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"Sakura…" Came the low growl.

But, obviously, the pink haired woman was finding it rather difficult to breathe properly at the moment. "Um… yes?" She tentatively let out, biting her lip and wishing that the counselor would just stop looking at the two of them with utter fear.

"You planned this." He deadpanned, giving her the same blank look that clearly whispered he was quite angry with her.

"Not…entirely…" She murmured absently, still trying to squirm out a glare to shoot towards the therapist. "It-it was his fault too!"

The person that was now on the receiving end of Sakura's finger gave a small squeak of fear. Sasuke rounded on the psychologist and bestowed upon him the utmost, most angry Uchiha glare he could conjure up. The glare only ensued another gurgle from the back of the counselor's throat as he instinctively reached out a hand to catch the doorknob. "Really, Sakura, you shouldn't…shouldn't…" Trailed the therapist, widening his eyes at the sudden kunai pointed towards his throat. "Mr. Uchiha, I really don't think that's…" Another squeak as the kunai was shoved closer. "…entirely necessary."

"I do!" Sakura jovially offered, bringing up an elated hand and waving it in the air enthusiastically.

Mr. Uchiha raised an eyebrow at her from over his shoulder.

"What? I wanted to say something." She grumbled at his look, now pouting and crossing her arms.

The therapist, severely uncomfortable under a blade, swallowed nervously. "I-I think we need to talk about this, Sasuke." He gave a desperate glance to his female patient, seeing her catch on and blink rapidly.

"Wait! Wait! Don't kill him yet!" The pink haired woman yelled, running up to her husband and laying a hand on his arm. His glare then turned towards her, and she shuffled uneasily.

She barely heard the strangled voice of the therapist. "Y-yet!"

"Sasuke," Sakura continued, ignoring the now weeping counselor, "we do need to talk about this."

"Our marriage is fine."

"No it's not…!"

"Yes, it is."

She fixed him in an infuriated glare. "You're kidding me! We," A hurried gesture between the spouses, "are not doing fine!"

He narrowed his eyes.

"Umm…" The therapist awkwardly interjected.

"We need to work out these problems!"

"We have none."

"…could you let me go…?"

"You train constantly; I'm damn frustrated with you!"


"I think…I think I'm going to pass out from blood loss…"

"You know what? I don't care anymore!" Mrs. Uchiha threw up her arms in frustration. "I don't even know why I put up with you, and don't you dare give me a stupid reason that involves our clans! We-we aren't even having sex! How do you expect to have us revive your stupid clan!"

Sasuke shifted so that he was dangerously close to her, dropping the kunai and giving her an intense stare.

"I-I-" Sakura sputtered once more, "I r-really don't think this…that this qualifies as…being…a discussion…." His black eyes seemed so intent on doing something, that she almost didn't see his lips coming closer to her. But when he finally did make their lips meet, the fact registered in her mind and she happily ate up the kiss with satisfaction. Now she could get him rolling…

She was unconsciously leaning closer to him, tugging his head down more to get a better angle in his mouth. It wasn't that big of a surprise that even when she didn't make the first move to deepen the kiss, he did. With a simple grace she never knew he possessed, Sasuke's tongue was moving against hers and idly tracing her teeth in a matter of seconds. A low noise came from the back of her mind and escaped her throat as he continued to twist his tongue around hers.

Sakura had her hands in Sasuke's hair before she could think about the action. Tracing her nails in a pattern down to his neck and shoulder blades, she attempted to take dominance of the kiss. Her plan didn't quite work; however, her ministrations caused Sasuke to tighten his grip on her back and hips, his kiss now hungry and controlling.

He roughly pushed her against the wall, his hands coming to pin her arms deftly at her sides. In retaliation, she tried to squirm against his grip, making a protesting noise in between their kisses. "Ah ah…" He tutted, before bringing his head down to softly kiss her nose.

She hazily blinked up at him, now only half-heartedly trying to loosen his hands. "Sas-" But she was cut off by a hasty lick of his tongue against her neck. Instead, a breathy gasp managed to be formed from Sakura's mouth. She could feel the grumble of approval vibrating through his chest as he pressed himself tighter.

Then, suddenly, Sasuke pulled back, giving her one last, soft kiss on the lips before completely disentangling himself from her form.

She blinked and looked up at him walking away. Then blinked again and again, before her vision cleared and saw him sit down at the opposite corner from her. She tried to get a foundation about her surroundings and why she was locked in a dark room with her husband…all alone. And then it clicked, and she instinctively tried to merge with the wall…


"Squawking Bird to Rubber Ducky… do you come in?"

"Roger, Squawking Bird!" Sakura happily answered the counselor through the walkie-talkie. "Subject is in sight and is heading your way! Subject should be there in approximately forty-five seconds, depending on whether he speeds up or slows down his walk…"

"Good, Rubber Ducky." The counselor returned, nodding once and making a mental note that couldn't really see him doing physical actions… "As a side note, why the name Rubber Ducky?"

A wistful sigh crackled through the walkie-talkie. "I always loved a good rubber duck to have with me in a bath tub."

Try as he might, the perverted picture of a nude Sakura came into his mind and just wouldn't be erased. "Oh… Well-that's…that's just dandy."

"Mmhm. Oh wait, wait! Subject picked up his pace and is there-"

But by the time the poor therapist could react to her frantic warnings, Uchiha Sasuke stood in front of him, giving him a look that he wasn't very fond of. "You're-uh-here on time!" He cheerfully tried to offer, but the black haired man just glowered at him some more. "Oh…okay then. This is what I discussed with you…" He pointed to a big, brick building on the other side of the street, a rot iron sign hanging by one little hook the only thing decorating it.

"And we'll find something in there that will supposedly revive my clan." The look Sasuke gave the counselor could have incinerated a rubber ducky like acid. He thought that the stupid psychologist would only lead him into a room full of strippers and whores. Why had he followed through with this plan again?

"Yep! Guaranteed to revive your clan, and it's not just prostitutes!"

Oh. That's why.

"Hn." And that was enough to get the therapist striding across the street, a slightly fearful look upon his face.

"So, Sasuke," the therapist commented casually while stuffing the key into a suspiciously crooked key hole, "how has your marriage been these past few days?" Of course, he got no comment in reply. He strode into the dark hallway, trying to make it look as if he was very confident and didn't fear the Uchiha behind him. He probably failed.

Meanwhile, he knew that Sakura was lurking somewhere around here, waiting from them to come. She had been staked out in the building, giving her husband's positions away until they could get to this moment. The room she was stuffed in had a thin window all along the top, but, because of her short height, the therapist had had to bring in a stepping stool for her. She was positively embarrassed and more than a little peeved that she had to resort to actually using a kid's stepping stool…

"Here we are!" He cheerfully said again, using the master's key to unlock the door once more. "Go right on in, Mr. Uchiha…"

The latter gave the counselor a deadly glare before stepping inside the dark room. Almost immediately, he was roughly shoved inside and looking upon his wife, standing in the middle of the room and apparently trying to find something to say. Sasuke quickly rounded back on the counselor, grabbing his collar before he could close the door and throwing him upon the ground. Anger building as he watched the therapist scramble back onto shaky feet, he growled, "Sakura…"


And alas, she was now stuck here with her husband for the next seventy-two hours. All alone. In a dark room. With no one to hear her screams. Assuming that she did scream like she hoped she would. Silently, she smacked herself on the head. Hentai!

Her gaze found Sasuke again, his eyes closed in meditation and legs comfortably crossed.

Well, she thought, he had most certainly jumped her like a rabbit on caffeine.


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