Dear Diary,

Hello Ginny. This is your oh so lovely, most favorite people in the world, your big brothers, Fred and George. Before we continue, we just have to say, your diary is the most entertaining book we've read in a good long while.

Now, under normal circumstances, we are usually a person of honor, far above the likes of reading little girl's diaries. But the tempting red leather of this book called to me….so we put up very little fight and snuggled in for a good read. If you have been wondering where your journal has been the last three days then…well, we admit, it was us.

Now we also need to address something- you ramble. Really, really, badly. At times we would find ourself sitting there going SHUT UP WOMAN. But then you would always throw in a sarcastic quirk or something, and make it all the more entertaining. But while we're on the topic of your rambling, maybe you should cut down on it a little. Especially the parts that have to do with our brother's best friend.

Just a thought.

Also what we wanted to address, is that you write a lot. We mean, a lot, a lot. You'll need a diary here soon. We'd be more than happy to supply you with one for Midwinter, but we're sure by then you'll have a new one- and have filled that up as well. So we guess we will give you a new one- fully equipped with a note in the front from yours truly.

We would greatly appreciate it if you don't throw this book down this second, some storming into our room screaming my name at the top of your lungs with that crazy Care-bear stare. Yes, you know the one I'm talking about. It's creepy. Don't do it.

We read this book simply as to greater understand the person who is Ginny. And don't worry, we wont tell Harry that you're totally in love with him. Even though we told him the exact same thing last time we read his diary. Oooh, read between the lines on THAT one. Honestly though, we would never tell a soul anything that you have written down here. Wasely's Promise. Well, we're pretty much done here, but we have two last parting pieces of advice.

One: once your done, come downstairs because mum is making apple pie.

And two: ask Hermione about illusion spells- you might want to put one on dear Alfred here.

Your Loveable, Huggable, Oh-so-Snuggleable (okay, forget that last one….I was trying to go with the rhyming theme…)Most-favorite-big brother's-but-not-quite,

Gred and Forge