant bickering had finally ended whatever romantic feelings that were left. Her arguments with Yamcha were nothing like her arguments with Vegeta, which were more like a battle of wits. Yamcha arguments were, in a word, pathetic. Bulma couldn't stand being with such a weak-willed man. But Vegeta was strong in that aspect- may be even a little too strong.

But this wasn't the only thing that attracted her. He was also tragically handsome. Emphasis on the "tragic." Bulma knew that this man had never felt a moment's happiness in his life and she wanted to change that. She cared about him and wanted him to feel what it was like to have other emotions besides anger, hate, and envy. "But is it possible?"

Vegeta stared at the blank screen surprised for a moment. "Did I go too far? Where is her usual snide comeback?" He shrugged and turned back to his rigorous training. But for some reason Bulma's sleeping figure kept appearing in the back of his mind and he began to think that may be that the anger she always showed in their verbal battles was merely a façade. He began to wonder if someone cared for him. "That's impossible!" he yelled out loud and blasted another one of Bulma's training bots into dust. He stood there panting, exhausted, frustrated, and in extreme amounts of pain. He doubled over and fell to the floor. His entire body pleaded for rest. "Well as long as the woman doesn't see I guess I could use with a few hours sleep."

Vegeta pulled himself up from the floor and turned off the machine. Silently he walked back to the main house and headed for his room. Unfortunately for him Bulma's room came before his, which means that he would have to somehow get past without her hearing him. The last thing Vegeta needed right now was that woman gloating her victory over him and how she had been right. Vegeta rose a few feet of the ground levating past her door so that she could not hear his footsteps. He had almost made it when he heard her soft cries. "Oh jeez…" Vegeta rolled his eyes, "She must be crying over that insect manfriend or whatever they call it!" The thought infuriated him for some reason. The very sight of Yamcha made the prince tense with anger and what most people (but not Vegeta of course) called jealousy. Although he hurled insults at Bulma he held her to be much higher than any of the other human Z Fighters. In his mind Yamcha did not deserve her nor did any man on this pathetic planet. Naturally he would never say this out loud and would berate himself for even thinking complements about the woman.

Vegeta began to stalk towards his room when he heard a yelp come from Bulma's room. His instincts kicked in and suddenly Bulma's door had been kicked down and Prince Vegeta stood in its place- scowl and all.

To Be Continued…

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