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A light burst through the darkness, spreading illumination over the room and it's occupant. The walls of the room were painted hot pink, neon green, and bright orange. Posters hung everywhere, displaying Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and dragons. Books of similar topics lay haphazardly on a bookshelf by a writing desk.

It was at this writing desk that the lone person in the room sat, opening a book entitled Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. This person was a teenage girl. She was of medium height. She was not 'fat,' but had a bit of a stomach which she always tried to hide. Her hair was strawberry-blonde, but looked somewhat brown in the partial light. And her golden-brown eyes, framed by purple-rimmed glasses, sparkled with unhidden glee as she looked down at her book.

And so she began to read. Hours passed, yet she did not put the book down. At around 2:30, her head began to droop, and at three, she laid her head on the book and fell fast asleep.

A shadow moved behind her. Another person was in the room. He was tall with long, white hair and an equally long beard. He gazed down at the girl through half-moon spectacles perched on his crooked nose and smiled benignly. He looked casually over her shoulder at the book, where he read:

'The sunlight was dazzling on the smooth surface of the lake, on the bank of which the group of laughing girls who had just left the Great Hall were sitting with shoes and socks off, cooling their feet in the water.

Lupin had pulled out a book and was reading. Sirius stared around at the students milling over the grass, looking rather haughty and bored, but very handsomely so. James was still playing with the Snitch, letting it zoom farther away, almost escaping but always grabbed at the last second. Wormtail was watching him with his mouth open. Every time James made a particularly difficult catch,…'

It was here that the page ended and the next page was obscured by the girls head.

"Ah…" the man whispered. "The Marauders." He looked directly at the girl. "Do you like the Marauders?" The girl nodded in her sleep. "Would you like to meet them?" She nodded once more, a small smile creeping onto her face. The man chuckled. "I thought you would say that." He rolled up his sleeves and pointed a wand at here. He muttered a spell under his breath, waved his wand, and she disappeared.

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