When Love Find Its Way


Chapter 1: Another Natsume

"Natsukue! Natsukue!" a childish voice voiced out. A young girl about 4-years old with dashing purple eyes and long straight blonde hair following a certain boy who did something very interesting to her.

"Catch me if you can!" A singing and dancing young boy about 5-years old spoke.

They ran along the wide thoroughfare of their school. The people stared at them and sighed. It was their always routine and still they haven't change. Well, the girl wanted for a change. The other? I don't think so.

The boy stopped and jogged in his place. He raised his brow and lifted his right hand. "Hi, mom." He said calmly. He turned his head to find the other people who are with the person of what he-so-called mom. "So the animal brat and the inventing mummy are here." He said.

A beautiful girl with auburn wavy hair and brown eyes sweat-dropped. The only man (animal brat) was stopping his wife in using her invention to the rude boy.

"Hotaru, honey, don't take him seriously." Animal brat said.

"How dare you call me a mummy? I'll kill you!" Hotaru said raising his hands, which are preoccupied by her invention. If Mikan has a baka gun, Natsukue has a pervert gun. Hotaru made it especially for him.

"Ruka, can you do something? Hotaru is becoming a demon again." Said the wavy-brown haired lady.

"Sorry Mikan. She's so unstoppable." Said the guy named Ruka.

Natsukue was smiling. Now, he's being chase by his Aunt Hotaru. Well, not actually aunt but he considered her as one since she's her mom's best friend. Oh, I forgot to tell you that there's another girl who was chasing Natsukue.

"Natsukue! Give that back to me!"

Hotaru stopped and looked around. She followed the voice of her daughter. "Ruruka…" She said. Hotaru showed her camera and smiled wickedly. Something happened again. This will be exciting.

Natsukue chuckled and ran. And the two ran and ran until their feet found a place, a place that will let them be alone for a while. Natsukue smirked as an idea came to him. Hmm… why don't we try?

He stopped and turned around to face the girl. The girl also stopped exhaling rapidly because of the long run.

"Hey, baka!" He said.

"What!" The girl said still gasping for air.

This is going to be exciting. He smiled wickedly.

"If you really want this. You have to win in my game."

Ruruka stood up and stared angrily at him. "Don't play dumb. Give that back to me!"

"No! You have to win in my game first!"

"Okay, okay! What game?" She said impatiently.

Natsukue's eyes sparkled. "First…" This is so much fun. "You have to do this-" He extended his mouth in a way that you-know-what.

"Huh? What! Like this-?" Then Ruruka followed what he did. She also extended her mouth.

Natsukue's eyes sparkled again. Got you! Then he ran towards Ruruka to…


Kiss her…

Ruruka was shocked. She moved backward as a hint of blush came across her face. She paused. Natsukue smiled.

"What was that for!"

Natsukue put his hands on his pocket. "Well, I'm sorry but I won the game."

"Huh? That's the game?"


"What do you call that?"

"It is called the mouth-to-mouth-attempt-game."

"What? What are the rules?"

Natsukue smiled so silly. "The one who attempts to do the mouth-to-mouth will win. And I did the attempt so I won." He said as he chuckled. "Sorry but you can't have this only if you can win my game." My dirty game.

"What! Well, I'm not gonna loose." She said as she chased Natsukue for her to do the mouth-to-mouth thing.

"Haha! Do you think you can do that to me! Never!" You're so baka, Ruruka!

She extended her mouth still chasing the boy.

Ruruka was still chasing him. Another idea came to Natsukue. He stopped. And when she was about that close to him, he lifted a cloth that will serve as his shield to her attempt-kiss. She froze and moved backward. Her eyes were filled of water. Then she sniffed… sniffed… and cried.

"Ah…ah… ah…" She wailed.

Natsukue raised a brow. She cried because she was kissed by her own panty! He thought in disbelief.

"Ah… I hate you! Natsukue!"

The three adults were following the kids a while ago but lost them. Thank goodness they heard a cry.

"Is that Ruruka?" Ruka said.

"Yeah, I guess." Mikan said.

Hotaru smiled and set her camera.

They followed the noise and found Ruruka and Natsukue there. Ruruka was on the ground wailing. Natsukue just stare.

"What happened? Ruruka?" Ruka said lifting the little girl in his arms.

"Daddy!" She cried.

"What did you do to her this time, Natsukue?" Mikan said crossing her arms.

"Nothing." He answered honestly.

Hotaru just stood there and take some shots.

"I don't believe you!"

"Well. She only kissed her own underwear." He said honestly.

Hotaru chuckled. Ruka almost chuckled but didn't do because Ruruka might hear him. Mikan almost chuckled, then her face turned to annoyance.

"And how did she got kissed her own underwear, huh?"

"Well, I have it." Then he showed her polka-dotted underwear to the elders. Hotaru almost laugh. Ruka chuckled then stopped because Ruruka might hear him. Mikan almost laughed. She took a deep breath.

"How did you got her underwear?" She thought and smiled because of her son's err… strangeness. So much like his dad.

"She left it in the C.R." He smiled this time.

"Oh… I see." Mikan blinked. "How did you got it? Did you go to the girl's C.R.?" She asked.

Natsukue smiled wickedly. "Actually…" His eye's sparkled. "She left it in our C.R." (boy's C.R.)

Silence. Then.

"Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!" All of them laughed so hard. Hotaru also laughed touching her own stomach. Ruka cannot take it and laughed also. Ruruka cried harder. Mikan laughed and hugged her boy.

"Good boy. You did a great job. If anyone find that panty, I'm sure Ruruka will get in trouble. Good thing you took it." Mikan said.

"I know, mommy. And good thing I'm the only one who saw it."

Hotaru took some pictures. Ruka embraced his daughter and comforted her. "I'm sorry Ruruka. The way Natsukue tells the story is so funny I just couldn't help it." His mouth puffed. Must-control-myself. But failed because he laughed again.

"You all monsters! I hate you!" She stood up and glared at Natsukue. "I'll kill you!" She chaise Natsukue again. Natsukue ran and laughed wickedly.

Mikan watched as his son enjoy his life. He's so much like his father. The hair. The skin. The nose. The hands. And attitude. It seems like he only got my eyes and smiles. She thought when suddenly…

BOOG! Natsukue fell on the ground.

Mikan sweat-dropped. Except for the part that he got my clumsiness.

Ruruka couldn't stop herself and fell down on top of Natsukue. Her skirt lifted giving a full appearance of her swelling butt.

Hotaru took a picture and chuckled. Ruka laughed. Mikan laughed.

Ruka stopped for a moment. An idea made him stunned. He looked at Hotaru with a terrifying face. "Umm… honey. Why is that our daughter is so stupid?" He asked.

Hotaru stopped and stared at her husband with a terrifying face. "Now that you mentioned it, I wonder that myself."

Both of them froze. Their eyes narrowed as a thought came to them. Are we stupid? They asked their selves.

Don't worry Hotaru and Ruka. Stupidity is not something that can be inherited. It's a natural talent given for special kids picked by our creator.