Hooray! First Zelda Fanfic Ever! I've played most of the Zelda games, and I hated the fact that Link hardly ever smiles, and well, he's just too good to be true. So essentially this fic is: What would Happen if Link stopped saving the world?Well firstly he'd need a reason not to, and Zelda getting married is a perfect excuse for me! And then the rest is: What would happen to the world if Link turned Evil? Enjoy!

It had been seven years since he had left again. Not on a quest to save the world, but a more personal one. He said that he had to find a dear friend again, and that he'd be back soon…he still hadn't come back. She stood up at the tallest point of the castle, overlooking both the castle grounds and the city below, staring straight out into the open wild fields of Hyrule. Seven years was a very, very long time, she realized. Staring out at the vast grasslands, she wondered how on earth a ten-year old could possibly cross the field to the castle from the forest all by himself.

"Your Highness?" called a maid from behind her. Zelda, Princess of Hyrule turned slightly to look at the woman.


"The preparations to the dress are almost complete, would your highness care to see how it fits?" asked the woman timidly.

Zelda sighed inwardly. She had nearly forgotten all about her wedding. Her father, the King, had decided that it was high time she had gotten married, and had selected a handsome, charming, young lord's son to be her husband. He could fight to protect her if need be, but he was no hero. He was friendly, but he lacked charisma and charm.

She sat in the courtyard, by the window she used to peer through into the castle throne room as a child. She missed him so much. With Impa gone as a Sage of Shadow, he had been her only true friend and connection to the past future she had experienced. She missed his handsome face, his golden hair, sparkling blue eyes, even that ridiculous earring of his; but most of all, she missed that goofy warm smile of his. She wondered where he was, if he was alright. She didn't believe him to be dead, for after all, he was the Hero of Time. It's not like the Hero of Time could be cut down in some random mountain pass by a bandit. In fact a bandit shouldn't be much to someone like him.

One down, nine more to go. This was so unfair! Ten heavily armed bandits, who all seemed to weigh at least, five times as much as he did, against a nineteen year old boy who only had a bow and arrow, at close quarters. One man fell down gurgling with an arrow jammed inside his throat at a very odd angle. If he had a sword, these guys wouldn't be around to talk. Why did he have to get big? If he had stayed the same size, he could still use most of the swords he found as a kid in Termina, Holodrum and Labrynna. But no, he had to grow to be six feet tall…He dodged a swipe from one man's blade. The man's swipe, carried by his own momentum, ended up lopping off the head of one of his companions, sending a spray of blood up into the air. Glancing to his left, Link noticed one man coming at him with a straight, downward chop. Rolling to the right, he dodged the chop. Said chop took of the foot of the person right next to Link, causing the man to fall backwards into another bandit's outstretched spear, which consequently snapped, sending splinters into the air, which ended up blinding the man with the spear. The remaining bandits took one look at all their companions and ran as if a Moblin was after them.

I have got to be the luckiest guy in the world… thought Link, staring around him. Spotting a sword, he picked it up and tested it out. It wasn't that good, but it would do for now. He seriously doubted it would be able to withstand his stronger techniques. But then again, he probably wouldn't need to fight anymore. Peace was in the land again. He was home.