Impa dashed across the ruins of Hyrule Castle Town to get to the Temple of Time. That last explosion had sent everyone flying. She had been pretty sure the fight had started at the Temple, but somehow it had dragged her halfway across the city…It irritated her to know that she had merely been fighting a doppelganger and had gotten her butt kicked. She was lucky that Link had shown up, and was now drawing all of the Fierce Deity's attention and power. Impa seriously felt sorry for him. Knowing him as a boy, and having trained him a bit, she knew that there was no greater klutz than Link-whatever-his-last-name-was.

No one really knew where he had come from, and he didn't know either. The only one who had known had been the Deku Tree, and he was dead now, not that Link was exceptionally eager to know who his biological Hylian parents had been. From what she had observed of him before he went on his rampage throughout Hyrule, he didn't see himself as one of Hyrule's citizens. Link considered himself as an overgrown Kokiri, ridiculously large for his race or some sort of strange mutant from the norm lacking the gene to prevent aging. He had yet to prove such a thing of being possible, because as far as science went, there was no explanation for the forever young children of the forest. They didn't even go through puberty, so inter-species reproduction was unheard of.

One theory Link had come up with had something to do with prokaryotes, bacterial reproduction, binary fission and conjugation. Zelda had called him an idiot, saying that Link couldn't possibly be a bacterium, since his body was made up of eukaryotic cells. His argument had become incredibly complex, when he began to speak of the origins of mitochondria and their separate reproduction from a cell, and their genetic information. He went further on to the origins of life all coming from prokaryotic cells and Archaebacteria. Zelda had settled the argument by smashing, in a very unladylike manner, a large biology text book over his head. From then on the King had forbidden Zelda and Link to attend scientific lectures and from arguing about whether Link was Hylian or not. The boy was the Hero of Time, and one of Hyrule's most loyal subjects.

Link hadn't been too happy about that, and knocked the King down shouting that he was Kokiri and that he didn't want to be called the Hero of Time. Zelda had agreed slightly, saying that what Link had done, didn't exactly constitute absolute control over time. He could move day's forward, speed time up, slow it down, he could travel seven years backwards and forward through time, but he didn't exhibit any control over it. He couldn't undo things, or re-live his life and make things happen differently. Otherwise, getting rid of Ganondorf would have happened a long, long time ago. He probably would have died through an unfortunate accident…Possibly a knife through his heart as an infant…

Impa had gotten furious with Link after that for attacking the king, but he had been only eleven, so it was to be expected. Link was still very childish in some aspects…well Impa hadn't seen him for a while so she wasn't sure, but she was willing to bet that he still slurped his noodles…

The Temple of Time seemed to be in pretty good condition, despite a few scorch marks from where Darunia had called down a shower of fire, that had almost gotten them all killed. That hadn't even fazed the Fierce Deity. He had just waved a hand and the wind changed direction. Fighting against a power like that was just unfair…she did not envy Link's position at all. An explosion near the back told Impa that something had happened. She hoped Link wasn't dead. If he was, the Princess would be inconsolable. The Princess loved Link, despite how big an idiot he could be. It wasn't surprising to her…it seemed kind of romantic in a way, yet extraordinarily awkward at the same time.

They hadn't seen each other in over seven years, and they had never really known each other to begin with. Yet it was incredibly obvious that Link liked the Princess a lot. Why else would he constantly save the world in her name, much less get so pissed off at her wedding? Impa seriously doubted that Link had simply been angry because he hadn't been invited. The same was obvious on Zelda's part, yet her father had been willfully ignorant of it. The King of Hyrule had really been a stubborn old man now that she thought about it. He had continued to insist on formalities and tradition. It had been a bad idea to marry Zelda to that Rath boy, or whatever his name was. The King knew that it would end badly. The old man had probably wanted Zelda to be married before Link came back. What a jerk…thought Impa as she continued to run for the temple.


"Wow, that's some pretty cool magic you've got there…" remarked Nabooru as she watched Midral heal the Princess.

"Sheikah witchcraft, if you listen to what the Hylian townspeople say…" said the Dark Sheikah man off handedly. "This isn't that bad…" he muttered to himself, as he continued to move his hands above the Princess's body. It was kind of cool the way he was levitating the Princess, and how his hands were glowing with a strange light that caused all the Princess's injuries to close up and heal…

"Say, once this is all over, how about you come with me to Gerudo Desert and join up with my gang?" asked Nabooru.

"Me? with Gerudo? Surrounded by women? Are you kidding me? I could barely handle baby-sitting Brynna!"

"I fail to see the relevance of that…" muttered Saria softly.

"Well…" Midral simply returned his gaze to Zelda's injuries. He had obviously lost the argument and now had nothing to say. Men were always like that, except for maybe Link. When Link lost, he turned it into a victory, maybe even if it was only in his head, but he always won when he lost. How that worked sometimes, was always beyond her.


He didn't know how long this had been going on for. How long he had been here, how long he had been fighting…he just didn't know anything now. All he knew was that he had to beat this guy, no matter what. The Fierce Deity must be sealed…he told himself again and again, every time he felt himself moving slower, running out of breath, feeling weakness in his arms… Rage wasn't helping either… Link had just watched Darunia, Ruto, and Rauru all get beaten to a bloody pulp when they had tried to help him. He didn't know if they were dead…he didn't want to know. He just wanted to beat the crap out of this white-haired freak for all the pain he had caused everyone.

"I'm getting bored…" said the Fierce Deity, dodging every one of Link's attacks. This was so unfair…this guy practically saw his every move hours before he had even done anything.

"This ends now…" he said, just as Link swung his sword in a downward chop. The God easily caught the sword in one armored hand, and with that arm, still holding the sword, lifted Link upwards. A long slender blade appeared in the Fierce Deity's free hand and he stabbed Link in the shoulder, sending excruciating pain throughout the boy's body. He threw Link to the ground.

"Did you seriously think you could beat me?" asked the Fierce Deity.

"That thought may have crossed my mind…" gasped Link through the pain. That had definitely punctured a lung…

"Humorous to the last…you never really did know when to shut up…nor when to give up, despite how hopeless it was…" smirked the god, holding the Master Sword.

"Did you pathetic fools honestly believe that this worthless piece of wood and metal could defeat me?" asked the god. With barely any effort on his part, the Fierce Deity shattered the Master Sword within his hands.

OH crap…now how on earth are we gonna seal Ganondorf again? thought Link morosely. Damn that meant a crapload more of work on his part if he survived this…

How could he win in a situation like this?! He was alone, wounded, weaponless, and he was pretty sure that blood was beginning to displace the air in his lungs…How was he going to get out of this one?

I'm gonna die…I'm really gonna die…

How long had it been since he had felt this way…? Everything hopelessly against him, and Fate didn't really seem to be on his side…Actually, quite recently, he recalled, bringing to mind multiple scenarios he had been in…

"Then kill me already…" he gasped. Shit.

Lungs + Hole + Blood Very Very Bad

The Fierce Deity remained silent.

"You've beaten me, so kill me," said Link.

"Now is not that time for that. Just a bit longer…" said the God. He paused.

"I wish for you to watch your friends die excruciatingly painful deaths…preferably I would have preferred for you to have the opportunity to watch the world burn, but that seems out of the question now…"

Why had the Fierce Deity paused for at least 2.5 seconds before the next bit? The white-haired freak had seemed a bit sincere when he had said that first bit. Did that mean that he really didn't want Link to die just yet? Link's finger twitched. Yeah…that was probably it…

The Fierce Deity had inhabited his body…so maybe, maybe there was still some connection to him. That's why he didn't want him to die just yet. If Link died, he brought the Fierce Deity down with him. So…the only way to stop this man would be to die…

Crap…I've lost my sword, I've got a knife sticking through my shoulder. There's blood pouring into my lungs, and now I can only think of ways to die quicker…Some hero I am…If this doesn't work, I'll just be the greatest idiot of all time…

Link doubted he had the strength to pull that knife out of his shoulder. If he died faster, then the Fierce Deity would disappear faster, but if he took longer, then the god's manifestation in this world could complete itself, and then everyone would be dead.

Link moved his non-stabbed hand towards his chest.

"It's useless. You barely have the strength to move now, do you?"

That was true, Link barely had the strength to say Shut up, but he had to concentrate so hard on this simple task.

Slowly his hand reached into his shirt. He couldn't really believe he had kept it with him for so long, never really using it.

Man this is so not going to be hygienic…he thought as he got his fingers around his weapon. How old was this thing? Ten years old? Older? Who knew how long it had been inside that place!!! Come to think of it, that place had been disgusting, and most definitely unhygienic…it was a wonder he hadn't gotten sick and died from something there…

Well anyway, this was seriously going to hurt, and if he didn't die from this, he'd hate himself…


Blood sprayed everywhere…The whole world went black with tinges of red along the edges.

"She's coming round…That's good…" she heard a voice say.

"Link…?" she said weakly.

"Sorry, no such luck. I am nowhere near that good-looking," a vaguely familiar sarcastic voice chuckled.

Here eyes flickered open.

She found herself staring into a pair of red-eyes.

"Midral?" she said surprised. She hadn't expected to see him of all people here. She barely knew the guy, and here he was…had he rescued her?

"Yeah if you want to hear it that way..." he said, as if reading her thoughts.

"HOORAYYYYY!!!!" cheered Brynna, jumping up and down for joy.


"Where's Link?" asked Zelda groggily, as she rose to her feet.

"He's fighting the other meanie mister."

Just then a loud scream echoed through the air. She could recognize that voice anywhere…



Link stared up at the dark sky. He had thought that maybe at least, the sky would clear up just a little bit. He began to gasp for his breath. Breathing had become just that hard. It was a task keeping his eyes open so he shut them, focusing on breathing. Who knew that he had stabbed just the right spot in his chest…The Fierce Deity was gone and not a trace of him was left. He had just vanished. Gone. As if he had never really been there…Just that the destruction that was around him said that he had existed. Link knew that there was no way he was going to live through this. He had had to go deep to root out that last bit…Man did it hurt…Stabbing himself with a blunt object had not really been a good idea, but he didn't have much else besides his boomerang that had an edge.

At least it worked…he thought feeling his lips turn up in a slight smile. He guessed that if he went, he wouldn't have any regrets now…


Well…maybe he would have one…


She gasped in horror at what she saw. Link, her child hood friend…his green and white clothes stained red from blood, most likely his. A knife in his shoulder, and his yellow boomerang sticking out from his chest… Zelda began to shake uncontrollably. He couldn't be…No…he couldn't.

"LINK!!!!" she heard everyone else shout behind her.

"Princess, are you alright?" she barely heard Impa behind her ask.

"H-how…why?" Zelda stammered, trying to put her thoughts to word, as she approached Link's body, dropping to her knees before him.

"H-Hey…I…I'm not dead yet…" she heard Link's voice whisper weakly.

"T-There was…no other…way…" he gasped, "No time…to explain…no time…ha ha…I…just wanted to get it over with…I…such an idiot…" he chuckled softly before coughing blood.

"N-No…Link…you can't…You can't just leave now…"

"S-sorry guys…" he said looking around at the people who were all hovering over him.

"Midral, can you…?" started Zelda, turning towards the Dark Sheikah, who merely shook his head.

"This guy is so screwed. Almost every vital organ he's got has been pierced…I give him five minutes to live…most likely less…" he said, counting on his fingers.

"Z-Zelda…" She turned to Link's face, crying.

"I…I…I think you're pretty…" he managed to gasp, before his eyes rolled back into his head.

"Okay, definitely less than five minutes…" commented Midral, glancing up at the sky.

"How can you say something like that at a time like this?!?!" demanded Saria, tears streaming down her face.

"Because from what Brynna's doing over there, none of this will have ever happened," grinned Midral, pointing at the little girl who seemed to be drawing a large circle around the entire Temple of Time.

Zelda didn't know what to do. Right now…she wasn't sure what to think. Link was dead, which was, on the topic of death, naturally a saddening event…but what he had said to her… ' I think you're pretty.' Of ALL the things he could have had as a dying line…A part of her was mad at him for not telling her that he loved her, but a majority of her was hopelessly depressed and emotionally damaged from his death.

"Cheer up Lady!!!" shouted a child's voice from nearby. Zelda turned to see Brynna standing right in front of her.

"I'm gonna make all the bad stuff go away…" she said, poking the Princess' forehead. In an instant, Zelda found herself staring into absolute darkness.

"Wha-What??" she stammered surprised.

You'll have five minutes to remember everything…please don't tell anyone I'm doing this…Time reversal goes against the laws of Nature and the Order of the Universe…In fact…I'm going against my very own existence…I'm not alive in that place…Say hi to Mister for me!! she heard Brynna's voice say cheerfully.

Bye bye lady!!


When Zelda opened her eyes, the first person she saw was a young Link, standing across from her in the castle Courtyard, just like all those years ago…

They stared at each other in silence for a full two minutes, neither of them breaking it, until Zelda finally brought up the courage to say something.

" 'I Think you're pretty'??? That was the only thing you could tell me?!?!?" she said angrily.

"Well, excuse me Princess, but I was dying from a highly painful wound from ramming a boomerang into my heart," retorted the young Link, "And it took you two minutes to finally say something?? Now we've got less than 3 minutes to remember everything"

"I'm sorry Mr. Hero of Time, but the shock of your superbly lame dying line rendered me speechless, due to its extensive lameness!!!"

"What kind of insult is that?? You used lame twice!! You could of used 'uncool' or a more sophisticated word!!"

"WHAT?!?!?" shrieked Zelda, "Are you insulting my choice of language, you stupid, uneducated…overgrown Kokiri!!!"

"OH god, not this argument again…"


Sigh it's finally over…sorry for the exceptionally crappy ending…but I had to end it. The main idea of the ending was going to happen no matter what but…there was going to be a lot more things in between…just that putting it all into a document…Too much trouble…Well, if you want to read more Zelda stuff by me, wait until I post the sequel to this…which will happen…maybe sometime soon, or not…So…if you hate me for this ending…MWAHAHAHAHA!!!! You'd hate Second Chances more…

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