Be My Escape

He's broken. He yearns for her. He's afraid of getting broken once again. –SasuSaku-


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Chapter Four

(Ino's POV)

I often wondered why I clung so desperately onto the memories she left me. Because when everything's gone, the only thing left are the memories, the regrets and the what if's.

Sakura was the little girl I wished to protect. She was of sea foam eyes and periwinkle pink hair, she had this magic only she could use; she brought happiness to everyone. She never wished to harm others – so why did others want to harm her? I always thought her forehead was cute.

The teenager before me, with limp pink hair and jaded green eyes thick with emotion was Sakura. The Sakura I protected, the Sakura I cried over, the Sakura I missed, the Sakura who was my best friend - my confidante.

Sakura was special, she held a place in my heart no one else could fill. She was back.

(and she didn't remember me.)

I felt my heart shatter into a million pieces

and for once, I didn't know what quite to do.

Youi'll always be a part of me
I'm part of you indefinitely.
Girl, don't you know you can't escape me?
Ooh darlin cause you'll always be my baby,
and we'll linger on,
time can't erase a feeling this strong.

(Sasuke's POV)

"…what do you like to eat?"

"I like tomatoes."

It was the first present she gave me.


Hearing about Sakura's incident from an elated Naruto, my feet subconsciously brought me outside the Nurses' office. Before I knew it, my hand lingered over the door knob and as I realized what I was about to do - I took a step back.

'I'm not letting her go.'

With that thought in mind, I strengthened my resolve and entered the room. The moment I did, everyone turned to look at me – Kakashi seemed pretty amused when he saw me, but all I did was take in the glittery jade eyes and soft pink locks.


(Sakura's POV)

They told me many things.

"I'm glad you're back."

"I missed you, Sakura-chan!"

"…So, you're Sakura."

They told me about the past.

"Remember the times when we…"

(folded paper hearts and shared secrets within them)

(promised a forever-and-ever)

(stole sasuke's tomatoes)

(scribbled 'friends forever' in our notebooks)


And then there was him.


A burst of white light
Light's fading.
Light's flashing

And suddenly it all rushes back to me, and I'm feeling calm, and I know.


(a boy who made me complete.)


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