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A Final Message for the Moon

"Hey, Yue."

Sokka looked up at her. He did this whenever he had missed her a lot that day. He hadn't missed a single night for three months after that night in the Northern Water Tribe. The night he had let her die.

"It has been a few days, hasn't it?"

Three months after that night, he had been distracted. The distraction came in the form of Suki, injured from a fight. He'd spent the night caring for her, making sure she was comfortable. He was sure Yue had understood why he could not make it that day. That was the first night he missed. After that he had started coming less and less often. Now it had been four days since his last visit. His longest break ever.

"You know, it's not entirely my fault. Now that Suki's traveling with us, it's a lot harder to get out of camp and far enough away."

That was a lie, and Sokka knew that Yue knew he was lying. It wasn't Suki's light sleeping that kept him from sneaking out every night. It was something else about her.

"How are you feeling?"

He asked this every time he spoke to the moon. Sokka was never answered with words, of course, but he would often get... feelings. Her feelings, coming through him. The first few days after he had let her die, she had been so sad that he was afraid he would wake Aang and Katara up with his crying, no mater how far from camp he was. Then for a few weeks, he would feel loneliness, her want to be with her father and her friends. Slowly, however, the sadness turned to happiness. The anger she felt toward those who had hurt her and her people turned to peace. Sokka often wondered how she could be happy and peaceful, but he figured that was just her personality. Today there was joy radiating from her form in the sky.

"What are you so happy about? I figured you would have been mad at me for not visiting you for so long."

At this statement he could have sworn he almost heard Yue giggle.

"You really shouldn't be so happy around me. I am the one who let you die, after all."

Sokka felt the familiar anger from her that he always felt when he said something like this. He knew the Water Princess didn't blame him. No one did. No one but himself. He could have done better, he thought. In his mind Zhao had been able to do what he did because of Sokka's poor attempt to protect Yue. As his thoughts continued along this line, Yue got more and more frustrated. Sokka went on to another subject, not wanting to upset her more.

"Yue. I have something to tell you. I... I really like her. Suki, I mean."

He could feel the smugness coming from the moon. She had known. Of course she had known, he told himself, she's the moon.

"So you already knew that? I can't hide anything from you can I? Well, I guess what I'm trying to say, is that, I sort of, have to, let you go, I guess you could say."

Sokka felt a bit of sadness coming from Yue, but he also felt, and almost seemed the hear, that she thought that he had made a good choice. Yue figured Suki was the only girl, besides the Northern Princess herself, who was good enough for Sokka. He smiled at this thought, then rose to go back to camp, and to Suki. He stopped, and looked back at the moon.

"I will always love you."

For a few seconds the moon shown brighter the it ever had before, or ever would again. Then a cloud moved, covering the moon from the sight of the boy below.

The End

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