Part 9

"Hey Sara…can we talk?"

Sara turned her head, she looked at Catherine stood at her side, "Talk?"

"Yeah you know… have a conversation?"

"I think I'm to drunk to have heart to heart with you Cath" Sara shot down. She didn't want to do this.

"I don't want a heart to heart Sara…I just…I want to say I'm…I'm sorry"

"Sorry?" Sara looked back at the older woman – "What the hell are you sorry for?"

"for a lot actually…" Catherine looked to the floor then eventually back up at Sara. "You shouldn't have found out about Rachel like you did" she explained.

"Rachel?" Sara asked, obviously confused.

"The blond" Catherine clarified, she nodded her head to the direction of the bar that she'd been at earlier, "I didn't mean for you to see it – I'm sorry"

Sara turned back to the bar, and she laughed. Then she looked back to Catherine, "The only thing that you…you should be sorry for…is for making me love you. You went out your way to get that…and when you had it you dropped me, and walked away." There was a moments silence then Sara spoke again, "We're over…you're free to be with who ever you want and do what you want. Don't let me stop you"

Catherine shook her head, "You don't know what I'm feeling Sara…you don't know how hard it was for me to end it with you"

"All I know is that I'm the one that was left feeling like shit Cath… and you know what's even worse. I'm such a loser that I still love you. Even now…" Sara explained. "Look, if its guilt you're feeling…don't…you don't have to even think about me from now on. You can fuck who ever the hell you like…" It was then that Sara picked up a double shot that she'd ordered and downed it before she picked up the tray of drinks and took off towards the table. She placed it down, "There you go guys … enjoy." She didn't give them a chance to speak – she reached for her own bottle before turning and disappearing into the crowed.

Nick looked over to Catherine who was still stood at the bar watching Sara leave before he spoke. "What the hells happened now."

Jess didn't even think, she stood up and took off after Sara.

She caught up with the brunette in the parking lot of the bar. She exited the bar just in time to see Sara slide into the driver's seat of her Denali. Jess ran towards the car and got in the other side. "Sara…what are you doing?"

"Going…" Was all Sara said as she searched through her pockets for the keys. She had the beer in one hand and the other rummaged through her jacket.

"You're drunk Sara…you can't drive"

"I don't care"

"Sara if you get caught it's your job …hell, it's your life - just, get out the car and I'll call a cab." Sara lent back in the chair, she managed to get the keys only to have them taken from her. Jess shook her head, "You can't drive in this state"

Sara honestly didn't care; she took a swig from the beer – before she closed her eyes. Willing to erase the past months she'd spent with Catherine – wanting to just forget it all. "Kiss me" she asked.

Jess stayed silent for a moment, and then she responded "You're drunk…" it was true Sara was drunk. Every time she pulled a round in for everyone she'd down a double at the bar. She had thought no one had seen it but, what did she expect when the group of friends were investigators?

Sara looked over to Jess, "I don't care… about any of it…Nick, work…it doesn't matter… just kiss me like you did the other day? Kiss me"

Jess shook her head, "I'm not a rebound option Sara. I'm not going to be your forget-about-the-ex-fuck. You hear me… don't do this!" her tone was strong and slightly angered.

"Why…in case I make an idiot out of myself. I think I've already succeeded in doing that don't you?" Sara smirked.

"No, because I won't let you use me…and because I know you're a good person who is just hurting right now and this is the drink talking"

Sara sat there, silence filled the gap before the smirk on her face faded and tears filled her eyes, "I love her you know"

Jess nodded, she put a comforting hand on Sara's arm, her whole tone changing "I know you do. I'm so sorry" Sara fell into the embrace that Jess offered. She wasn't crying, just leaning into the comfort. The other woman held her tight, been the friend that Sara needed. "Want me to call that cab now?"

Sara nodded. "Please"

"Okay…look… you sit out here then. I'll go back, tell the guys that I'll take you home and then we'll grab a cab"

Sara nodded her head. Then lent back in the chair and resumed slugging out of the bottle.

Jess did make it back into the club, and back to the table that now only had Nick and Greg sat at it. "Hey guys"

"Hey…did you find Sara?" Nick asked.

Jess nodded, "Yeah… I think she's had a bit too much to drink. I caught her trying to drive home" She explained holding up the keys. "I called a cab, I'm going to take her back to ours"

Nick just nodded, he didn't really want her to be left on her own. "Thanks Jess"

"No problem… where's the others?"

"Catherine is at the Bar with Warrick… he's trying to talk to her about it"

Jess just nodded. "One hell of a messy break up huh?" She asked.

Greg just nodded, as did Nick. "Make sure she's okay?" Nick asked.

Jess nodded her head. "Will do"


"Here's our cab" She explained, standing up from the bench that she'd sat on. Sara followed though she was less steady. She moved into the back seat- then Jess sat at her side. Shutting the door she called over to the Cabbie – "Hey, can you take us to Dickson Street?"

"Where?" Sara asked.

Jess turned to her, "I'm going to bring you back to Nick's…get you some coffee" She explained.

"I'm fine…you don't have to do that" Sara explained. "Just take me home"

"What so you can drink some more?" She asked, "I don't think so… just crash at Nick's and then I'll take you to get your car later on.

Sara shrugged her shoulders, honestly she gave up – she didn't want to fight this out anymore. She just lent her head back and closed her eyes. "I'm a fuckup…I'm sorry" She mumbled.

"Hey… I've had bad break ups Sara…and I've done a lot worse than you. It's fine. I'm not going to get all offended if you want to use me as your verbal punch bag. My sister went through divorce and I got the raw end of the deal for over three months" Jess smiled trying to reassure Sara. Though she was finding it hard not to do exactly what Sara wanted – she could just kiss her, be her out! She shook her head though; she knew she'd never do that.

As they sat there, Jess thought about how she'd ended up in this situation. It was no secret to either of the two that they were attracted to each other but this was something that Jess was finding hard to deal with. She'd never felt attracted to another woman before, not like this anyway. There was just something about Sara…and she knew she had to get over this – this attraction soon. "I really just want to go home"

"You got a bottle of liquor there you want to start on?" She asked knowingly.

Sara just shut her eyes again, "Maybe you should be the investigator…" Sara mumbled, "you like to question people"

Jess laughed it off.

Sara looked up "It's really over now isn't it?"

Jess nodded her head, "Yeah… I think it is"

Sara nodded her head. "I think I'm going to … put in for my leave…get the hell away from this place for a while"

Jess put her arm around the other woman, "Maybe that's for the best… get some you time to sort it all out"

Sara nodded. "Yeah…"