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Fushugi Yugi: Dansei Tsure

By Ten-Faced Paladin

Chapter 1: The Mysterious Priestess and the Stalwart Knight

The schoolday had been pretty slow. The entire class seemed pretty into the lesson. All except two people. One was a girl named Miaka. She was the usual fifteen-year old girl who had her black hair done up in buns. She was slumped against her desk and was muttering something about food.

The other person who seemed uninterested in the lesson was a boy named Matthew McKinnon. He was an exchange student who had lucked out for where he was. He was tall for his age and had brown hair which was sligthly shaggy. He was only disinterested because he had read ahead of the class and knew the material already. Well, that and that he was sending a glance or two at Miaka. He hated to admit it but he was attracted to the sleeping girl. She just looked so cute when she was sleeping.

The teacheer was talking about the subject when he suddenly noticed Miaka sleeping on her desk. He huffed in annoyance and started walking towards Miaka with a stern glance. The class was snickering and Matthew was no different. As the teacher came closer, Miaka suddenly became more distressed about something.

"Gimmie back my food!" she shrieked as she stood up quickly with her eyes shut.

"Gimmie back my cakes! My Noodles! My Pizza! You mean ghosts! Give it back!" she shrieked. With every shout she managed to kick the teacher.

She had picked up the desk to smash it on her 'evil ghosts' when Yui, the school brain, managed to catch her attention.

"Uh..Miaka. That was the teacher," she commented dryly.

Miaka finally opened her eyes and looked down. The teacher was sprawled on the ground with what seemed to be missing teeth. She began to laugh nervously as most of the other students began to sweatdrop.

"Well, whaddaya know," she laughed. "It was just a dream."

She heard someone snorting and everyone turned to see Matthew leaning over his desk trying to hold in his laughter. Miaka frowned as her eyebrow began twitching. She didn't like that exchange guy very much. He was always quiet and didn't talk to people very often. She knew because she tried to be friends with him. She had to help Yui show him around when he first came. The whole time he barely said anything. She thought he was just rude.

"So," Matthew smiled. "Since the teacher's out cold, can we go early?"


"Ugh, I got in so muich trouble," Miaka sighed as her and her friends were eating at McDonalds.

"What did you expect?" Yui remarked. "Entrance exams are getting close and you're sleeping in class."

Suddenly, a voice spoke from the next booth, "In trouble? I'm surprised she wasn't arrested for assault!"

Miaka looked up alongside Yui and they were both looking into Matthew's eyes. He was leaning against the top of the seat.

"Who asked you?" Miaka frowned.

"Hi Matt," Yui smiled.

"Hey Yui," Matthew smiled. "And Miaka, I'm not saying it to be rude. Really. I'm saying it because it seemed like you knocked some teeth loose."

"Anyway," Miaka huffed, turning back to conversation. "What about the high school exams?"

"That's right!" Miaka's friend nodded. "Aren't you trying to get into Yotsubadi High Shcool?"

"Actually," Miaka replied as she chomped into her burger. "I'm trying for the school with that uniform."

She pointed over to another table where some high school girls were sitting. Miaka's friends gasped as they saw Matthew scratched his head n slight confusion while Yui just sighed.

"Are you kidding?" one of the girls shouted. "That's Jonan High! The top in the entire city!"

"What's the big deal?" Matthew asked. "I'm still getting some stuff in Japan so call me ignorant but an eduacation is an education isn't it?"

"It's Jonan High!" Miaka's friends shriekd, causing him to sweatdrop. "Only the smartest people get in there! The exam is a terror! But if you can get in you get some high quality schooling!"

"If you say so," Matthew shrugged.

"So what school are you going to try for?" Yui asked in curiosity.

"I don't know if I'll be able to," Matthew sighed. "My time here is almost up and I don't know if they'll let me stay longer or if they want to call me back."

"That's too bad," Yui sighed. "But if you can stay, what school would you go to?"

"Yotsubadai," Matt replied. "Familiar faces and not as tense. I want to go where I'm not being examined and practically alone."

"Seems a little low to me," Yui commented. "I saw your grades. You could get into Jonan with me."

Matthew just shrugged. Miaka looked at her watch and put her burger back down.

"Hey Yui," she asked. "Can I copy your notes for today? I need them before cram school starts."

"Sure," Yui nodded. "But We'll have to get to the library. I need to check out some books."

"Mind if I join you?" asked Matthew. "I've been meaning to head over there."

"Sure," Yui smiled. "But you'd better keep up."

Miaka's eye started twitching but she didn't argue. The three teens left their booths and headed for the door.


At the central library, Yui and Miaka were writing notes furiously while looking through books, Matthew was reading through some books and mythology. He was intersted in tales and folklore of other countries. Miaka had just finished telling what her dream was about.

"You were being chased by teachers?" Yui asked incrediously.

"I've just be studying into the night lately." Miaka sighed.

"I know you're doing this for your mom, but you've got to take it easy," Yui frowned.

"I agree," Matthew nodded. "If you keep like this you'll miss everything that makes being a teenager fun."

Miaka looked to the floor in deep thought. She didn't really want to go to Jonan, but her mom was just so excited at the prospect of Miaka going there. She wanted to make her mom happy but there was no way she was going to get in.

While she was thinking, she dropped her pen on the ground. It rolled down a corridor of shelves and Miaka was quick to follow it. Yui followed quickly while Matthew followed out of curiosity. Miaka finally caught her pen, but they found a door to what seemed to be a private part of the library.

"What's this room for?" Yui asked in curiosity.

Miaka reached for the door when somethign unexpected happened. The entire room started shaking. Miaka shrieked along with Yui and the two of them leaped into the room in front of them. Matthew quickly followed, seeing it as a good idea.

As they steppid in, the shaking stopped. Matthew breathed a sigh of relief. Yui held her hand over her heart in relief.

"Is it over?" Miaka squeaked in fear.

"I think so," Yui confirmed. "What kind of earthquake was that?"

Miaka's attention was diverted when a book fell from the shelf. Yui was examining all the rare titles on the shelves as Matthew and Miaka looked at the book that had fallen.

"Hey Yui," Miaka called. "Look at this."

Yui looked and read the title of the book.

"Universe of the Four Gods?" she asked. "What the heck is that?"

"Sounds like the Saint Beasts to me," Matthew commented.

"Looks like a Japanese translation to a Chinese story," Miaka added. "Let's read!"

Herein contains th tale if a mere youth's quest to gather the seven constellations of Suzaku together.

"What's a Suzaku?" Miaka asked

"I dunno," Yui replied. "A sort of peacock I guess."

"He's a god," Matthew answered. "A pheonix god of the south. Calling him a peacock would be an insult."

"Oh," both girls commented.

And If you, the esteemed reader, should read to the story's end, the spell contained within shall bestow upon you the powers of this brave youth, and grant you your wish. For indeed the moment th page is turned, the story will become reality.

"So if we read it then our wish will come true?" Miaka asked excitedly. "Sign me up!"

"You really don't believe that crap do you?" Miaka frowned.

"You never know," Matthew smiled. "We're talking about a god here."

The room started shaking again and Miaka squealed in fear. Both her and Yui dropped the book. Matthew saw books falling from the shelves and he covered both girls with his body so he would take the brunt of the damage. What none of them saw was that as the book fell, the page turned.

The rumbing quickly grew silent as all three of them anticipated something painful. Miaka and Yui opened their eyes and Matthew dared to look up. They were rendered speechless by what they were looking at. They definitely weren't in the library anymore. They were on a plain wich had several trees on it and a clear sky.

"I don't think we're in Kansas anymore," Matthew gulped.

"Where are we?" Miaka whispered, not hearing the last comment.

"Miaka?" Yui asked. "Does this hurt?"

Yui then planted an elbow into Miaka's head. Miaka started growling. She then planted a punch into Yui's chin.

"Of course that hurt!" she shrieked.

"Well, then if you are feeling pain then this can't be a dream," Matthew observed.

"Then where are we!" Miaka shriekd

"It sure ain't the land of Oz," Matthew smirked.

"I can handle the library being gone," Miaka trembled. "But thre's no Denny's or McDonalds or even even a simple ramen shop here!"

"Is food all you think about!" Yui shrieked.

Further argument was halted when Yui was suddenly hefted over a burly looking guy's shoulder.

"Aiee!" she shrieked.

"Hey!" Matthew shouted.

"Yui!" Miaka gasped.

The man lifted Yui up and grinned to his companion.

"She's a jewel!"he snickered.

"We'll make a fortune of her," his buddy agreed.

They had obviously chosen to ignore Matthew and Miaka. Matthew got up with his fists clenched, ready to fight. Before he really could though, Miaka suddenly spoke up.

"Nice outfits," she commented. "You guys dancers or something?"

The men facefautled. Matthew did too. Of all the stupid things to say in the conversation, that had to be one of the dumbest.

"you little brat!" the man who held Yiu shouted. "We're slavers!"

"What!" Miaka shrieked.

"A little help Miaka!" Yui cried.

Miaka tackled the first slaver in the chest. The assault surprised the man so much that he dropped her onto the ground. Matthew managed to lay a punch onto the second slaver, knocking him back.

"Run Yui!" Miaka cried.

The surprise didn't last long as the slavers quickly retaliated. One punched Matthew in the face and put him into the dirt. The other one slapped Miaka so to get her to stand back.

"You little twerp!" the man growled, preparing to hit her again.

Miaka closed her eyes while Matthew stumbled to his feeet to try and stop him. Everything froze in the next moment. Then, out of almost nowhere, someone new appeared. He was donned in chinese robes and had long black hair which was tied up. His most eye-catcching feature was the mark on his forehead.

"Stop it," the boy said darkly as he grabbed the slaver's arm.

"Why you-gaaah!" the slaver screamed in pain.

The reason for his pain? Simple. The boy had just twisted the slaver's arm back even further which caused it to snap.

"My arm!" the slaver cried as he was let go. "You broke my arm!"

The boy watched with a smirk as the two slavers ran off. Matthew stood up, shaking his head to get the stars out. Yui was busy wiping the blood off of the corner of Miaka's mouth.

"You okay?" the boy asked. "You're bleeding and the boy there looks like he got knocked a good one."

"I'm fine," Matthew replied while shaking his head. "How abot you Miaka?"

"I-I'm fine," Miaka sputtered.

"What's with this guy?" Yui whispered to her friend. "He's got some kind of mark on his head."

"Good," the boy smiled as he kneeled down and held out his hand. "You can skip the thanks. I'll just take the money."

"Huh?" both girls spoke quite intelligably.

"Knew there was a catch," Matthew sighed as he began digging in his pockets.

"Of course," the boy smirked. "Money makes the world go round. Didn't you know that?"

"You jerk!" Yui frowned.

"Forget it Yui," Matthew sighed. "How much for the rescue?"

"Well I'm running a special demsel-in-distress deal today," the boy smiled. "It will just be a simple thirty Mon on your part."

"...okay," Matthew grimaced while looking at the money in his hands. "How much is that in Yen?"

"Yen?" the boy asked. "What's that?"

Matthew held up the coins in his hand, allowing the boy to examine them. The boy poked at the coins and frowned.

"This is money?" he asked disappointedly.

"Where we come from that's what it's called," Matthew sighed.

"Aw man," the boy complained. "I can't use this."

"Well tough," Yui frowned. "It's all we have. Take it or leave it."

"I'll leave it," the boy sighed. "You guys are practically poor and poor folks bug me. Later."

The boy then raced off with a small wave. Matthew watched him go in slight surprise. Miaka suddenly stood up while watching him go.

"Wait!" she cried. "Where are we?"

"Miaka!" Yui cried as the ground started shaking. "It's another earthquake!"

Matthew fell forward in the rumbling as the two girls collided with him. The entire world seemed to become enveloped in red light.When they finally came crashing down on the ground, they actually hit the tiled floors of thee library. Books were around them. All three had wide eyes that echoed in surprise.

"W...we're back?" asked Miaka in shock.

"Looks like it," Matthew muttered. "Unless we're still dreaming."

"Were we knocked out?" Yui asked out loud.

There were no real answers that none of the three could produce. It didn't feel like a dream, but there was no real explanation of what elseit could have been. Was there?

To Be Continued

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