Author's Note: Some material in these very short stories are not intended for younger readers. If you're offended by inter-robot relations (aka "interfacing"), I suggest you back up and go to another, more palatable venue. :D These tales are clearly marked by either title or in a short note. The reader should consider all material, unless otherwise noted, part of the Solarflare Chronicles canon.

Naughty Solarflare
Featuring Prowl

Slowly, she unwound the silky blue and white scarf from around her neck and looped it in generous folds along the white-and-black's neck.

"Solarflare …" he breathed, optics wide and flashing complicated equations as his battle computer struggled to process this unfamiliar information.

A wicked grin stretched from audio to audio on the avian femme's sharp-planned face. She responded by tightening the band around Prowl's neck. "Say it again, commander. This time with a little more feeling," she fairly purred, holding the scarf with one hand and running her other down his chest, talons out.

Air rattled in his ventilators. "Solarflare."

"Flare," she pronounced, winding the scarf up until it was snug against his neck cords.

"Flare," he repeated obediently, fingers twitching. He had to hold himself back, this was Mirage's bondmate! The self-same mech who had given him a thinly-veiled threat regarding the consequences in relation to coming near her again in anything less than a professional capacity.

Her gold optics searched his, and she stood on her toes, lip components at his chin. "Come, Prowl. It's all right. I swear. It's what you wanted, isn't it?"

Loyalty, honor, compassion, patience. He'd wait her out.

But there was no denying the avian femme. Using scarf and claws, she pulled him close, black lips locking onto his, teeth biting hard.

"Fll-aarr-rrrre …" he moaned, digging his fingers into her plating, pulling her short, thin form to his chest.


"Have that on tape?" Sunstreaker asked his brother.

Sideswipe laughed quietly. "Oh, slag yeah. This is gonna be good, man."

The yellow warrior smirked. "Who'd'a thought ol' Prowl talks in recharge?"