Be My Escape

He's broken. He yearns for her. He's afraid of getting broken once again. -SasuSaku-


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Chapter One

And I need you,

And I miss you.

And I wonder…

If I could fall into the sky

Do you think time would pass me by?

'Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles

If I could just see you…

Sasuke stared at the framed photograph of him and Sakura.

It was taken two days ago.

The two were close together, Sasuke with his arm slung around her shoulders and pulling her close;

Sakura with an arm wrapped around his waist and the other hand in a V-sign. Both were smiling brightly…

It made his heart hurt.

He clenched his fists.

He wouldn't believe Ami. She was a liar.

Sakura wouldn't leave, and even more, Sakura would never hate them.

She wouldn't.

Tears slowly dripped down his face—but he did not cry. He made no noise as he looked over the pictures of him… and Sakura.


There was no Sakura to comfort him.

And this was the last time he ever cried...


It was a noisy hallway. Whispers, chatting, laughter…any noise imaginable could be heard.


He stopped walking.

Immediately, the noise stopped. Everyone was silent, looking at Sasuke and the girl.

He turned around to face the girl.

She smiled brightly at him, and opened her mouth to ask the question everyone knew so well.

"Sasuke-kun! Would you go ou-"

"Don't." He glared at her, "Call me Sasuke-kun."


His cold, icy, hard voice sliced through the still air to lash out at the girl in front of him.

Uchiha Sasuke. Aged sixteen. Likes almost nothing. Dislikes almost everything.

Known as the Ice Prince.


Sasuke grabbed a towel on the bench before proceeding towards Kakashi, who as usual, had his little orange perverted book in hand.

"Basketball isn't just a solo play."

He grunted.

The masked teacher sighed and put a hand through his hair, rubbing his head, and putting his book into his pants pocket.

"To win a game, you have to have the skills, but those who lacks in teamwork eventually fail."


"Sasuke." Kakashi began sternly, instead of his usual light-hearted tone, "Those who abandon their teammates are worse than trash." Sasuke said nothing. Kakashi sighed.

"Get back into the court." He took out his 'Icha Icha Paradise' again, but watched as his star player slowly walked back into the court. 'He's too cold for his own good.'

It hurts.

It hurts to see every one of those pictures we took together.

It hurts to see all your stuff shut away in those boxes.

I have so much to ask.

Where are you? Why did you leave? Do you really hate us?

But what I really want... I just want to see you again

Naruto threw a bottle of water at Sasuke.

"Teme! Can't you just work with Neji and the others?" He demanded as a hand shot up to catch the bottle.

Sasuke unscrewed the bottle cap and gulped down water.

"SASUKE! Answer me!"

"… They'll just bring me down."

Naruto opened his mouth to yell, then closed it before asking softly, "Sasuke… are you still thinking… about Sakura-chan?"

Sasuke smashed the empty bottle onto the ground and walked off.

I hate you.

I hate you for leaving.

But please come back.

Come back to us.

Come back to me.

I'm tired of rumors starting

I'm tired of people lying

Saying what they want about me

Why can't they back up off me

Why can't they let me live

A fuzzy image of a boy formed in her mind. She couldn't see any of his features other than his dark, raven-colored hair.

Voices…so many, all unheard. Finally, she could make out a muffled voice.

"I am…" the image became even more hazy and the voices went static, "…ke."

The image was turning black, darker and darker, more and more until only a smile could be seen on the boy's face…

Whisper. Whisper.
"Isn't she the one who found Zaku cheating on her?"

Whisper. Whisper.
"She caught Zaku and Kin all over each other!"

Whisper. Whisper.
"Heard she wanted to join in as well!"



Sakura clenched her fists as she walked down the hallway, eyes full of tears focused on the floor. She refused to let a single drop slide down her cheeks.

She couldn't look up. She was too ashamed to look up. Everyone taunted her, laughed at her, made jokes about her, ever since she had caught Zaku red handed in the act of cheating on her.


He was, after all, the playboy and bully of the school.

She felt so betrayed. Her current state of vulnerability only made it worse. She had lost her parents just before she started dating him, and now this…that unfeeling jerk made everything so much worse.



Whisper. Whisper.
"I heard that he went out with her only because she lost parents recently."

Whisper. Whisper.
"He took pity on her!"

Whisper. Whisper.
"…heard that he stole her virginity!"



That was right. Zaku had only taken pity on her that her parents died in a car crash, and decided to go out with her. It was only when she had caught them, when he smirked at her and said so. Kin was smirking at her as well--until she decided to suck on Zaku's neck.

But she had done nothing of the sort with Zaku! People took chances like that to ruin someone else's reputation, and it was almost… normal in this school.

The teacher was at the white board, frantically trying to keep the class in order. Spitballs were being thrown around, people were chatting animatedly, paper planes flew around, and iPods were attached to ears.

Sakura, however, was reading a book. The teachers never taught anything anyways, the only way you learnt was by reading the textbooks, but most didn't even attempt to.

The PA system cackled, everyone turned silent, and the teacher sighed in relief. A voice rang through the speaker. "Haruno Sakura, please report to the Principal's Office. Haruno Sakura, please report to the Principal's Office."

Everyone in the room turned to stare at her, whether they were sneering, not caring, or gossip-ready to whisper to their friends.

Sakura did not dare to look at anyone as she stowed her book in her bag. She slung it over her shoulder as she stood—it wasn't safe to leave one's belongings in one place while you were in another. The school just wasn't safe like that.

She made her way to the Principal's Office.

"So Tsunade-san, you wish to bring Sakura with you back to Tokyo?"

"Yes. Her parents' will states that I, as her godmother, now have full custody over her."

"Ah yes. It will be better for the young girl. She has so much more potential, so much talent, that can't be developed in this lowly school, we hardly have much budget."

Knock, Knock, Knock.

"Tazuna-sama, Tsunade-sama, Haruno Sakura has arrived." Came the secretary's voice.

"Let her in." Tazuna replied.

"Sakura-chan! It's been a long time!" The blonde woman scooped her up in a warm bear hug.

"Tsunade-sama…?" Sakura was stunned at the sight of the woman who had saved her and was her hero.

I was so excited, elated.

I was going to get a new chance at school life.

No more teasing, no more Zaku, no more Kin.

I had a chance to be a doctor, to be something more than that school could ever produce.

And maybe… just maybe… I would be able to find my prince charming, my one true love.


Hey! I have a right to believe in fairytales, I've always loved them… but I never knew why…

But what I did not expect was that I was about to confront my past…my childhood. Something I've pushed away for a long time—pushed away so far that now, I cannot even remember the names and faces of my old friends. All I know is…I had friends.

A fuzzy image of a boy formed in her mind. She couldn't see any of his features other than his dark, raven-colored hair.

Voices…so many, all unheard. Finally, she could make out a muffled voice.

"I am…" the image became even more hazy and the voices went static, "…ke."

The image was turning black, darker and darker, more and more until only a smile could be seen on the boy's face…

Shake. Shake.



"Sakura-chan… If you don't wake up now, you'll be late for your first day of school! I have to leave now!"


A pig…?

Realization hit Sakura as she gasped and shot up, looking at the little alarm clock on her dressing table, she thanked Shizune before rushing to the bathroom.

"Thanks for waking me up Shizune-oneechan!"

Standing in front of the school campus, Sakura was still pondering about the dream she had the night before. Strange that it should come up now; she first dreamed it several years ago.

It was the same dream…

"A-ano… are y-you a-alr-alright?" A shy voice shook the pink-haired girl out of her thoughts and made her realize that she had been staring dumbly at the school.

Sakura was still a little out of it as she answered. "Uh…yeah…wow…this school is huge."

"A-ano… are you a n-new s-student?"

"Yeah. You?"

The dark haired girl nodded her head. 'She's so shy!' Sakura thought in amazement.

"Ohayo Shizune-oneesan" Walking over to Shizune, Sakura petted Tonton, "Ohayo to you too, Tonton," the piglet replied with an cheerful, 'BUI!'.

Shizune smiled at her, saying, "Tsunade-sama should be ready to give you your folder, Sakura-chan." At which she muttered under her breath, "I reminded her last night." Sakura grinned, having heard the barely audible comment.

Knock. Knock.

Knock. Knock. Knock.




"Come in."

Opening the door, "Tsu-" Sakura stared in shock at the mess, before gulping, "Tsunade-sama."The sight before her held the almighty principal of the school, Tsunade-sama who was rubbing her eyes vigorously, a messy desk, and a large brown envelope on top of one of the stacks of paper.

Sakura inspected the brown envelope closely and found a dark spot on it.

I am so sure she drooled on it.

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