The Terminator Spoof!



Sarah Connor is walking down the road, when suddenly -

Kyle (running up to Sarah, clearly out of breath): "We don't have much time! Your un-conceived son's future self has sent me here to kill the armed robot who is trying to murder you."

Sarah (in a patronising tone): "That's nice dear. Now just take some big deep breaths for me." (Starts dialling 999)

Kyle: "No – you don't understand. I'm telling the truth!"

Everyone: "Is that man insane?"

Kyle (desperately): "Your future son is going to rule the world and I'm here to help him. Please listen!"

Sarah: "Just breathe into this paper bag for me. Nice and slowly. The ambulance will be here shortly. Now - how many fingers am I holding up?"

Kyle: "Please – there isn't time! I'M FROM THE FUTURE!"

Sarah (gasping in sudden realisation): "Oh the future? Why didn't you say so before? That's the most rational and logical explanation I've ever heard. Now it all makes sense! From now on I will believe every single word you say."

Kyle: "Phew."

Shots are heard.

Kyle: "Let's get out of here."

They get out of there.





The Terminator is strolling down the road.

Everyone: "Oh my goodness, look at that man over there! He's wearing shades and a black leather jacket. He must be the most evil man ever to walk the planet."

The Terminator offers to help an old lady across the road.

Old lady (punching him violently): "Get away from me, you evil man!"

Everyone agrees that the man really is evil.


Many years later:

Sarah: "My goodness – I just sneezed! I do believe that this is the most bizarre and unbelievable thing that has ever happened to me!"

Friend: "How about that time someone came from the future and told you that your son was going to rule the world?"

Sarah (suddenly remembering the episode in question): "Oh yes, I'd forgot about that!"

Friend: "And how about that robot, also from the future, that tried to kill you repeatedly?"

Sarah: "Oh yes, I'd forgot about that!"



Heheheeheeeeee! This isn't meant to be insulting in any way! I LOVE The Terminator. I just think it's hilarious how Sarah thinks it's completely normal for someone from the future to drop onto her doorstep!