True Happiness

Part 1

The distant sound of in coming aeroplane was what met the brunette CSI as she stood from her Denali. The morning sun of Vegas heated the exposed skin that wasn't covered by the white tank top and the jeans she was wearing. After the night she'd had it was a welcomed sensation. Pushing her door shut she locked the SUV before pushing her hands into her jeans and taking off down the car park towards the airport.

Upon entering Vegas's airport she shuffled her way through the crowds, the busting people who were fighting through to make it out into the open space, the air – the heat. For some reason Sara sympathized with them – so she moved on the occasion to let the odd passenger with little patience past. It must have had something to do with the flight to London England she'd been forced to take to a conference. She sat next to what might have been the most annoying guy that Vegas could throw at her at the moment. She would have been more than grateful if the crowds had parted for her after that ordeal so she could escape as quickly as possible. She understood what it was to be stuck in a confined space with a bunch of crazy people.

She soon made it to the waiting gates, looking up at the large over head screens that displayed arrival times she searched through the list. Flight 336 from Texas to Vegas – DELAY- With a sigh she turned her back on the screens and moved to a vending machine that she'd passed only moments earlier. Even though she knew that the coffee from this machine would be worse than day shift sludge Sara was unable to be fussy. Having just come off a night shift she needed to intake some caffeine before she dropped.

Taking her paper cupped mud she moved back through the crowds, this time moving out of the way of other people not for their benefit but for hers wanting to keep the coffee in the mug and not down her. Finally she made it through the people and managed to get to the window that over looked the run ways. She saw many planes coming in and taking off as she stood lent against the counter that ran all the way down the window. Still, there was no sight of flight 336.

Two cups of so called coffee and a chocolate bar later Sara was finally brought out of her mid sleep by the intercom – "Flight 336 from Texas to Las Vegas". Sara, happy that she no longer had to sit in the uncomfortable plastic chair took of towards the terminal gates to wait for the flight to de board. She was hoping that it didn't take too long for the passengers to fill the airport as she needed some real coffee, and some real food. She'd been here for around an hour now and was more than ready to leave.

It wasn't too long till they came out, like sheep all following each other. One by one, Sara looked towards them all looking for the person that she was here to meet. Large groups passed Sara, and then she noticed the blond. Thankful that she hadn't missed her –

"Hey, Jess…" Sara called out. The blond looked up, a slight confused look crossing her face.

"Sara? IS that you?" a small smile moved over the lips of the younger woman. "God girl…" it was true, they hadn't seen each other for at least a year.

"Yeah… it's me. How are you?"

"I'm good…you?"

"Not complaining" Sara reached forward, "Here let me take that" she managed to take the bag from Jess. "You're probably wondering where your brother got to"

"Yeah…crossed my mind" Jess smiled.

"He pulled a double; he's running the case so couldn't get away. He asked me to come pick you up. So if you don't mind spending some time with me… we'll meet up with Nicky later"

"No…not at all. You didn't have to come pick me up though. I could have caught a cab"

"You're kidding me – right?" Sara asked, "Your first day in Vegas? A cab… your brother might be running a case but he didn't lose that Texas charm. Plus… he owes me one now, and in Vegas you can never have too many favors owed to you. Keep that one in mind"

The two of them began to walk towards the belt and gather her cases. Small talk filling the time –

Once they fought the way through the crowds with cases and bags they eventually made it towards the Denali. "So Sara… it's been a long time since Texas huh?"

"Sure has…" Sara agreed, around a year back Nick had taken her and Greg to Texas when they had to go to a conference. They'd stayed at the family ranch for a week – it had been one of the best conferences she'd been to. They'd all had a great time. "…how is everyone"

"Missing Nicky…" Jess laughed.

"I bet…"

Sara hauled the cases in the back, then looked to the woman, "Well, I hope you don't mind but…I kind of have to stop off at a diner and get some real coffee…I'll buy you breakfast. What you say?"

"Sounds good…plane food isn't so great you know" Jess smiled.

"Yeah…you don't have to tell me that" Sara walked around to the driver's side and pulled it open. Calling over that car she smiled, "Well you'll love this place – LVPD secret"


"Hey Bobby…"


"Pretty quiet in here" She offered looking around to see only a few people sat in the dinner. She was lent on the counter, her glasses pushed onto of her head, "Any of the guys been in?"

"Err… Rick popped in with Cath for some coffee a few hours back…" He explained, at the mention of a certain blond Sara felt a physical pelt push against her chest. She looked down to her hands – and just nodded her head. "…things still not fixed with you two?"

Sara shook her head – "nope…" She shrugged her shoulders, "What you gonna do about it? I'm too emotionally unstable for her… sadly not something I can change" she'd put one of them smiles on her face that covered her emotions. "Can I…have the usual for me and black coffee and waffles"

Bobby looked past Sara, to the blond sat at the table in the corner of the dinner – "The pretty blond with you?" He asked, with a wink.

"Hey - Bobby…you better be careful what you say. She's Nick's baby sister" Sara growled.

"Really…" Bobby asked, "Well…in that case… I'll be on my best behavior" he assured – she laughed. He passed over two black coffees – "I'll bring the food over in a bit"

"Thanks…" Sara turned and walked towards the table.

"So how did you manage to grab the short straw?" She smiled up at Sara as she reached the table. The CSI pushed the mug across the table before taking a seat opposite.

"Like I said, I need as many favors as I can get – Nick been indebted to you – it's invaluable." She explained. She placed her hands flat on the table – "plus…I would never let Greg come and collect you, and he was the other option"

Jess laughed. "He still the same old Greg?"

"Same one!" Sara nodded.

Shaking her head she sipped the black coffee- then an appreciative smile – "This is good"

"The best in Vegas" Sara agreed. "Sorry I had to stop for breakfast…I'm starving" Sara apologized.

"No worries… gives you time to get me all caught up…" She took another mouthful of coffee before asking, "Anyone special in my brother's life?"

"Special?" Sara raised an eye brow – "Not Nicky… he's become quite attached to a fish that he brought. Other than that…"

"Sounds like Nick…closest he got to loving someone was some girl back home. She broke his heart" Jess shook her head.

"Well, Nick seems happy…" Sara reassured her.

She nodded her head.

"So what about you Sara… anyone special?"

Sara froze up, she then looked out of the window to the Vegas streets – "there was" She explained.


"Long story…kinda complicated…very need a beer subject" Sara offered lightly. There was an understanding silence before the brunette decided to break into it – "What about you?"

"Well, I'm sure Nicky will be happy to know there is no Darren in my life anymore" Jess explained. She shrugged her shoulders – "Love is blind… I was the only fool who couldn't see what he was doing to me"

"Hell, I've had my share of them. You're better off without him." Sara offered. "Plus, if I know your big brother no guy will be good enough for you"

Jess laughed, "You got brothers to then?"

"Yeah, three – at the lab…by the names of Nick, Greg and Rick" Sara explained.

"Well now Ladies… two meals for two beauties" Sara rolled her eyes,

"Thanks Bobby… Bobby Jess…Jess… you need coffee, he's your man"

"Nice to meet you"

"You to" Jess smiled up.

"Well, I'll leave you to your meal – and Sara… you settling up the lab slate?" He asked.

"Hey…Rick's turn to pay up…not mine." The team had this thing; the weeks buying went on a tab. The tab – was settled up by one of them at the end of each week. Usually the one to solve the least cases in that week paid up. Or lose one of the numerous bets they had going.

Bobby just laughed turning and leaving them.

" staying with Nick?" Sara asked.

Jess nodded, "Yeah…for now…till I get settled in. Come on then…what's Vegas really like?"

"Well, if I look past all the murderers and crime – I won't complain… you learn to love it" Sara dug into her breakfast without hesitation – she really was hungry.